Saturday, September 26, 2009

S&S Expo: *Rock Candy* shape and skin


I am continuing to wear a different shape all week due to a certain event that opens, like, right now. I put on this *Rock Candy* Kiba male shape and skin yesterday and literally haven't taken it off since -- I kind of fell in love with the lean, lanky, prettiness of the construction and the soft focus of the makeup. The tattoo is not part of the skin, it's one of two new Halloween-themed tattoos from [HUZ], and looked so pretty against the blue that I had to wear it. (I went to the S&S Expo *Rock Candy* booth to make sure they had the blue men's skin out and didn't see it, perhaps it's at the main shop, or perhaps it's out today...) In my opinion, the only thing this shape is really lacking is a nice set of neko parts. :D (SLURL to Rock Candy @ S&S Expo) (SLURL to [HUZ])




(SLURL to Rock Candy @ S&S Expo)
SHAPE: *Rock Candy* Kiba Male Shape
SKINS: *Rock Candy* Kiba Skin (Ocean) (PF), Kiba Skin (Iced) (PF), Kiba Skin (Light), Kiba Skin (Neutral), Kiba Skin (UltraPale)

(More SLURLs here)
***Pants: ~silentsparrow~ Aconite in soot, pants and belt
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Laudanum in black
***Tattoo: HUZ Inside
***Hair: ETD Jared in Black

Friday, September 25, 2009

S&S Expo: Pink Fuel and Sui Genesis


It's been so interesting to morph shapes. Chatting with a shape maker earlier today, she mentioned that it's sometimes tough to talk bloggers into changing their shape, and I can see why. I've gotten used to my Boneflower Designs shape -- it's "me" like my body is RL "me", and stepping into a different shape is like becoming someone else. However, it really pushes me creatively! I have to use a different fashion lexicon, almost -- resize hair prims differently, fiddle with attachments, see what skins suit it.

This wonderously sweet shape (named Saami) is the creation of Sui Genesis, and sent me scrambling for sweet skins to properly show off the wide eyes. Pink Fuel's S&S Expo skins work well for this, soft around the lips, low-key around the eyes. This is a sweet look to complement ~silentsparrow's~ equally sweet halloween creation, the Batties frock.



(More Skin & Shape Expo information here)
***SKINS: Pink Fuel Skye Honey Beestung, Honey Pure, Milk Leafy, Tea Pure
***SHAPE: Sui Genesis Saami Melancholy

(More SLURLs here)
***Hair: 69 Nina darkblonde
***Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ (dusk) belladonna:lepidoptera (upper) A, (lower)
***Shoes: *Kookie* Phoebe - purple
***Eyes: ENDEAVOR Twinkle eyes M 09
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ Batties
***Poses: Free*Style poses by Creamy Cooljoke

S&S Expo: Rockberry and Silhouette


Who the heck is this?! I'm going to look vastly different all weekend ...

It took me forever to dress this morning because I'm in a new shape! This is the Lacey shape by Silhouette, and the wide-spaced eyes totally put me in mind of a certain lovely blogger. Therefore, I decided to dress in her style today. To me, this style has a few elements: lots of chunky torso attachments to add bulk to the skinny frame, socks (usually knee), shoes with a unique line, and something interesting to draw the eye, like a funky scarf or bag. I don't think I quite have the artistry with this as Miss Bloggerpants does, but when in Rome... The long limbs are kinda fascinating to photograph. I'm used to an itsy bitsy avatar, and this was a fun stretch (bad pun :p) for me.

I'm also in a new bunch o' skins by Rockberry. Rockberry doesn't always suit my normal shape, but I really love how the shadow is emphasized on these skins, adding drama to the narrow, wide-set eyes. I think it gives this long avatar an intelligent expression and a bit of an amused twinkle. The expo opens tomorrow. (Sept. 26 - Oct. 9).



Soon to be seen at the Skin and Shape Expo (more info here):
***SHAPE: Silhouette Shape: Lacey
***SKINS: Rockberry Farrah F Dark, Farrah D tan, Farrah C Light, Farrah A natural

(More SLURLs here)
***Jewelry: Sable Rose Bonibaru jewelry set in (zen), bangles, earrings, nose ring
***Scarf: Paper Couture fabric bead scarf necklace
***Socks: So Many Styles Knitted Socks Black
***Dress: The Closet Gauze Dress Pink
***Shoes: Periquita Funny Girl Flats
***Hair: BettiePage spring short bob2/sakura1

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flickr Galore


~silentsparrow~ and the sim next door, Calico Ingmann Creations, are having their third photo contest! This one is Autumn-themed, with a faint hint of fae. More information about the contest is here on the (Calico-Sparrow flickr page). In honor of the contest, I put on a mixture of ~silentsparrow~ outfits today; the pink bits are from the Relay For Life candy color of the Nephilim outfit (no longer for sale) mixed with the still-for-sale Iris shade. I'm wearing Calico's recently released Cheshire hair too (adorable, especially how it flops over one eye).

Fortuitously enough, Aikea of Plastik released a purple skin recently -- a WoW-inspired Night Elf skin. Her use of shading is masterful! I also adore this jewelry from *Amaranthus*, a spider-strewn set that includes a necklace, earrings, hairpins, and a ring. The webs are delicately rendered, perfect for this season. My boots are a new release color from [Lazy Places] -- Cheshire purple and pink plaid, to match the ~silentsparrow~ outfit. I can't wait to see what everyone does for the contest -- I love the artistry that comes out of it!


***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Cheshire - Lavender tipped Midnight
***Corset, stockings, garter, panties: ~silentsparrow~ (candy) Nephilim
***Tails: ~silentsparrow~ (iris) Nephilim
***Gloves: ~silentsparrow~ Cheshire gloves
***Jewelry: *Amaranthus* Spider & Web Charm set
***Skin: Plastik Nightelf - Anyia Dark
***Boots: Lazy Places Synth Boots cheshire

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fabled orange


Evie's Closet has a photo contest going on involving the Fable gown (wearing it in these photos). The photos can be either in-world snaps or something photoshopped, and should be attached to a notecard and dropped into Evie's mailbox at her store. More information about the contest is at (Evie's Closet.) The dress is Evie's usual excellent creation, flowing like silky water and with a shorter lolita option.

I'm also wearing a lovely skin from Exodi, one that has a soft and melting skin tone and understated eye and lip makeup. With it, hair from DP**yumyum and a flower wreath newly released by G Field at the Jewelry Fair. Ashia Tomsen also looks lovely in it in her blog! The rest of my brain is asleep due to teaching. Arrr.


(More SLURLs here)
***Eyes: Den-dou Vampire Eyes /Black
***Nails: Schadenfreude Copper Glitter Manicure
***Wreath: G Field Rusty Rose Head Wreath -light-
***Frock: Evie's Closet Fable Gown - Ochre
***Hair: Barberyumyum*20/brown
***Skin: Exodi Lily Cherry (Romantique - DkBrow)
***Necklace and earrings: Balderdash Camille in Oublinette

A flickr of an eye

Random photo of one of my alts

As I was poking around in Flickr today, I realized that I've been very remiss! I'm an administrator for the Katat0nik Flickr group, and I haven't added anyone's photo in a long-arse time. Please, if you've photographed yourself in Katat0nik recently, add your photo to the group:

***Katat0nik Flickr Group

Then I realized that somehow I'm an admin for the Bare Rose group too. How did that happen? I think it reverted to me when the next oldest group member dropped. Everyone add photos to this group too, okay!

***Bare@Rose Flickr Group

I noticed that the following Flickr groups on my list are a bit under-loved, so I thought I'd pimp them as well. Please go give some love to these groups!

***Draconic Kiss Flickr Group
***Curious Kitties Flickr Group
***/artilleri/ Flickr Group
***Schadenfreude Flickr Group
***Hat Mechanic Flickr Group
***~silentsparrow~ Flickr Group.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My cat says, naptime


What suckered me into this dress? The back. Those ruffles, set off with a bow, are utterly adorable -- and let's face it, we most often stare at our avatar's back. This dress is a new release from Wishbox, a store that has continued to impress me with nicely done Lolita gear (I loved the bright pink pirate frock, and this steampunk princess dress). (SLURL to Wishbox). I am also wearing boots from J's -- they're sleek and hug the calf and are the knee length version of the perfect little ankle round boots. They're sculpted all of one piece, with the foot and leg on the same attachment. Well done as usual! (SLURL to J's).


(More SLURLs here)
***Hair: Waka & Yuki Hair 18 Type C
***Glasses: primOptic Steam glasses 1.19
***Skin: Mother Goose's Khrisy SkiNE_6B
***Outfit: Wishbox Classic - Brushed Taupe
***Boots: J's Long Boots Round (Black)
***Earrings: Violet Voltaire Doll Face Set: Chola

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rebel Rebel


Tsk. I guess it's a paeon to talent when someone decides to copy your entire store, eh? Cajsa asked bloggers to represent Rebel Hope in light of the recent horrific copybotting that happened to her shop. I love Rebel Hope's outfits, from the neat little wedding sheaths to the sleekly made suits -- they're more than worth the paltry few US dollars you pay for them. This dress was my first purchase from Rebel Hope. It's still in my inventory two years later (as a little white dress, it's perfect on many occasions), and I've never regretted the purchase. SLURL to Rebel Hope.


***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Coronis Ivory
***Skin: Plastik Miliana - CinnamonRoll - Purple
***Shoes: ~ First Flower ~ Witch-Hazel II Blush
***Dress: Rebel Hope Designs Taylor Mini
***Tattoo: Rainbow Chaiser Bloody Rose tattoo
***Jewelry: U&R Dogs Petit Bolero Pierces
***Necklace: AddiCt bubble gum bow necklace
***Eyes: Endeavor twinkle eyes

Short but frenetic


I taught this morning. My brain is mush. This outfit is black and white, but my skin and tattoos are colorful. Someone grade my tests for me? Thanks. SLURLs below.


(More SLURLs here)
***Hair: Gritty Kitty Butters - black
***Skin: MIASNOW Skin - Rainbow tan 3 lt brow -f reckles
***Boots: Katat0nik Margin Walker Boots (black)
***Outfit: Curious Kitties Sainye Dress - black
***Garter: LouLou&Co - Garter - Pistolero
***Piercings: ellabella No Rain Here - full
***Eyes: Endeavor Twinkle Eyes M 09
***Tattoos: ~silentsparrow~ The Song of Anubis (faded)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Evil twin powers activate: Form of a CAT


The Cat only grinned when it saw Alice. It looked good- natured, she thought: still it had VERY long claws and a great many teeth, so she felt that it ought to be treated with respect.

The eeeevil twins are back, this time in two different takes on the ~silentsparrow~ Cheshire outfit. The outfit comes with enough options for several versions, so Mourna went Neko and I went loli. She's got on the Calico Ingmann Creations tail and ears that are sold as an option to the set, and we both have on the complementary hair. I love the saturated pinks and purples -- a gorgeous take on the Cheshire cat that I hadn't seen before. This outfit is bright yet faded, not a jot of cartoonish color. (Find it at ~silentsparrow~).



(More SLURLs here)
On the kittykitty
***Hair ~ !!Calico Ingmann Creations!! Cheshire - Lavender-tipped Midnight
***Lashes: [LeLutka]-DIVA lashes
***Ears & tail: !!Calico Ingmann Creations!! Neko Ears/Straight Tail I - Lavender-tipped Midnight
***Eyes: Nomine Stained Contacts - cat lotus
***Boots: [LP] Synth Boots Night (Boxed)
***Arm wraps/choker ~ Illusions Cord Wraps: small
***Necklace: {Violet Voltaire} Doll Face Cameo Necklace: Punk - Jewelry fair item
***Piercings ~ Halfers Right by skinPoP
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ Cheshire outfit
***Bewbs: [ AYUMI ] Cleavage v2.6 - Greyscale
On alice-elf:
***Piercings: FlipSide Piercings Nose Attach 7
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Cheshire - hot pink tipped midnight
***Shoes: *Kookie* Phoebe - purple
***Hairband: Schadenfreude Jerry's Lament Headband, round
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ Cheshire
***Skin and ears: Plastik BaelElvenRaspberri-freck, Animalistic elven ears in Raspberri
***Necklace: Violet Voltaire Love in a Void Necklace (black) - Jewelry fair item