Friday, September 11, 2009

Foxeh ladies


Arianrhod Ghelbard poked at me. "Been by Slanted Fox for the 1L sale yet?" she asked. I'd been meaning to go, but somehow things happened and stuff occurred and I never made my way there. "Well, if you go, I'll show you the outfit that I made from stuff from there! I'm kind of proud of it." I always love seeing Arianrhod's style. She's boyish and girlish and punk and chique (and my god she's got a lot of attachments), and indeed, I dug this outfit. I even got out my elf ears for her! (SLURL to Slanted Fox)



Arianrhod Ghelbard:
***shape: custom
***skin: 42 - Goth Whites 1
***hair: The Stringer Mausoleum - Ruina v1 in Thunderbird
***eyes: House of Ruin - Felid in Whiteout (in the process of remodeling)
***ears: SLink - Sachara Elf Ears Long (custom jewelry)
***goggles: Forsaken - cyber goggles
***neck: Silver Wheel - Double Inverted Choker
***moar neck: Sn@tch - Red Pentacle Necktie
***top: Slanted Fox - Onigiri top
***left arm: OMFG - Rustic Winged Gauntlet (store is gone for good)
***moar left arm: Sn@tch - Dirty Biker Cuff in black
***right arm : Silver Wheel - Constrictor Cuff
***gloves: Roadkill - Tape Gloves
***ink: Garden of Ku - Al Uzza
***pants & belt: Slanted Fox - Jrock Love Shorts in red
***socks: Sn@tch - Hazard socks in aqua
***shoes: UBU - Drunks
***mouth piercings: (Silver Wheel) Puncture

***Bracelets: (Silver Wheel) Undertaker
***Boots: Edge Grafica Engineer Boots
***Socks: Vitamen Men's SockGarter with black socks
***Shorts: Slanted Fox Haiku Jrock love shorts - orange
***Shirt and shoulder prim thingies and hat: Slanted Fox Holy Relic Uniform
***Skin and ears: Plastik BaelElven Spec.Ed.Apricot-NewYork, Common Elven Ears
***Hair: SLink Rosie Style 3

Wretched Wee Birds?


I'm hearkening back to Swan Song with this outfit. This morning, when I put on the Tiny Bird Love Song hair, I instantly thought it was perfect lolita hair. This dress stepped out of my inbox. The Gaia's Sonata dress by Wretched Dollies comes with its own skin, hair, hat and several skirt options, including one gathered by a rose -- an awesome investment for the price, and perfect for those days when you feel like impersonating a 19th century china doll. I love the fluffiness of these ponytails by Tiny Bird. The hair comes with shoulder-only poofs for photography, which was such a stunning idea that I immediately IM'd around about it. "OMG! Shoulder hair poof thingies!" Great idea, Autumn! (SLURL to Tiny Bird), (SLURL to Wretched Dollies)

And now, for a moment, I'm going to think about September 11th. My parents were near the WTC that day, and today will always be a reminder to be profoundly thankful that they're still here.


(More SLURLs here)
***Eyes: Beloved Obsidian Eyes
***Skin: Pink Fuel Raine DollyTears Red (dkbrow/freckle)
***Piercings: *No Mercy* Tarepanda piercings
***Necklace: (Silver Wheel) Love of my Life
***Boots: Zero Number Used Boots Ami Brown
***Tattoos: ~silentsparrow~ belladonna:lepidoptra tattoos (sepia)
***Ribbon thingie: DP**yumyum ribbon accessory, 10L group gift item
***Hair: Tiny Bird Love Song - Long Version
***Outfit: Wretched Dollies Gaia's Sonata F

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blogger challenge: I Spy


Maaaaan. You don't know what issues I went through to bring you my interpretation of a spy for Marni's ISPY challenge -- in this case, I decided to be a Bond Girl. What's with the funky lighting for these photos? First, because of a water photography bug, I had to install Emerald Viewer. It had none of my lighting presets, so I used one of the funky ones... I like these presets for the environmental effects, but the light doesn't do much for the avatar.

Then, these pictures are low quality because Macintoshes can't take more than screen-sized photos in Emerald... ARGH, I say. At any rate, it was fun to realize my vision. One thing perplexes me about the image of a bond girl in a bikini and thigh holster -- isn't it bad to get guns wet? Perhaps I shoulda worn a knife.


***Hair: TekuTeku flow (jet blak)
***Gun: Glock leg holster .22 (Xstreet)
***Bikini top: B!tch white bikini (Xstreet)
***Bikini bottom: Punked bikini shorts white (Xstreet)
***Skin: Tuli Hope (goth) natural PU, group gift

Steamy (and coggy)


Last night, Malkavyn had a Steampunk-themed birthday party. I threw together a look with various ~silentsparrow~ outfit bits (above) and joined the illustrious gathering. I wasn't able to photo everyone due to rezzing issues, but here are a few glimpses at the outstanding outfits that I saw. (My credits are below, and a full-body picture of my outfit is here.)

Curvaceous and Dannyboy




(My credits:)
***Skin: MIASNOW steel starlet skin 5
***Dolly key: Violet Voltaire Black Hearts Screwed
***Boots: ~ First Flower ~ Hex boots in pumpkin
***Outfit: From ~silentsparrow~ (ashes) seelie corset, (pumpkin) beloved shirt, (ashes) ritual skirt and stockings, (apricot) birdie hand tattoos
***Monocle: Le Petit Prince Steampunk Monocular
***Tattoo: Sprawl The Sprocket (faded)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On one foot


Nuala wafted a box of something in my direction. Ooh, I thought to myself, jewelry! But no, I opened up the box and saw every blogg0r's delight, poses! Kunstkammer has a range of poses now called Contrapposto. Of course I had to google this term: a human figure standing with most of its weight on one foot so that its shoulders and arms twist off-axis from the hips and legs. Awrighty then. The classical lines of the poses really do echo Greek art, complete with the natural slouch of the shoulders and stylized arms. Adorning my statue-like avatar is a new sweater from ~momo~, perfect in its 80s puffiness. SLURLs below!



***Poses: Kunstkammer Contrapposto series
***Eyes: Beloved Obsidian Eyes - large
***Nails: Schadenfreude pink glitter manicure
***Piercing: FlipSide Mouth attach 6
***Socks: theBunker lolita masako heartsocks_rose
***Necklace 1: *katat0nik* Locked Heart Choker
***Sweater: ~momo~ shortcake sweater red
***Tattoos: ~momo~ LovelySkulls tattoos
***Hair: Zero Style Yaya (dark copper)
***Overalls: Niniko Hickory Overall_miniskirt
***Bracelets: (Silver Wheel) Undertaker
***Boots: LadyBug Kawaii LadyBug Boots
***Earrings/Necklace2: NC+ Pendant09 crown/Pierce08 Crown
***Skin: MiaSnow Skin Rainbow goth 1 dk brow [a]

Changeable seasons


I put this outfit together with the specific purpose of showing off the new Sci Fi mask from Material Squirrel. It's nicely macabre, and comes in a really gross bloody version too. HALLOWEEN SEASON! Yay! In other news, I have to run and teach now. (SLURL to Material Squirrel)


***Hair: /artilleri/ myst *caramel*
***Tights: Fishy Strawberry Swan Lake Black - leggings
***Shirt under the dress: from the ~silentsparrow~ (amber) entropy suit
***Necklace: Genesis Autumn Necklace
***Boots: Lazy Places Myth Satyr boots from the Demonology hunt
***Dress: Gbberish Cafe Royal Feather Dress (nicholas)
***Mask: Material Squirrel Sci Fi Mouth Mask
***Skin and ears: Plastik Bael Elven Spec. Ed. Apricot -Fuk/Animalistic elven ears - apricot

Bonus photo: Caught! Kao Sands of Kao Skins and Aya of Atelier AM chilling out at iTuTu.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Modd.G new releases


Jackal saw me this morning in the above outfit and chuckled, "Ah, Autumn colors." She's right, I can feel us sliding happily into Fall, and I'm ready to pounce all over the season. These new releases from Modd.G suited my mood -- dresses cute and short enough to reveal a fine pair of boots and a delicate tattoo, in colors that accentuate a burst of leaf-red hair.



***Shoes: ~ First Flower ~ Hex boots black
***Pierce: FlipSide F10 Mouth Piercing set
***Tattoo: Rainbow Chaiser Bloody Rose tattoo pale
***Dresses: Modd.G Jacqueline Waisted Dress black, Modd.G Hanna Frill Dress grey
***Shirt: Modd.G Runched Offshoulder red
***Skirt: Modd.G Carrie sculpt skirt grey
***Earrings/Bracelet: U&R Dogs jingle-jangle heart set
***Collar: Le*o+o fruits neko collar (cream)
***Skin: MIASNOW Skin Rainbow goth 1 - freckles
***Hair: Liriope ELN red

Bonus photo: Jackal Ennui looking stunning amid her new build at Nouveau

Monday, September 7, 2009

Skin Review: MIASNOW Rainbow Goth


Oh, MIASNOW, how I love thee. Above and below are her new Rainbow Goth lines of makeup, and I can't quite get enough of them. I took photos with the dark brow/freckles option (above) and light brow/no freckles option (below). She does goth so beautifully -- and colorfully! (SLURL to MIASNOW)

Dark brow/freckles:
MIASNOW Skin - Rainbow goth 1 * dk brow [a] ~ freckles
MIASNOW Skin - Rainbow goth 2 * dk brow [a] ~ freckles
MIASNOW Skin - Rainbow goth 3 * dk brow [a] ~ bloody
MIASNOW Skin - Rainbow goth 4 * dk brow [a] ~ tears
MIASNOW Skin - Rainbow goth 5 * dk brow [a] ~ freckles


Light brow/no freckles:
MIASNOW Skin - Rainbow goth 1 * lt brow [a]
MIASNOW Skin - Rainbow goth 2 * lt brow [a]
MIASNOW Skin - Rainbow goth 3 * lt brow [a]
MIASNOW Skin - Rainbow goth 4 * lt brow [a]
MIASNOW Skin - Rainbow goth 5 * lt brow [a]

Other credits:
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Catherine - Midnight
Horns: Illusions Grumble Horns Black
Outfit: (ashes) Ritual frock from ~silentsparrow~
Eyes: Beloved Scheelite Eyes

Not a jot of respect in the morning


Winter, I can't believe I fell for it. A few words of sweet flattery, an excited IM, and suddenly here I am POSTING YOUR BLOG FOR YOU. Ahhh, you're good, Mr. Skinny-arse.

At any rate, he's got an eye for nice stuff. "Come to Crie Style," he coaxed, "there's a gorgeous suit with your name all over it. AND it comes in boy! Malkavyn told me about it..." Winter was right, Crie Style has expanded their line to include clothing, not simply the lovely monocles and glasses that I've long admired. I got my suit in steampunk amber, and feel as dapper as Vita Sackville-West. We're both in Den-Dou skins and Truth hair, although he's got on more accessories than I do. What, Winter, no prim lashes? ;) (Crie Style's English-language blog is here)



Mr. Skinny-butt:
***Hair: Truth Jaden hair in silver
***Skin: Den Dou Ichiro Eyeliner skin
***Eyes: *Fusemelon* Affair eyes, available soon at Philotic Energy
***Suit: Crie Style Gallop Suit in Obsidian
***Shoes: Coco Black Shoes - (from CSR/Summer Choice)
***Ankh: The Lord's Ring Vampire Ankh from Earthstones
***Toothies: Fangs what he growed himself
***Hair: Truth Olivia - Ivory
***Skin: Den Dou Oiran skin /Heidi
***Monocle: Crie Style Guildio (antique)
***Suit: Crie Style Gallop Suit in
***Shoes: Sakka'studio Lace up boots [beige]

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sartorial rites


~silentsparrow~ has released the new Ritual gown, a collaboration with October Rust and Calico Ingmann Creations. It's got a skirt to die for, and vines draping around the shoulders and down the corseted back. The hair is tied back with the same vines, and the ensemble is tied together with a pretty goblet and crucifix combination that has a lovely pose. Nivaya Barbosa of Dressing in Pixels helped me photograph it today.




On Nivaya:
***Boots: ~ First Flower ~ Witch-Hazel II in black
***Outfit: (ashes) Ritual Gown ~silentsparrow~
***Skin: Curio Moonbeam Frex (dark) June - Raccoon 1
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Brenna - Blood

On Acha:
***Outfit: (penny) Ritual Gown ~silentsparrow~
***Skin: Frick Nemesis Goth Demonic Hunt item / Nemesis Eyes - Red
***Boots: ~ First Flower ~ Hex Boots in Stygian Black
***Choker: Perturb/ation 0-Affordance Chain Choker
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Brenna - Midnight