Saturday, August 22, 2009

Float like a fairy, sting like a tequila shot?


This morning, my mother took me shopping at the Macy's back to school sale. We were there buying Boring Work Clothes, which are sadly useful for teaching (cardigans, button-downs, slacks). I did manage to avoid the high-waisted pants of doom, though. Whew. I'm not old enough to go to the geriatric pants place, despite being a teacher.

Today my avatar is posing around. With the amount of shopping I did earlier, I admit to piling on attachments until I looked right. Now I think I'm a harpy-sphinx-neko-dark elf, with Material Squirrel swallow wings and the ears and tail from Perturb/ation's store dollarbie set. Iunno. Mostly this post is about these lovely fairy poses from S.LOVE (which will be released here eventually). They're not made for this dress especially (hence the torso shots), but they're very evocative and lovely.

The outfit is new from Umi Usagi -- go check out the store, there are 16 lucky chairs out for the store's 2nd anniversary, including another color of this dress. The dress comes with white rose arm attachments, but I put on an awesome Perturb/ation set instead. (SLURL to Umi Usagi here).

(This pose is by AnaLu)


(SLURLS here)
***Eyes: Beloved Scheelite Eyes - Large
***Hair: Truth Olivia Ivory / Studio Sidhe hair ornament for Olivia - Sunset
***Skin: Plastik Halloween Skin Skeleton Dark (bones)
***Wings: Material Squirrel Inspired Sparrow Wings - White
***Socks: Sn@tch lolli socks ruffle white
***Shoes: G Field Platform Shoes Rosette black
***Armband (bracer): Perturb/ation ToRiCo armband
***Armband (upper arm): Perturb/ation ToRiCo armlet
***Choker: Perturb/ation ToRiCo chain choker
***Ears and tail: Perturb/ation store dollarbie rose ears and tail
***Dress: Umi Usagi bella donna white
***Leggings: ~momo~ net leggings black
***Poses: S.LOVES Faerie poses; that middle one is by AnaLu

Friday, August 21, 2009

Alice in Neko


The other day, I posted a picture to Flickr, and a number of people thought that it was my take on Burton's Alice in Wonderland. It wasn't, but what a cool idea... I decided that every now and again, I'd do an interpretation of Alice. Today is Neko Alice with Steampunk Owl companion (a plushie by 713 Ayers, SLURL here). I'll probably be doing more takes on Alice, just because the figure is so iconic, a perfect cypher for our own childhoods. In my mind, Alice was canny enough to scale the pitfalls of darkness and sexuality, emerging unscathed due to her calm certainty in her own ability to reason and adapt. Go Alice go!

Side notes: Go check out Winter Jefferson's latest blog post. I'm just sayin'. That jealous betch Dahlindah totally beat me up yesterday! Also, the skin is a Mother Goose dollarbie, spotted in Beanie's blog.



***Dolly: 713 Ayers Dollie Pink Steampunk Owl
***Ears: Atomic V2 Neko Ear Pierced
***Eyes: Den-Dou Aqua-blue
***Hair: Find Ash Airraiz curl platinum blond
***Sleeves: SiniStyle Lilith Sleeves
***Mouth pierce: FlipSide Mouth attach 12
***Collar: Lazy Places Fishbones Collar-black
***Belt: Mania white belt small ~ Dark Eden
***Undershirt: ~silentsparrow~ from the (sea) how we quit the forest set
***Apron: *katat0nik* (white) Alice dress apron w/ blood
***Tails, shirt: Schadenfreude Blueberry sugar sugar
***Skin: Mother Goose's mary skin 1L
***Boots: Little Britain New Rock Neko black leather boots
***Pants: Schadenfreude white stripe pants in sea

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Foxy like a cougar


Someone turned fifty this year. Someone slender, tall, and plastic in all the best and most disturbing ways. No, not my aunt in Santa Monica, I'm talking about ... She Who Will Not Be Named. This dame might've inspired a dress by Rebel Hope, and jewelry by RH Engel. I enjoyed putting my own spin on this dress with the new Atomic blue duck tattoos and Schadenfreude's massively modifiable Nekomi hair. Now back to drinking wine and trying to get my cat off my laptop. Here's to you, D'Arbie! (SLURL to Rebel Hope and RH Engel).



***Hair: Schadenfreude Nekomi (fatpack)
***Skin: Plastik Miliana - CinnamonRoll Blue
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Party Pumps in Gold
***Eyes: Den-Dou Vampire eyes gold
***Tattoo: Atomic Tattoo Duck Frenzy (color) Fresh
***Gown: Rebel Hope Ginger Gown Gold
***Jewelry: RH Engel Jewelry - Ginger Jewelry Set



Yesterday, Miss Katat0nik reminded me that the new Atomic sim was open. I hopped over for the opening event and picked up a few things. I love the tattoos especially (not shown in this post, but probably tomorrow, o yes), and the skin and piercings and Neko ears (shown above). This cute lolita frock comes from Shirohato, a small Japanese dress shop. They've got a few gothic styles, and the rest of their dresses are simply adorable. There's a freebie onepiece in the shop in a cute white/tan color scheme... (SLURL to Shirohato), (SLURL to Atomic)

These poses are all free from Isobeya -- I snagged them after seeing Beanie's post about them.

Yesterday I realized that my beginning college reading class was made up of mostly hispanic students, and that I know almost nothing about hispanic culture. I fail completely! I need a two-week crash course on hispanic culture in the US, just so that I can relate to my kids...



(SLURLs here)
***Hair: Zero Style Sharon in raven
***Shoes: Sn@tch baby jane (stripes)
***Necklace: Curious Kitties Feathered Pearl Necklace
***Ears: Atomic Hybrid V2 Neko Ear Pierced Upgrade
***Piercings: Atomic Piercings Bridge Work (full face)
***Skin: Atomic Skin Grace Porcelain Daring Red Stripe
***Eyes: Atomic Eyes Grace
***Dress: Shirohato missa death doll
***Socks: So Many Styles knitted socks black
***Leggings: ~momo~ net leggings black
***Poses: Isobeya

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not as like as I'd drunk to be


I was at L'Abel yesterday and spotted the Githa outfit -- I think it was created for the last Black Swan event. I remember staring at it and wanting it back then, so I decided to invest. I'm glad I did, it comes with dress and pants options all together, and the little pants culottes really suited my mood. I'm a sucker for pinstripes and shrugs and corsets, and this has it all. (SLURL to Ivalde)

I"m wearing it with M'z's newest group gift boots, nicely constructed with that playful blue checkered cuff around the top (join the M'z update group, then TP to the store to get it). I've also got on a new necklace, Little Boy Blue's Handcuff collar. It's got a key dangling from it -- such a pretty choker. I bought it while I was there shopping for my evil twin post, along with other things. Darn that Tomo for being so talented... (SLURL to Little Boy Blue)


(SLURLs here)
***Eyes: Den-dou eyes aqua blue
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Hanna Hyasynth Blue
***Skin: Nomine ultralight marionetta
***Headband: Chapeau tres Mignon Lagerfeld headband
***Outfit: L'Abel Githa outfit, a mix of the dress and the pants
***Collar: Little Boy Blue Handcuff Key choker
***Socks: Vitamen Underwear House Men's Socks Garter with light black socks
***Tattoos: Alices garden tattoo macy
***Piercings: FlipSide Nose Attach 7
***Earrings: Sanu Snowdrop Earrings
***Boots: M'z Laceup middle boots B.Black, group gift


Bonus photo! I really like Sari's Skipping Stones present, the outfit above. The dreads are from Sari's too, but not a hunt item.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Perhaps a turtleneck


Ah, school's starting. Time to figure out how to hide the tats and clean up a bit for the semester... I'm teaching "college prep reading" this semester, as well as speech, the first public speaking class that I've taught in a long time. The thought of teaching after a nice long summer off (life-changing summer in many ways) makes me feel slightly migrainey. I'm not sure there's enough Motrin in the world for the semester ahead...

My avatar is pretty, though, which counts for a lot. HUZ tattoos has released a new one, the Mystikal. It looks like an awesomely doodled crop-circle over one's boobs (or, if you're a man, over your pecs). These tattoos stand alone, really, which is why I simply got as far as underpants. Also new are the shoes, great ones from Tesla, clogs that reveal Miss Miles' increasing skill with sculptying. (SLURL to HUZ). (SLURL to TESLA).


(SLURLs here)
***Hair: Tekuteku freebie hair 2008 spring
***Eyes: Beloved Scheelite Eyes
***Bra and panties: *katat0nik* fruit bras & fruit panties (orange)
***Glasses: prim0ptic Lloyd glasses 1.19
***Shoes: TESLA Klaks Clogs *lemon*
***Tattoos: HUZ Mystikal - dark
***Socks: +mocha+ Loose Socks Plain Dirty
***Skin: Plastik Miliana CinnamonRoll LoveLove
***Poses: LAP's Achariya book-holding pose, and various Luth.

Back to bed


I'm about where that KUE t-shirt is -- I think I ground my brain up with the coffee this morning, and it hasn't quite percolated back yet. Last night in Second Life, I tried to see the Swan Song fashion show and failed (my poor laptop fan was shaking like a 747), but I hear it was lovely. Instead, I took around a newbie pal and ran into candy Enoch and her gorgeous friends. They were extremely kind to us, giving my pal sample skins, taking us to get newbie freebies... Thanks, guys.

My pal wanted to deck out a boy avatar at first, but when we went searching for dollarbie hair, I found myself stumped. Samara suggested the discount section of ETD, which was nice but above her budget. Then I tried to find the free boy's hair at Truth and failed to spot it. Then I prodded the queen of newbie freebies, Helena Stringer, who said she'd make up a list (and post it to Free*Style, I hope!).

Speaking of boy avatars, mine is wearing extremely comfy new pajama pants from ~silentsparrow~, in my favorite (cuttles) pattern, and also in (batties). I blinked when I saw the box -- only 99L for a range of colors. The tank top isn't included, so I snuck on one of Schadenfreude's electro-cute tanks (the boob shading is subtle) and one of KUE's. I think I'm sending him back to bed... (SLURL to ~silentsparrow~)


(SLURLs here)
***Pierce: ellabella skully lip chains w/ madonna
***Earrings: FlipSide earset 2
***Socks: corduroy plain knee highs in purple blue/orange
***Tank: Schadenfreude black electro cute tank
***Other tank: KUE I cannot brain tank
***PJ pants: ~silentsparrow~ men's batties and cuttles pants
***Eyes: Den-Dou vampire eyes /gold
***Necklace: Studio Sidhe bone & slver engraved choker
***Skin: Nomine sylvan male china white - plain sideburns
***Tattoo: I heart Rien retro hotties tattoo
***Hand tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ oak.acorn & squirrel tattoo hands
***Hair: UncleWeb Jin - Hair 02 mesh black 05


Bonus photo! Shopping with Mourna yesterday for our evil twin post.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I said yes, a revolution would be nice


One afternoon, lingering around the skybox, I said hello to Siddean Munroe. "You should see me in this coat," she said, so I teleported her over. She was wearing a liquid black coat, this one, with a beautiful blue-toned skin and the new elf-ears she'd made with Studio Sidhe jewelry -- she looked gorgeous and fey, so I teleported Mourna in to see it.


Soon we were conspiring to put together this outfit. Siddean tried to talk us into taupe and teal, but we were firmly tied to the black and white. The white especially is kind of magic, with black lining inside of the skirt and cuffs, and amazing shading. The Slink Bijou Exotica skin isn't new (in fact, a lot of SLink skins are 50% off right now), but it's pretty much made for Mourna with that built-in crown above the brows. The hair is Slink too (the Frederique is such a pretty style, and the choose-your-own-color hud is something I hadn't seen before), and the tattoo is a black-toned henna from Huz. The choker is a resized bracelet from Little Boy Blue, all gorgeous and filigreed. The SLURLs are all below!


***Piercing: FlipSide Mouth Attach 9
***Shoes: First Flower Witch-hazel II - white frost/black
***Skin: SLink Bijou Skin Pale Exotica
***Tattoo: HUZ Henna Secret Black Faded - undershirt
***Hand tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ hart, thistle & thorn tattoo - bee hands
***Coat: SLink Revolution Coat white/black
***Eyes: Beloved Obsidian/Silver
***Hair: SLink Frederique Black/White
***Necklace: Little Boy Blue Heath bracelet, resized for our necks. Mourna tinted hers.
***Ears: SLink Sachara Elf Ears Pointy R Chains n Rings, and whatever Mourna's in :p

I'll bleed like a reed


I'm watching the Vampire Knight anime with Nozomi. At one point I tilted my head and stared at the screen... The school uniforms looked so much like something I'd seen at a Japanese lolita shop... I popped into Canal Grande to see if it was there, and although it wasn't, quite a few of the outfits could've fit right into Eclipse Academy. Makes sense, eh? School uniforms feed into anime feed into Second Life...

ANYWAY. I'm not wearing anything pertaining to this right now. Nope. I'm wearing Ezura's new steampunk frock, the Captain Debello in copper. I like the proper, uptight sleeves that provide such a contrast to the tiny skirt, garters, and keyhole neckline... and the fabric's pretty too. (SLURL to Ezura.) I've also got on group gift hair from Junwave and group gift shoes from M'z -- if you don't stalk Beanie's blog, you should! The glasses are snitched from Amelia Book's gorgeous post about new offerings from primOptic -- they seemed to fit the mood very well. The eyes are new from Beloved, and I like the flinty texture of these.



(SLURLs here)
***Earrings, necklace: The Closet FeatherPendant / Earrings
***Boots: M'z BS-01 tongari boots (group gift)
***Tattoo: Huz - Henna Secret original faded
***Hair: Junwave GiftHair 2009
***Outfit: ezura Captain Debello Copper
***Eyes: Beloved Obsidian Eyes
***Skin: Plastik Miliana Cinnamonroll Gold
***Glasses: prim0ptic Steam glasses

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Headbutted by a four year old


Once again I have a kid all over my lap while I write this. I'm in a new dress by plastic, the TurtleDress (with the cute floppy neck scarf). I'm wearing this today to accent Schadenfreude's awesome black and white corset from the Starlust Panty Raid. On my feet are boots from Arcavim, resized smaller. I really love these -- they look like drapey leather spats.

Okay the struggle to keep the child from her Pokepet is getting too fierce. Everyone go to the ~silentsparrow~ group slumber party tonight! (I hear there are now boy pajama pants at the shop!)


(SLURLs here)
***Hair: Curio Babycakes in white
***Horns: Illusions Grumble Horns
***Skin: Boneflower Designs Whispers of Night Deathly F Lost Gloom Stalker
***Pierce: FlipSide Piercing Nose attach 7
***Earrings: Shop Sey prayer earrings
***Necklace: Schadenfreude electro-cute necklace
***Leggings: The Closet MeshLeggings Black
***Corset: Schadenfreude black and white underbust corset
***Dress: Plastik TurtleDress - Oldies
***Eyes: Beloved Eyes Obsidian - Large
***Shoes: Arcavim Half Chaps Black (resized to fit my smaller footsies)