Saturday, July 18, 2009



Group gift time! I'm wearing a group gift hair and necklace from booN, and (above) a super-cute Nyanotech-hud-changeable kitteh group gift from Curious Kitties. It just came out, and if you wear the hair hud, you can tint it. The little eyes blink, too! You can has it by teleporting to the main store, wearing your group tag, and clicking a sign. There's also a necklace... (SLURL to Curious Kitties here.)

I'm wearing it with a few cool things -- a new messenger bag from EBT (the designer handed it to me and said she'd been creatively stalled due to school, but she's back!). And this "salopette" from Anuenue. (*cough* Why no, there wasn't a CSR card in the folder. Ok, there was.) The overalls come with a bra under the top, but my modesty kicked in and I put on a tank beneath it. (SLURL to EBT here.)

Okay, I'm off to the beach to roast my computer-glow-white skin into flaming red. 95 degrees in Florida today!


(Most of the SLURLs are here)
***Skin: Curious Kitties Sajiahar - blood (and eyes too)
***Arm bars: Flipside Arm Bars
***Piercings: FlipSide Mouth attach 7
***Tattoo: The Closet TCinShelter Chainharttattoo
***Necklace: booN free silver necklace
***Hair: booN LLR726 hair gift in chocolate
***Bag: EBT messenger of the future bag
***Overalls: anuenue Salopette denim black
***Socks: HANAUTA flower socks black
***Shoes: Curious Kitties Lemnia Shoes - Black
***Tank: Schadenfreude black electro-cutie tank

Friday, July 17, 2009

My child is Curious George


I've been enthralled with the La Petit Mort photography sets lately. They're beautifully built -- spare, but with texture-changing walls, floor, ceiling, rugs...The textures aren't cheesy, either, but remind me of something out of Martha Stewart's Living for the Discriminating Goth. I've also got plants in there to dress it up, which is part of the point of this post... [SLURL to La Petit Mort here]

See how cool that pointy pink and green thing is? That's from a new-to-me shop, Herbalys. This small shop has the most amazing range of curious, nicely-made plants, stuff that looks straight out of Dr. Seuss. I recommend a visit for the bubbling flasks and the curly Vibrissae and the free apple candle. [SLURL to Herbalys here]

Also, Schadenfreude has a set of cute ties that go with the Electro Cutie dress. They're pattern changing to the same patterns as the dress, and I'm waiting for them to come out IRL. Come on, Alle! Begin your career as a fabric artist! [SLURL to Schadenfreude here]



(SLURLS here!)
***Tie: Schadenfreude chained electro cutie tie (with hud)
***Hair: Schadenfreude Nekomi (fatpack version)
***Skin: MiaSnow Green Goddess Skin 4
***Leggings: ~momo~ the striped dress leggings pink 2
***Outfit: ~momo~ DewDrop pink set
***Shirt: Schadenfreude white oxford shirt
***Boots: Demidemi rainboots in quilt pink
***Set: ~La Petite Morte~ Photo Set Bare
***Plants: Herbalys flask, dragon tails, vibrissae
***Poses: AnaLu and Studio Sidhe

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Did anyone go see Harry Potter?


Fleur has a new skin brand named 5th & Oxford. When Ellantha put the skins on she said, "This is very kind to the lips, and the makeup-free version is so fresh that I bet a lot of younger avs will love it." I really like the way the dusky skin looks with minimal, fresh makeup. I also like the body shading -- the little flash of tummy, above, gives an indication of the soft dewy look of the flesh. The smoky makeup is very much vintage Fleur with a nice strong stare and neatly penned lips.

I deny that all of these Anuenue items were bought to garner CSR cards... Okay, they were. It was my first trip to Anuenue, and I was immediately drawn by the cuteness of the design. It reminds me of amerie's Naughty for slightly less Harajuku girls, with cute prim surprises around the waist and pants hems.

I have no idea what today has in store for me! Alba and I will go exploring again.



(SLURLS here!)
Cherry outfit:
***Skin: 5th & Oxford Tan fresh freckles 6
***Hair: BP* retro saturday/dark brown
***Nails: Schadenfreude pink glitter manicure
***Earrings: /artilleri/ double cherry earrings
***Bag: Draconic Kiss Halloween Batty Bag
***Shoes: Zero Number petanko cross in blood
***Top: anuenue cotton top in cherry
***Pants: anuenue loose halfpants in black
Blue outfit:
***Skin: 5th & Oxford Fair Audrey smoky 2
***Earrings: /artilleri/ fancy dice earrings
***Shoes: Zero Number petanko cross in aza
***Pants: anuenue BCpants (br)
***Shirt: anuenue ManyDosparka 04

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Snitched dreads and all


*giggle* -- I uploaded these photos to flickr, left the cafe where I'd been working, drove home...and had two comments asking for the stats on the skin, shoes and necklace. I was going to save this post for tomorrow, but since the items are so pretty, here we go: Skin, Curious Kitties. Shoes, Unique Needs (with color-changing hud even). Necklace, G Field. (The rest of the credits are below.)

Please note the gorgeous head piece from Studio Sidhe -- it's part of a new release, and comes in gold and silver with four options per box. Totally cheap for the workmanship and prettiness.

The dress is new from Zenith -- it's called Gucci, and comes in a hot pink version too. The hair was stolen directly from Mourna's post this morning (here she is looking gorgeous in them). BP* plus dreads? Hell yes. I warn everyone, show some dreads and I will steal them post haste.


(SLURLS here)
***Boobs: Ayumi Cleavage 2.6 superlight
***Skin: Curious Kitties Weeping Aura
***Nails: Schadenfreude Gold Glitter Manicure
***Earrings, necklace: G Field Leaf earrings/necklace
***Bracelet: 69 Sprinkles Bracelet - Gold
***Socks: Canimal Vertical Stripes - yellow
***Shoes: Unique Needs Death Dolly Goth Mary Jane Pumps
***Outfit: Zenith Gucci - Yellow
***Hair: BP* dread hair normal and purple
***Headpiece: :+:SS:+: Teardrop & Bell Headpiece - Gold [3]

"Mama, where's my princess yo-yo"


Last night I put on this skin and hair combination at random and really liked the sweetness of it. Then I played with color, putting on darker stuff (I really love Elate!'s Amy dress) to erm, highlight it or something. Okay, I fail, I just liked this outfit. I'm taking these photos around my skybox today. The milk container is a cute cheap item from Rosso -- I recommend a stop by this eclectic Japanese shop, it's extremely cute.

OMG -- SUMMER CSR! Time to stock up on CSR cards, everybody!

I'm having a strange day. My child is draped over a sofa waiting patiently for me to take her somewhere fun to play, and I'm feeling a little stressed out about her current lack of health insurance (well fine, she's covered in Georgia, but not in Florida yet). The slow crankings of state bureaucracy are fun to play with. Really.

elate02 copy

(SLURLS here!)
***Hair: fashionably dead sunday shoelaces - sweets
***Skin: Sweets Party SPskin kawaii apricot
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) glossy ribbon boots - blue
***Stockings and garters: from the *League* ella outfit
***Arm tats: Alices Garden tattoo - Macy
***Dress: (Elate!) Amy (sky) DSN gift
***Bracelets: Bliensen + MaiTai Mille Colori bracelets in Morticia
***Poses: AnaLu (see my pose sidebar)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

PSA for Ana!

Outfit by Sh*t Happens

Ana Boogiewoogie of Sh*t Happens is opening a mall! If you are interested, contact her. She writes:

Okay, so Ana has alot of free time on her hands, and is thinking about investing in a sim and setting up a mall space. The buying process will get sped up if I get a lot of interested people willing to rent there, which is the main purpose for sending out this notecard. Some background info: I created and managed a mall before (LAME). I would be creating a new mall on the sim that would follow the concept of the LAME, with small - large stores and mainstores. I will be throwing events, parties, and freebie-fairs to help gain traffic.

If you're interested please contact Ana Boogiewoogie for a more detailed notecard. :]

Monday, July 13, 2009

Leeloo Dallas Multipass


I'm addicted to sake. It's a horrible thing, this Momokawa Pearl -- it sucks you in with the tanginess, and then gets you drunk, darnit. I'm so nicely warm in my head that it's really tough to figure out what to say in this post. I think the concept was something like "Hey Mourna, let's do something that features dark and light skins." Mourna had light skin from Plastik, and I had dark, so it worked out very well.

I initially suggested that we post in silks, but then remembered that I had this neat Fifth Element-esque Leelu suit from Plastik. I've always loved that movie, and admired the rare rail-thin cosplayers who could pull this off at Dragon*con. We'll save our silks idea for our next post.

We then went on the hunt for accessories, and Mourna tugged us over to Dark Eden for gloves and boots. The Harajuku Stompers have such an interesting look to them. The wrist belts are great too... Then, Violet Voltaire's gank collar, Studio Sidhe's nose chain, and Ravenwear's tintable vector tats to finish it off. I always love how Mourna accessorizes us! I learn so much...



(SLURLS here!)
On Mourna/Acha
***Outfit: Plastik Element in "noir" color / in "silver" color
***Skin: Plastik Miliana Frost-Emoemoemo/ Halloween Skin Red Demon Dark Tribal Tattoo
***Eyes: DEN-DOU Eyes Light-grey
***Nails: :::Sn@tch Nail Candy (Black/White Tips)::: / Schadenfreude Silver Glitter Manicure
***Liprings: FlipSide Piercings Mouth Attach 4
***Ears: Illusions Abyssal Ears: Fairy/Natural / Illuminati Elf Ear
***Gloves and boots: Dark Eden Thetis gloves and Harajuku stomp boots in "midnight" color / in Mistweave color
***Hair: Schadenfreude Cinder in "Lethe Water " color and White/grey tips
***Poses: Long Awkward Pose, the mirrored ones. Come on, posemakers, you know you wanna feed our addiction to mirrored poses :D

Animal crackers indeed


*katat0nik* made new outfits for LocoPocos, this time based on her Animal Crackers dresses -- they're color-changing with the Loco Pocos hud, and each dress changes to three different fabrics (Get it here at her main shop)! I'm in the Loco Pocos: Francine avatar (which you can buy here), as well as a few different accessories that you can find at the avatar shop. The hair is by Philotic Energy, even :D.

No white clouds in my blue sky


I'm still playing catchup with my objects folder. I'm wearing two group gifts in this dressup -- PixelDolls' lovely Atlantis jacket, and jewelry and a belt from Nomine's gypsy line. I really love Munchflower's anklets and bangles and earrings...bold and bright and perfect for a duskier skin. I'm also wearing a darker shade of [42] skin than usual to set off the gypsy stuff. This skin is called "barely there" for the light makeup, and I like how large and lush my lips look.

Today is play with lots of people! We have a number of new friends coming over -- and -- oshit, I should probably go clean house instead of mess with my avatar. (The best part of Second Life houses, no dusting or mopping or vacuuming....)


(SLURLS here!)
***Jeans: Nomine Gypsy Jeans - low waist
***Tattoo: B.I.T. henna B RFL
***Jacket: PixelDolls Atlantis Jacket (gift)
***Skin: [42] sll barely there medium (hair)
***Belt, anklets, bracelets, earrings: Nomine Gypsy items, group subscribo gifts
***Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum Shadow Keeper - purple shine

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cleaning the ol' Objects folder

starkittyEr. I admit that this isn't my usual avatar style. However, it is the result of cleaning out my "objects" folder! I'm wearing a Studio M red bikini top and skirt set (although I liked the shorts too), and DSN ears from RGK with (you can't see it) a little cocktail bar in the ears.

The socks and gloves are from the tiny Japanese shop Rosso (a shop that Uma tipped me off to), and to top it off, I'm posing on this fabulous harp that was given as a "thanks for entering our contest" gift from Studio Sidhe and Evie's Closet. Er. Sorry I've been a failure at cleaning out that "objects" folder! I think life has settled down enough that I can attempt another wrestle with inventory this week.

(SLURLS here)
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Alanna in auburn
***Skin: Nomine sylvan china white vamp black
***Outfit: Studio M Daphne Red bikini and skirt set
***Ears: RGK travel bar ears in raving green
***Socks and gloves: Rosso border-grove + socks (SLURL here)
***Harp: Studio Sidhe harp + pose in silver

Sunday church outfit? Hrm


I'm still going through the inventory that I acquired when I picked up and moved from Athens to Orlando, and stumbled across this gorgeous blogger gift from Ivalde. It's the Gunda dress in a great magenta leopard-print, and my avatar went totally rockabilly with it. Ivalde is having a Flickr contest for vintage wear -- information here!

I'm wearing it with a DSN gift, a nosering from Gore RP Collars. I tried to visit the shop and realized that I can't because I'm not age-verified! Edit: Sweet, now I am, thanks Keira.

I also added a posture collar from one of the Sn@tch sets, and a pair of Maitreya pumps. I was pondering to myself that I need more diversity in my wicked-looking gothy pump collection -- I love the ones I have, but I'm always up for new-to-me shops! Feel free to poke me with recommendations. :D


(SLURLs here!)
***Collar: from the Sn@tch grace under pressure outfit
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan China White - vamp black
***Shoes: Maitreya Mishima dawn - liquorice
***Outfit: Ivalde Gunda Leo
***Nose ring: GRP Collars Manadrop gold (slurl here)
***Hair: Gritty Kitty Klaar in black
***Tattoo: I (heart) Rien - Retro Hotties Tattoo