Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moar Plastik Sale

Skins on sale at Plastik!

Heh. Why yes, I'm standing in a sea of boxes while my husband wonders WTF I'm up to. I'm about to go shower and help with packing, but I wanted to show people a few more of teh awesome Plastik skins that are on sale until Wednesday for 249L each. I loooooooove the Halloween demon skin (middle) -- the light highlights really make it. The eyes are cool too, and I especially like the blue eyes in the dusky skin (right).

There are two floors worth of sale, so don't TP in and go "oh this is it?" Hunt around some. [SLURL to PLASTIK]

Plastik Titania Spice Flushed Cerise
Plastik HalloweenSkin RedDemon Dark PlainTribal
Plastik Miliana PeanutTruffle NudeShadow

Plastik edCollection Var-Stalk
Plastik Jerusalem Melon
Plastik Magicka-Mix

Friday, June 26, 2009

Insert joke about packing here


I suck at being on hiatus because I realized that blogging is...well, it's relaxing for me. Thank you all for the well-wishes, though -- we drive eight hours to Orlando on Sunday! Here I am taking a break from packing to tell you about my skin. Aikea asked me to mention her skin sale earlier and I went OMGIHAVESOMUCH2DOHOWCOULDUETC MOANBITCH. Of course, then I put on her skin and was like: wow. This is gorgeous. I'm usually not one to wear darker skins, but the way the highlighting on the lips and cheekbones and boobs are done, I might be a convert. This skin (and all the rest) are on sale for 249L each until Wednesday July 1st at Plastik. [SLURL to Plastik]

I'm also wearing the new HUZ tattoos. ...I've never paid 600L for a tattoo before, but I'm absolutely glad that I did. The henna detailing in dark, faded, black and brown versions is just beautiful -- I feel like my avatar is the center of a mandala. [SLURL to HUZ TATs]

Okay, NOW back to packing.


(SLURLs here!)
***Piercings: FlipSide mouth attach 10
***Necklace: SiniStyle sculpted dog tags (small)
***Shoes: Akeyo chucks - skulley
***Skin: Plastik Miliana cinnamonroll - chiquite
***Eyes: Plastik jaded collection var-stalk
***Tats: HUZ Henna secret in black faded
***Hair: BP*long summer chignon/coffee/may2009
***Talk: callie cline wasabi green ribbed racer back
***Belt: d-lab hamster belt
***Shorts: Miel Ch Brown Shorts

It's time to move to Orlando! I leave Saturday and return, um, when our new internet is up and running. In the immortal words of Linus from Ocean's 13, I'll see you when I see you. ♥ Acha

Thursday, June 25, 2009

LOotS: Next Top Model?

LotBaN Blog Header

Modeling contests are nothing new to Second Life, and neither are the issues that swarm around them. However, I found problems beyond contestant drama and shady judging with the Next Top Model Challenge- the actual structure calls into question if they are really looking for the best SL model or just the best fit for a boxed ideal. Read the full story on my blog, Lifestyles of the Broke and Notorious.

Fierce - Jewelry Exposition 2008 Entry

*The opinions expressed in the post are solely those of Terry Toland, not Achariya. If you think otherwise, you need a boot to the head.

For all the history of grief


"Overwhelmed by stress" is probably a good way to put it, although really I shouldn't be. Whenever I stress out I work in my Second Life garden. Last night, I moved the garden into my little garden shack, decorating it with all of the waterlilies that won't show up on my megaprim water. Then, I sorted inventory, which resulted in a DNS gift-inspired outfit. The dress is from Studio M, and the shoes are lucky board shoes from The Black Canary, the Rozen Beauty shoes, perfect for exploring strange places.

Lucky board Rozen Beauty shoes from The Black Canary


On Acha:
***Dress: [studio m] Jasmine - Tangerine
***Hair: Wild O Juliet black hair
***Scarf: Wild O Group Gift
***Shoes: The Black Canary Rozen Beauty lucky board shoes
***Leggings: Fishy Strawberry Swan Lake Black Leggings fishnet
***Tattoo: Otaku Designs Sagrado Corazon upper body tattoo
***Skin: Idiosyncrasy Deth Dolly Apocalyptica (skin preview, not yet for sale)
***Lamp: Hasendow newborn fire by Aragane Nishi

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crimson Shadows Mary Mayhem outfit

The sexxeh Ersatz Charisma

Rebel Hope has moved out of her milieu (which is fine formalwear) to create this playful, decadent and sexy outfit for Rezzables, the Mary Mayhem Fire Goddess set. It comes with a flutter of a skirt, barely-there bikini set, jewelry, boots, tattoos, and an animated whip and fire-eating torch. I photographed myself at Crimson Shadows and who should appear but Ersatz Charisma in the same outfit. We almost had a cat-fight, but we agreed that I was more country, and she was more rock & roll, and we photo'd together.

Ersatz is also wearing the Mary Mayhem shape, and we're both in the skin. The skin is a lovely rendering of Mary's face by Tuli for Rezzables, and the shape really does look like her in an eerie "uncanny valley" sort of way. I quite like the fire-shooting animations -- you can shoot forward or up, and a huge bubble of orange flame emerges from your mouth. I've always wanted to blow fire at people! [ SLURL to Crimson Shadow ]




Mandatory Crimson Shadow neck-nomming time

***Earrings: Schadenfreude Irmina earrings
***Hair: Curio Betty Boop Vamp Red
***Outfit: Rebel Hope Designs for Rezzables, Mary Mayhem Fire Goddess, 29 different outfit bits including tattoos, fire animations, daggers, clothing on several layers, and boots.
***Skin: NMA for Rezzables, Mary Mayhem 05

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jet black hair, soft socks and shoes

Mourna and me and the slender fungus

Slender fungus was a disc of shiny concrete
Slender fungus was a disc, a shiny ball of meat
Slender fungus kissed a fish inside a stolen jeep
Slender fungus eats


But we play all the things we are
Bomb song, swan song, red hot jazz
Burn ourselves out, just to please
Back to a car, get on your knees


Slender fungus was a disc of shiny concrete
Slender fungus was a disc, a shiny ball of meat
Slender fungus sucks the toes that linger round your feet
Slender fungus eats in bed before he goes to sleep

-- Tones on Tail, Slender Fungus


Credits for both of us -- SLURLS HERE
***Hair: Black Maria Maria in Black/Purple and Black/Lt Red
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan China White - esoterica jem purple and pink
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Glossy Ribbon Boots in black
***Tattoo: Otaku Designs Sugar Skulls & Roses
***Necklace: Otaku Designs Sugar Skull Beaded Necklace - texture changing
***Gown: Blue Blood Unravel Gown in Purple/Pink

Lonely in (gorgeous tears)


Swimwear for the teary. It's hot out there in Georgia, 100 degrees to usher me out of the state and down to Florida (which is apparently having a heat wave). I spent the day clearing the last of my things out of my office, feeling kind of bittersweet. I always thought I'd be done when I left the fold of UGA -- I'm kind of disappointed at myself that I'm not, but perhaps not surprised. My father took a decade to write his dissertation... Lucky for me I won't be quite that long. (Dave would kill meh.)

I'm crying because Minajunk released a new teary skin for the Koreshan Bakesale, and you'd better get your arse over there before it closes today. I'm also on the Ana_mations bakesale doughnut -- it comes with seven animations and a slow, relaxing rotation that had me vaguely nauseous until I focused on something else :D. I love the sprinkles and the way it makes my new tiny Dark Eden thong look *cough*. I am also wearing a teacup on my head from ChaosLotus. [ Koreshan Bakesale ]



***Tattoo: I ♥ Rien Retro Hotties
***Skin: minajunk cry bakesale version
***Hat: ChaosLotus DSN teacup minihat yellow bloom/flutter red
***Bikini: Dark Eden Grunge Bikini in blood
***Hair: Exile Fastball in eclipse
***Doughnut: Ana_mations bakesale doughnut with floaty animations.

Les yeux magnifique

Farewell, Miriel. I enjoyed your creativity, and will miss you in SL.

What a strange time it is for us. The house is half in boxes, preparing to move eight hours South, and I'm finding it tough to sleep due to nerves. I've also had the most surreal dreams, including one about Hair Fair -- getting a folder of hair with a 'grow' script that soon ate up my entire skybox. (Perhaps I OD'd on hair just a little.)

I'm distracting myself by wearing a cute new tank top by Callie Cline, and one of the THREE new colorful tattoos by ~momo~. This one is called "cupcakeheaven", and it is. I realize that I look like I was shat on by a pastel monster, but I've had little enough sleep that it looks all pretty *_* Pretty colors *_* Mmmm...shiny....



( All SLURLs here ! )
***Eyes: Miriel Violet Plant (Big) -- bye bye, Miriel! :(
***Skin: Nomine WL Geisha = shikome
***Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Melancholy set in Violet
***Shoes: Zero Number Petanko cross grape
***Skirt: Sn@tch Naive ruffle skirt in purple
***Shirt: caLLie cLine spring green ribbed racer back tank
***Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum Allegory in Mint
***Tattoos: ~momo~ cupcakeheaven tattoo

Monday, June 22, 2009

As round as a full moon


...when the Man-Moth
pays his rare, although occasional, visits to the surface,
the moon looks rather different to him.

He emerges
from an opening under the edge of one of the sidewalks
and nervously begins to scale the faces of the buildings.
He thinks the moon is a small hole at the top of the sky,
proving the sky quite useless for protection.

He trembles, but must investigate as high as he can climb.

-- Elizabeth Bishop (read more)


(SLURLs here)
***Hair: Philotic Energy Ishiko Charcoal
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan China White - Esoterica aeolian black
***Nose chain: Studio Sidhe silver nose chain with bell
***Shoes: G Field rose bootie in black
***Outfit: The Black Canary - The Old Soul kimono

The cogs actually turn


I SAW Eternity the other night,
Like a great ring of pure and endless light,
All calm, as it was bright ;
And round beneath it, Time in hours, days, years
Driv'n by the spheres
Like a vast shadow mov'd ; in which the world
And all her train were hurl'd.

-- Henry Vaughan

(p.s. Much like many, I met this poem via Madeleine L'Engle!)


Other credits: (SLURLs here!)
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan China White - esoterica lorelei blue
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ (fog) toxine dress
***Earrings: Violet Voltaire Glitterati in black
***Boots: Kitheres Backlaced Boots
***Hair: Curio Obscura Pocketwatch Hairstyle

Hair Fair Part 8: Badass

Curio Obscura, Let Them Eat Cake Off Of Your Head

I don't have a good name for Hair Fair Part 8. Perhaps "Badass"? The rest of my hair fair posts are here. In this installment, most of the hair is BIG -- biggest of the lot is Curio Obscura's incredibly opulent Let The Eat Cake Off Of Your Head. I equipped this hair and thought: If I were Marie Antoinette, I'd move heaven and earth to wear this hair. If you click the cakes, pieces get passed to you along with a fork, and slices disappear from your 'do. Every bit of that hair is color-changing as well. What a hair!

The rest of the hairs are just as lovely (dare I say perhaps a tad more wearable for everyday occasions?). I'm wearing Amacci (huge piles of long locks), Refuge's Harriet (tied back with a headband), and the dual bun-pony dread Cog Mistress from The Stringer Mausoleum. This hair has optional cogs that attach to the buns! In the bottom photo I'm wearing HCT's Rosie (ponytails sculpted to sit upon the shoulders!), REDLIC's wrapped braid #529RL (which I really love from this creator, nicely done), and the playfully animated Drucilla hair from Sirena. Pull up the menu and take down your hair! Then put it up again! [Hair Fair]

My outfit is brand new from ~momo~ -- the awesome DewDrop panty set with a little wrapped belt (and many options as usual, including a rainbow version of the belt). [~momo~]

Amacci Hair Sophia - Jet Black, Refuge Harriet Light Ash Blonde, The Stringer Mausoleum Cog Mistress - black + cogs

Here Comes Trouble Rosie in Silver-Black, REDLIC #529RL Black (L), Sirena Drucilla Black - Black Pearl (animated hair!)

Other outfit credits:
***Skin: Curio Moonbeam April-Rainbow 2
***Jewelry: Studio Sidhe Celtic Knotwork Neko Collar and Flower Bngle (red)
***Tattoos: Rainbow Chaiser Asian Heart tattoos in orange
***Outfit: ~momo~ DewDrop panty set in black
***Cake hair outfit: ~silentsparrow~ Lottie in blood

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hair Fair Part 7: Moar Adorable

Philotic Energy Pepper Charcoal, Philotic Energy Keeva Charcoal, House of Munster Nina in Black & White with Skullband

Hair Fair Part 7: Moar Adorable. Other Hair Fair reviews neatly gathered here under this tag! Today's hairs are from Philotic Energy, House of Munster, Blood Royal and REDLIC. I loosely grouped them under the "Adorable" tag, although the hairs can all be worn in other contexts. Philotic Energy continues to push the scupted 'do boundaries with the long locks (rare for her!) and a headbanded pony. House of Munster has a few more cute styles in the usual vein -- poky bits, great bangs, unconventional angles. The two other makers are new to me, Blood Royal and REDLIC -- I like the soft fluffiness of both of these styles, very Asianesque and cute.

Blood Royal Wild Bob hair in black, House of Munster Sprite in Black & White, REDLIC #464SB Snow

Bonus photo! Here I am with Skywatcher Questi at the Koreshan Bakesale

Other outfit credits:
***Skin: SPskin kawaii apricot
***Necklace: Atelier AM heart key necklace pink
***Dress: Draconic Kiss strawberry pie dress, at the Koreshan Bakesale