Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hair Fair Part 6: Homme

Ran Garrigus in Hedeon (Jet) by Wasabi Pills; Boy-me in miau haus ^^ vasean hair m / liquoriceblack

Hair Fair Part 6: Homme; other parts here! Ran Garrigus was kind enough to model a few boy's hairs with me -- I'll have another post in boy stuff, no fear! He's sporting hairs that I thought were for women (upon first inspection), but damn, he makes them look sexxeh. He's got on two hairs by Wasabi Pills and one by Bryce, and I've got on Miau Haus, a.C, and House of Munster. They've all got lovely textures and great construction, and tempt me to remain a boy for the rest of the day... (The waistcoats we're wearing are currently on sale at ~silentsparrow~.) [ Hair Fair ]

Andor (Honey) from Wasabi Pills; a.C STD gloxhair looly raven sunset

Wonder (Midnight) by Bryce; House of Munster Axel in black and white

Koreshan: The baked version

Noam, Cobalt, Autumn and I selling snacks.

I took a wee break from Hair Fair to see the baked goods from Gritty Kitty (calamari, right?), Tiny Bird (beer!), ~silentsparrow~ (meat, continuing last year's theme), Lazy Places (noms), and Schadenfreude (icing). [ SLURL TO THE BAKESALE -- follow the dots ]

Hair Fair Part 5

Hair Fair Part 5 (other parts here). Happy opening day! As of 5 AM SLT I hear that the sims are packed. Please be polite and gtfo if you're 'away' or idling. Also, wear your low prim looks (mine is the center picture just below - prim count of 78 including these amazing 1 prim each shoes and my favorite /artilleri/ dallas hair, but I'll probably detach everything for the fair). [ Teleporty here ]

Curio Obscura Lampshade Hair (with colorchanging script), Low-prim outfit!, Kin Bria in White

Rosy Mood Breeze in Black, Tea Lane Sumaiya Hair - charcoal; Tiny Bird Bereznyak in Dragees

Rosy Mood Rock U in black, Draconic Kiss Demona in Silver, Kiss Hard Rock in Midnight.

Other outfit credits:
***Dress with leggings: ~momo~ striped dress in red
***Skin: Frick Fear - Goth - Dark sm lips
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Chloe flats in black

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hair Fair Part 4: Classic

ingenue diva noir black; fashionably dead dorothy's day - solo dancer

Hello, and welcome to Hair Fair Part 4, which is all about classic hairstyles. Earlier today I busted some tendons on Part 1: Adorable, Part 2: Edgy and Part 3: Moar Edgy, and I continue to be vastly amused and impressed by the creators' talent. Goddamnit, can't you lend some skillz to me? I should put up a hair fair booth with a head-attachment 1 prim box :|. Also, Uma (here) and Ashia (here) totally pwn me with their amazing blog posts, so go read those next!

If I sound slap-happy, I must admit that I am, so I roped in Ellantha for a sanity check. She's in Fashionably Dead, Tiny Bird and Calico Ingmann Creations; I'm in three different Ingenue hairs. I really love these, especially the whimsical hat on the Fashionably Dead hair, the elaborate braids on Calico, and the wispy hairline of Tiny Bird. Also, Ingenue is always, always easy on the eyes and ARC. Lovely job, ladies. (Now off to make my 1-prim-box hair.) [This SLURL will work tomorrow]

ingenue - myrna - noir black; .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Hayden - Brownie;

ingenue - victory - noir black; calico ingmann creations - elaina - bronzed

Hair Fair Part 3: Moar Edgy

Hair Fair Part 3: More Edgy

Hair Fair, third post (see my other two posts here and here!). I took a spin around the fair just now, and it made me hungry. Anyone have some spare gingerbread? I'm wearing hair (below) by MiaSnow, Wasabi Pills, and Milestone Creations, all marked by enormous creativity (and bigness!). I can honestly say that after wearing the Milestone Creations Moon hair below, I feel totally Smurfy. And I think I'm done posting for the day, can't wait to see what other people write about. :D [ This Hair Fair SLURL will work tomorrow ]

Wasabi Pills

Wasabi Pills Lulu in Jet Black

wasabi01 wasabi03
Wasabi Pills Ailith in jet black; Wasabi Pills Andor in jet black


MiaSnow Special Day White

mia02 miasnow01
MiaSnow Summer Breeze Sunrise; MiaSnow Prom Queen Orange Lite

Milestone Creations

Milestone Creations Moon in blue dark

moon03 moon01
Milestone Creations Lana in cherry kiss; Milestone Creations Dragon Nest in black

Hair Fair Part 2: Edgy

Hair Fair, second post (see my first post over here!) My theme for the last post was "adorable," and the theme for this one is "edgy." I'm not entirely sure what I mean by "edgy," but I suspect I chose hair that stands out all by itself. [ This Hair Fair SLURL will work tomorrow ]

Vanity Hair

Vanity Hair Lola in Black with detachable roses

vanity_mademoiselle vanity_medusa
Vanity Hair Mademoiselle in Noir; Vanity Hair Medusa in Noir



uneek_candifleur vanity
The U-neek candifleur blackenedz lox; Vanity Hair Herma in Minuit


*Gwendolyn* Tanaka unisex hair in Black

**Small note to designers. ILU a whole lot! Please to only send one color of your awesome review hairs, or else I will never be able to load inventory again. Thank you and best of luck with Hair Fair - !**

Hair Fair Part 1: Adorable

Could it be...Hair Fair? All of the adorable hairs below from [Lazy Places], *katat0nik* and Onigiri will be available at Hair Fair starting tomorrow. [ This SLURL will work tomorrow, I promise ]

[Lazy Places]

[Lazy Places] Dawn in Black

lp01 lp02
[Lazy Places] Arya in Black, [Lazy Places] Deeba in Black


*katat0nik* Vu Jamz in Naturals

kat02 kat03
*katat0nik* Gat Jamz in Naturals; *katat0nik* Kat Jamz in Naturals


Onigiri Amu in Black

onigiri01 onigiri02
Onigiri Ichigo in Black; Onigiri Saber in Black.

**Small note to designers. ILU a whole lot! Please to only send one color of your awesome review hairs, or else I will never be able to load inventory again. Thank you and best of luck with Hair Fair - !**

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cursed jewelry, blessed store?


I blow at photographing jewelry adequately, especially really delicate stuff that gets lost in clothing. Last week I stumbled upon Bare Rose's mannequin skins (a steal, as usual), and ponder that I have a fighting chance now. The jewelry that I'm wearing is from Cursed Jewelry, and I like the delicacy of the chain and gem work. I almost never wear rings because I'm lazy about fitting them (just like my laziness with prim lashes), but this ring is quirky and nicely made! [ SLURL to Cursed Jewelry]


SLURLS HERE. If you are a designer, go add your site via comments!

***Hair: Historical Heroines Miss Derbyfield - coal
***Gloves: SiniStyle Lilith Sleeves
***Jewelry: Cursed Jewelry -- hanging star earrings, triple hanging star necklace, black and white diamond star ring; Diamond Journey earring and necklace set; Hanging Dreamcatcher earring and necklace set.
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ Gutter Glitter top and skirt in (gloom)
***Skin: Bare Rose Mannequin skin black (and eyes)

Et in Arcadia ego


The first two people who comment with their guess about the name of the new Draconic Kiss Hair Fair hair I'm wearing (hint: it matches the outfit bits) will win 300L each (enough L to buy one color of this hair. *g*) (Please add your in-world name to the comment!)

Edit: Lola wins prize #1, and Tina wins prize #2.

Yep! I'm wearing Achariya hair from Draconic Kiss, and it'll debut soon at a Hair Fair near you! :D

Three little maids in Plastik

Me, Aikea Rieko of Plastik, Ellantha Larsson

Aikea Rieko [Plastik] has been making some utterly creative, nicely textured, and sexy mini-dresses lately, and I'm totally impressed. I really like the way she's extended the idea of the mini onto the arms and legs, wrapping them with descending bandages and ribbons, cupping the neck with strict prims. The feel is really a cross between fantasy roleplay, a socialite's night out, and light bondage, and it completely tickles me.

Here, Aikea, Ellantha and I are showing our own interpretations of these mini-dresses -- you can see that they can suit a range of styles! I took a close-up of myself (below) because I loooooove the Strappybodysuit textures. The prim buckles give it that extra je nais sais quoi. [ Go see for yourself at Plastik. ]



[ All of the SLURLs are at the SLURL wordpress page. Go help update! Honest, it'll be awesome! ]

On Ellantha:
***Dress: Plastik Saturne in Loud Pink
***Hair: Gritty Kitty: Bilirubin (retextured)
***Eyes: [Plastik]-JadedCollection-Jerusalem-Moss
***Skin: ':GP: Petal FREX [Light] Breeze-Pure 2
***Pierce: .:ellabella:. Celestial (mouth)
***Ears: Plastik Animalistic Elven Ear-Frozen
***Boots: Blue Galaxy [BG] Panzer Boots

On Acha:
***Ears: Illusions Pixie Ears
***Hair: Truth Olivia - Ivory
***Boots: Fade Dana Greaser Boots in Black
***Dress: Plastik StrappyBodysuit LeatherBlack
***Skin: Nomine ultralight - marionetta

On Aikea Reiko
***Dress: plastik saturne in summer
***Shoes: Shiny things party pumps in white
***Skin: Curio
***Hair: Gauze
***Ears: Plastik
***Piercings: ellabella
***Eyes: Plastik

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stalking outfit


I had a fun day stalking the ~silentsparrow~ sale. I'd had a feeling that a lot of good friends would wander through there, so I lingered and photo'd, totally lagging up the sim while people shopped. This is what I wore today. I put it together in the early morning, standing around with Severina and Sanpierre and sorting inventory while they discussed travel. Northern Europe during the heat of the summer...sounds really lovely, doesn't it?

Then, I spent some time twinking out my lucky chair alts with items from the ~silentsparrow~ sale! After playing around with various alts, I got a notice about the Nomine 100L skin sale (on various fantasy skins), and logged all my alts in again... now they look positively cool. I especially like the Leanansidhe skins, and the Geisha ones. [ Head to Nomine ! ]

Oh, I'd been meaning to send out a thank you to the lovely Love/Hate blog for pointing out the group gift corset at Rotten Toe. This blog is one of my new favorites, and I really enjoy the shops that they point me to.


I painstakingly went through and updated the links on the site -- if you can't find it, eliminate the random !! or :: or ** in the shop name and look again. [ SLURL page ! ] [ Also, everyone should join and help maintain this. Imagine how much easier it would be if we had this central resource. :D ]

***Lip ring: ellabella tricog lip lovin'
***Scarf: The Closet hempscarf brown
***Hair: WILD O yomege! mix
***Corset: Rotten Toe Long Rotten Corset group gift
***Shirt: ~silentsparrow~ gutter glitter top in (gloom)
***Pants: Curious Kitties black stitch pants
***Earrings: Dark Mouse DM Lotus Flower & Bamboo Earring
***Shoes: G Field Wedge Platform Shoes "Dorothy" black
***Tattoos: Bleeding Ink Tattoos Henna A: RFL
***Socks: Gbberish** Amelie Tights lower (blossom)
***Bracelet: So Many Styles Shell Bangle Black-Pink
***Skin: Nomine WL Leanansidhe female - black

More lovely birdies

More stalker-cam shots of people shopping at the ~silentsparrow~ sale :D

Elysiana Eilde

Willow Llewellyn

Freyja Nemeth

Dandelion Crystal

Stalker photo at ~silentsparrow~ sale

The lovely Janet Halley snapped on the sly at the ~silentsparrow~ sale

This morning I took advantage of the ~silentsparrow~ sale and outfitted two of my alts (two photos below) in outfits that really suit them. :D I especially love my Uchi kitty in the ivory Seraph! Fair warning to people who attend this sale, I'm probably going to be stalking and photographing throughout the day, especially if you've got on a super pretty ~silentsparrow~ outfit, like Janet Halley above. [ TP to the 50% off sale at ~silentsparrow~ ! ]