Saturday, June 13, 2009

SES: Hiketsu Keys

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After some scrambling, the transmission has finally come through...
WindMeUp - Cyber Hiketsu I-B

Read my review of the WindMeUp Hiketsu Keys on my blog, Lifestyles of the Broke and Notorious.

Drowsy time post


Things that I found today at Drowsy include a lot of new hair releases from BP* (I sheepishly admit that I got them all), new clogs from Zero Number, and a chunky belt from Kurotsubaki with large pouches all over it (great for all of your musical needs with sheet music, a flute, a small horn of some kind, and an entire keyboard). My skin is one of two new skins from Den-Dou, the Mona skin in Strawberry. Den-Dou skins fit as though they were made for my shape, and I always race over whenever there's a new release.

Now back to True Blood (why am I so amused by this show?). [ SLURL to Drowsy ]




***Skin: Den-Dou OD5 Mona skin - Pale - 02 Strawberry
***Hair: BP* 2antenna hair / coffee/may2009
***Shoes: Zero Number petanko cross blood
***Belt: Kurotsubaki music belt
***Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ tudor.rose tattoo (fall)
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow Aconite in rust (why yes, I'm still wearing this.)
***Lip ring: ellabella tricog lip lovin'

New Drowsy sim!


My lanky boyfriend and I are posing at the Kurotsubaki build in the brand-spaking-new sim Drowsy. This sim is the result of a collaboration of all kinds of Japanese designers that I love -- BettiePage, Zero Number, Kurotsubaki, Cloudy... If you poke around the sim, there are a few adorable free items (Olivia will write about these for Free*Style later on today). Also, these stores all have new releases! The sim is so lovely that I know I'll go there just to hang out, as well as photo for this blog.

[ SLURL to Drowsy here! ]

Birdie bath

Bath time at ~silentsparrow~ !

Material Squirrel Arch Demon Tattered Wings in dark red
Evadne Wings in Ocean
Tendril Angel Wings in black
Marcheline Wings in silver

***Ears: Gauze Elf Ears
***Hair: Philotic Energy Saxon Mochachino
***Shoes: J's Engineer Long Boots
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan China White - plain sideburns
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ Aconite suit in rust
***Necklace: Otaku designs padlock necklace
***Tattoo: Otaku designs sagrado corazon upper body tattoowing
***Wings: Material Squirrel; Tendril Angel in black, Night Fairy in red, Marcheline Wings in silver, Evadne Wings in ocean, Arch Demon tattered wings in dark red.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Not Me: Milla Michinaga

Milla Michinaga of MichaMi

This morning I missed seeing Milla on the feeds, so I poked her and asked if I could photo her in her current favorite outfit. "I'm in my favorite Zaara dress, and I'm ready to go," Milla said promptly. She showed up looking all shiny and golden-haired and silver-hued, right down to her sandals from Kookie.

Milla says that she's got a swimwear release for her shop (SLURL here) coming up shortly...If you follow her plurks, there are teasing pictures of the suits. They're awesome.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Paper towels; cream; OJ...


I saw this dress posted on the Yabusaka blog and headed straight to the RFL Fashion Expo to get it. I love the lolita length of the skirt and the flower embellishments -- perfect for boots, which is fortuitous because TESLA's new Angelina boots are out. (Does Angelina really wear boots like this? Her poor toes must be so blistered; good thing our avatars aren't wired with sensation eh?) I love the tightness of the calf and the way the shoe is constructed -- the part that you see is one long piece that attaches to the calf so that it all fits sleekly.

I'm wearing it with more tattoos that I found at RFL, henna tats from Bleeding Ink, and newly retooled Veronique hair from Schadenfreude. My av can go traipsing down the yellow brick road while I...well, go grocery shopping.


***Nails: MIASNOW nails lolli green
***Earrings, bracelet: Kunstkammer silver hoops with black drops/Romantigoth bracelet stack
***Dress: G Fields Emerald City Girl Dress - Fashion Expo LE
***Boots: TESLA Angelina boots - black
***Tattoo: Bleeding Ink Tattoo Henna B
***Skin: Sweets Party SPskin Kawaii apricot
***Hair: Schadenfreude Veronique
***Eyes: Shine Lustrous Aurum (large)

Not Me: Snapped while shopping

Not me: cute Japanese avatar met while shopping

This morning while shopping at Hal*Hina (I posted about the freebies over here) I ran into this adorable Japanese avatar. An inspection of her outfit revealed that it came from Umi Usagi...I love all the cute prim attachments on her belt. The hair is Hal*Hina's Priscilla, and the skin looks like it's from Hal*Hina too. I'm a sucker for Japanese style!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nomine Esoterica skins

Nomine Sylvan China White - esoterica lorelei purple

I'm going to be short on words and let these pictures speak for themselves. Nomine has released (for a limited time) a number of gorgeous skins -- the Nomine Sylvan China White - Esoterica collection. There are four makeups with four colors each, and they all give the kind of lush attention to the eye and lip that Nomine is known for. The body shading is delicate and sexy too, causing my daughter to say "Mommy. Put her shirt on." You can see the gorgeous Mourna in the Jem-Purple skin here! (SLURL to Nomine.)

Lorelei in Purple (above), Black, Blue and Pink:

loreleiblack loreleiblue

loreleipink arseshot

Sleep Thief in Red, Purple, Pink and Black:

sleepthiefred sleepthiefpurple

sleepthiefpink sleepthiefblack

Jem in Red, Purple, Pink and Blue:

jemred jempurple

jempink jemblue

Aolean in Purple, Red, Blue and Black:

aoleanpurple aoleanred

aoleanblue aoleanblack

***Skins: Nomine Sylvan China White skins (SLURL HERE)
- esoterica aeolian black, blue, pink, purple
- esoterica jem blue, pink, purple, red
- esoterica lorelei black, blue, pink, purple
- esoterica sleepthief black, pink, purple, red
***Hair: /artilleri/ chrissy *black*
***Wrappings: from the ~silentsparrow~ (rust) aconite suit
***Jewelry: [NC] pendant07 wings and earring wings
***Pasties: Dark Eden Black Pasties (shirt layer)

Buttercups of eeeevil

Boy Acha is joined by pretty Severina today

The fabric drew me in - swirls of poisonous buttercups (Aconite!) against distressed linen, highlighted by an ankh. This suit is suit-able for men and women. When I hopped up to hyasynth's skybox to chat with her about it, she was dressed as a super-hot guy wrapped in bloody bandages. "That annoying muse totally shot me," she said, eyes sad. "Like, right in the gut." -- Just kidding, she didn't say this at all. But the bandage (which can be worn under and over the suit top) is a sexy take on a boy-corset.

This suit is quite different from previous ones because of a prim belt instead of tails, and a prim bandage wrap around the arm as well. I can absolutely see this used in cosplay. The suit has boy-fitted and girl-fitted prims, and comes in several subtle colors.

Boy-Acha is wearing a tattoo from a new-to-me place that I found at the RFL Fashion Expo, Bleeding Ink Tattoo. They have four kinds of gorgeous henna on many layers (including gloves), and I...admit that I spent my whole budget at this shop.


Bonus in-world shot!

On Severina
Outfit - (blood) Aconite ~silentsparrow~
Hair - Deviant Kitties - Jimi - Black
Eyes - (Miriel) Standard Eyes - Amethyst
Ears - Illusions - Mystic Ear: Elfin
Skin - Nomine Sylvan China White - mourna red
Boots - ~ First Flower ~ Hex ~ Stygian Black (feet only)
Necklace - EarthStones Karuka Necklace - Silver/Red Jasper
Earings - EarthStones Karuka Earrings - Silver/Red Jasper
On Boi Me
***Shoes: Zero Number Engineer Boots Zipper Brown
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan Male China White - plain patch
***Chain: Studio Sidhe silver nose chain with bells
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ (rust) Aconite
***Tattoo: Bleeding Ink Tattoos Henna C - RFL
***Hair: Novocaine Haruka Silver

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Donna Flora and a small letter to the universe


I spotted AnaLu's post about Donna Flora a few days ago and got totally sucked in by the Lolita dress. At the store, I found this one -- a system skirt in pretty silver silk, awash with butterflies. I also liked the Dallas-esque embellishments on the sleeves and collar -- the pointy tulle sculpty work is a nice counterpoint to the dress's sleek line. I'm wearing it with new clunky pumps from G*Fields, the Dorothy wedge platform shoes, new for the RFL Fashion Expo.

And *cough* because I'd like to make my intentions to the universe clear:

Dear Universe,
Just to let you know, I want a RL job writing about fashion*. I'm good at it, and I'm passionate about it. I want one that pays enough to support me and my family. Plz to leave me one in my email in-box.
*If this is too much to ask, then any kind of feature article about history will do. I like historic research as well, like the kind of things they do at


***Horns: Hybrid Faun Horns -- Is Glass Earth open again? I'm not sure.
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan China White - mourna black
***Bracelet: P/a suggestive bracelet black
***Lip ring: ellabella pretty pearls upon your lips
***Tattoo: Otaku Designs Sugar Skulls & Roses upper and lower body
***Hair: Deviant Kitties [whites] Elie - silver
***Dress: Donna Flora Butterfly
***Shoes G*Fields Wedge platform shoes "dorothy" black

Monday, June 8, 2009

Schadenfreude Nekomi hair!


One of my favorite hairs is newly out for everyone to enjoy -- Schadenfreude's Nekomi. Back before it was released it was called "messy ponytails," and I wore it in posts despite the fact that I was simply teasing everyone. I was expecting the hair folder to be vast, knowing how many options Allegory likes to include -- and then blinked. All of the hair colors for the fatpack are neatly encased in a hud. If you want to buy smaller amounts of hair, you can buy packs of five. I love the dual-color options, although the hair also comes in monochrome. *shakes head* AWESOME JOB, ALLE.

There are two other new hairs available today too -- Fairuza (I used it to post my paeon to Ivalde, here) and an update to the utterly adorable Veronique mohawk. The skin is by Tacky Star, and I'm continuing to love this small new skin shop.


***Earrings: Canimal - Flesh Tunnel Earrings
***Shoes: Curious Kitties kawan Boots
***Tattoo: Isle's Ink Tribal Full Body
***Pants: Curious Kitties Black Stitch Pants
***Bracelets: Curious Kitties group gift Gothic Flower Bound Bracelets
***Hair: Schadenfreude nekomi v fringe
***Skin: Tacky Star Kitsune
***Tank: ~momo~ uma tank butter

Goggles and a bag


Yesterday I spent some time sorting my Objects folder, and this was the resulting outfit. Notable stuff: new Hoot bag from Gritty Kitty -- totally makes me feel like Uma Ceawin, wearing this. Can't wait to see what she does with it, cause it's right up her alley! I'm also in the Frick vendor appreciation heat wave skin (I fail, this was from last month), and goggles from Serious Giggle.

The pants are beautifully made from SLink, and they're a DSN sample. Okay, about photographing those goggles. You'll see how crappy I've made them look in the full-body shot, right? I've upped my graphics to high and they still don't completely load into a round shape at a distance. My sculpty load setting is at 8! Is it a Mac thing?


***Bag: Gritty Kitty Hoot bag
***Hair: TekuTeku gloss (pink)
***Pants: SLink DSN sample buckle pants, spring blue
***Goggles: Serious Giggle gAREA Board
***Tie: Knockout Yellow Short Tie
***Skin: Frick vendor support month heat wave - peaches - lg lips
***Shirt: Schadenfreude White Oxford
***Coat: DP yumyum A Line Coat/yellow
***Shoes: *katat0nik* (yellow/black) ghostfire boots

Ivalde appreciation day


Two years ago when I was but a young blogger, I got the idea that maybe I'd interview different designers and write small profiles about them for my blog. Neferia Abel was one of the first designers that I asked to write about, and she responded to my IM with such a lovely and supportive comment that I've admired her ever since. It takes graciousness and a warm personality to be nice to a new blogger, and Neferia had this in spades. (Here's a link to that old interview!)

Today, in honor of Ivalde Day, I'm wearing a dress from her couture line L'Abel. It's a gorgeous dress, and the textures and construction are well worth the price. She's keeping a little store open at the Retrology sim, here, and you can see items of couture as well as the vintage that she's known for. I hope RL stops kicking her ass soon and that she returns to delight us again with her creations.


***Skin: Nomine Sylvan china white - mourna black
***Piercings: FlipSide Arm Bars and F10 mouth piercing set
***Dress: L'Abel Aline gold dress
***Shoes: G Fields Wedge Platform Shoes "dorothy" black
***Hair: Schadenfreude Fairuza

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fashion Expo tomorrow!


In honor of Relay for Life, Katat0nik created two roller derby dresses, the Pink Taco and the Khorndog team outfits. Gogolita is in Team Pink Taco here, and I'm wearing the dress for the Team Khorndog! The dress comes with roller skates and legwarmers and a top with different hem lengths (of course I had to put on the shortest). The artwork on the bodice has a skull and wiener crossbones; the skull is totally nomming the wieners...

Relay for Life Fashion Expo opens up tomorrow at 9 AM SLT, and you'll be able to find these dresses at katat0nik's RFL shop here. (If it's anything like last year, the slurl will teleport you to the central sim hub, then do a 'find destination' on the map to navigate to her stall.) Proceeds from the sales of these two dresses go to RFL!


***Hair: House of Munster OMFG - platinum tips
***Skin: minajunk harajyuku skin neko (no longer available)
***Eyepatch: from Fade Dana's Maus hat
***Gloves: Magika electrical tape gloves
***Tattoo: /artilleri/ maggie tattoo
***Outfit: Relay For Life *katat0nik* Khorndog Derby Girl outfit - with roller skates! :D