Saturday, May 30, 2009

Elegantly wasted


The recently rebranded PLASTIK (formerly Tokeo Plastik) has been coming out with some brilliant clothing of late. The jeans are perfect, of course, but the monarch-patterned shirt really caught my attention (I wrote about it over here), and these two little mini-dresses are just gorgeous. The dresses have a slightly filmy panel between the legs (instead of full opacity), making the panel fit astoundingly well. The dress fabrics are deep and rich, and they cling to the avatar like ornate skin. ...And apparently they come in 36 different colors, dang.

The hair suits it too -- a new release from Tiny Bird. There are little shells in the pretty up-do! On my feet are new heels from G Field, with a color-changing rose on the toe -- please forgive the cankles, argh. (And yus, I did hit the Zaara sale -- the jacket-scarf from the Frawla set is such a versatile addition to the wardrobe.)

Aside from fashion, Happy Saturday! I hope y'all are sleeping in.



***Eyes: Miriel Violet Plant (big)
***Piercings: FlipSide Mouth attach 3, nose attach 3
***Skin: MiaSnow Steel Starlet Skin 4 / Fleur Allure China Coeur 3
***Tattoo: dEVOL hibiscus tattoo
***Jewelry: [NC+] Pendant - Wings and piercings
***Shoes: G Field *GF* Platform Shoes "Rosette" white and black
***Dresses: [Plastik] Aishalune Headache black / Aishalune LaSola Black
***Shawl: Zaara from the Frawla *black* set
***Hair: Tiny Bird She Sells Seashells Flour and Black Bean

Friday, May 29, 2009

Lottie and Loretta

With Mourna! (Please note that the right-hand image is flipped horizontally)

Mourna and I are back with another contrasting-color post (the rest are here). This time, I'm the silver elf and she's the dark-clad one. I even succumbed to getting little Illusions ears just to better mirror hers. These are fun! I'm slowly working out the technical issues of trying to photograph two different avatars in exactly the same way; tough when I've got to model and move my cam!

We're wearing the beautifully-rendered Lottie outfit by ~silentsparrow~ ( SLURL here ). The outfit comes with a poofy-sleeved jacket (which I adore), a little cape, and an enormous prim skirt that would've eaten Mourna's side of the photo. The skirt is for grand balls, and I hope the people of Victorian England take note and snap this up for the Season. The skin is a brand new one from Tacky Star/SavoirFaire -- it's a free gift in the Looking Glass hunt ( SLURL here ).




On Mourna:
***outfit ~ ~silentsparrow~ Lottie in ash
***shoes ~ Schadenfreude lucent bow heels
***hair ~ Sash - Black Gray
***Eyelashes -11- Showgirl *REDGRAVE*
***piercing ~ Kitty Fangs (W) ~ pierced soul
***Mystic Ears ~ fairy/natural ~ Illusions
***Necklace: *Kotolier SecretNecklace(Onyx) 1+2
***Eyes: eyes by LL - bright - red amber (l) ~ Poetic Colors

On Acha:
***Eyes: Miriel Flame (big)
***Ears: Illusions Pixie Ears
***Necklace: Sable Rose Unisex Zodiac Necklace, taurus
***Dress: ~silentsparrow~ Lottie (sterling)
***Heels: Schadenfreude Lucent Bow Heels
***Skin: Tacky Star "Alice" skin
***Hair: Deviant Kitties Sash - Silver
***Poses: pretzel poses (see pose sidebar for slurl)


Have you seen the new kids in town?

Bubu Teaser

Read more about BUBU at my blog, Lifestyles of the Broke and Notorious.



~momo~ came out with two new releases this past week, both super-colorful as usual, and completely cute. The Uma tank and undies set is very sexy -- the bottom portion of the tank is sheer, and ~momo's~ panties give the most perfect derriere. I'd initially put on the black set and felt very posh, but it's a shame to wear ~momo~ and not wear her colors. The other new release is the adorable low-cut Missy cardigan.

I'm wearing both of these with new Gritty Kitty hair, called XD. Noam says it's his IRL hair. I'd so tug his little ponytail if I met him!

Edit: oops, Noam commented that the yellow hair I'm sporting isn't for sale yet, but will be soon. I recommend haunting his store until he puts up the color packs. ♥



Teal and pink outfit:
***Skin: MiaSnow BLU BEAUTY skin 2
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Belles in pink
***Skirt: ~momo~ skulls miniskirt pink
***Piercing: FlipSide Kitteh bell mouth piercing set F11
***Leggings: ~momo~ cupcakes leggings cream
***Tattoo: ~momo~ flowerbunny tattoo
***Cardi: ~momo~ missy cardi pink/sea
***Hair: Gritty Kitty XD - pink

Purple and yellow outfit:
***Skin: MiaSnow GORGEOUS GRAPE skin 2
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Belles in gold
***Socks: ~momo~ dovesocksies cream
***Piercing: FlipSide Kitteh bell mouth piercing set F11
***Tattoo: ~momo~ flowerbunny tattoo
***Panties and tank: ~momo~ Uma panties and tank in yellow
***Hair: Gritty Kitty XD - yellow

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Like a broken rose


I put on this new dress by Evie and thought of the opening song to NANA named "Rose."

When I was... darkness at that time
With trembling lips in a corner of my room, I cry
The more I struggle, the more this wound pierces me
A broken promise hurt me

Nobody can save me
There’s only one God
my love seems to stop and split me
I need your love
I’m a broken rose...

(You can listen to the song here)

A frail and beautiful dress, just like our Second Lives...



***Necklace: *katat0nik* locked heart choker
***Piercings: FlipSide Piercings Mouth attach 9, nose attach 10
***Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ tudor rose tattoo (fall)
***Skin: [42] skin dark matter 04 pale
***Outfit: Evie's Closet Isabella Red (ballet skirt) -- with shoes too!
***Hair: TEKUTEKU odango 2 (black3)
***Poses: Long Awkward Poses (see pose sidebar)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bug me


Sakuradawn and Katat0nik collaborated on a completely adorable set. Sakura made boots and dolly shoes named the bugged set (adorned with ladybugs as well as dragonflies, death's head moths, and 'phire'flies), and Katat0nik made a dress based on the ladybug one, the Ladybugged. The boots spawn flying bugs, just like my favorite Lazy Places Vlinders (mmm, the monarchs!), and I admit that I set the spawn rate to the highest because they're just that cute. (Sorry for all the sims I've lagged.)

You can see the shirt that goes under this dress over at Gogolita's cute post. I chose to wear my favorite Otaku Designs tattoo, the sugar skulls. I was inspired to go get more Gauze hair after seeing Mourna's post yesterday (lookie how cute), so I'm wearing the Aural high ponies.

ALSO! Luth Brodie, bless her heart, sent out a packet of poses to the DSN group last night. I adore Reel Expressions poses (I use them quite often), especially how carefully they're made. None of my limbs ever enter my body, and everything is beautifully smoothed out so that none of my body parts distort. I added these poses gleefully to my Huddles and have used them in this post. (See my pose sidebar for her slurl.)



***Tattoos: Otaku Designs sugar skulls & roses
***Skin: Nomine sylvan skin - ultralight
***Dress: *katat0nik* (black) Ladybugged
***Hair: [Gauze] Aural - Black
***Boots: [Lazy Places] bugged boots
***Necklace: [Lazy Places] Follower Necklace (key)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009



This morning, Terry Toland poked me and said "*ELISA* is having a 5L-per-posepack sale!" I hopped right over and bought them all, and feel a little sad that this store is closing. The poses I'm using in these photos are from this store, and I especially like the centered feeling of the Tai Chi set. I could use a little peace right about now!

The dress is a new one from (Elate!). I quite love the fabric of the corset, and the prim skirt is a well-constructed bell-shaped fluff. The back shows off tattoos, so I've equipped an extremely pretty one from Isle's Ink. I love the delicacy of Carmilla's work...



***Poses: *ELISA* poses
***Earrings: The Closet GypsyEarring
***Necklace: Handmaidens Shiva Choker
***Boots: Dark Eden Metis Plats Misweave
***Skin: SLink Bijou Skin Pale Bruised Doll
***Lip ring: Acid & Mala A&M Shut up! piercing
***Tattoo: Isle's Ink Asian Tattoo 3
***Dress: (Elate!) Even Chocolate
***Hair: Umi Usagi W's Hair 005 Milk White

Monday, May 25, 2009



I'm a little late, but happy Second Pride. I always ponder my sexuality when I think about gay pride events. On one hand, I'm a monogamous married woman with a child. On the other, I read, write and enjoy male-male romance fanfiction, and think that the Kinsey sliders for sexuality are nowhere near as complex as the actual thing. I guess that makes me queer by virtue of thinking that I am (or maybe it's my husband telling me that I'm Gabrielle to his Xena?) -- even if I'm totally not, I still celebrate the day for everyone else. Up with love in every form!

At any rate. Happy pride, and happy rainbow Katty dress made for this occasion from katat0nik (at this satelite location). Other notable stuff in this post includes my lipring, a fish hook fishing prize from Lazy Places, and my eyes, which are the arresting and carefully crafted Lustrous eyes from Shine. Now back to my M*A*S*H slash.



***Eyes: Shine Lustrous Isla (large)
***Poses: Skanks R Us (see pose sidebar) & that middle one is the Achariya pose from Lazy Places.
***Hair ribbon: H+K lolita ribbon
***Nails: Schadenfreude gold glitter manicure
***Tie: Schadenfreude Oz Tie w/ Oxford Collar - oz hunt prize
***Shirt: Schadenfreude white oxford shirt
***Outfit: katat0nik (rainbow) katty dress
***Shoes: katat0nik (yellow/black) ghostfire boots
***Stockings: katat0nik (lt rainbow) striped stockings
***Skin: Curio Moonbeam [dark] april-tulip
***Pierce:Lazy Places Verlangen fishing lure piercing - LP fishing prize
***Hair: Umi Usagi W's hair 004 sepia black
***Earrings: Store with no name bones in a basket

Tick, tick, tick




***Spine thingie: Grim Brothers injector spine shine
***Poses: Lotta and Flowey (see pose sidebar)
***Jewelry: Schadenfreude Jerry's Lament choker, earrings and cuffs
***Shoes: Schadenfreude Pointy Buckle boots
***Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum Ruined Ballet - black
***Skin: Curio Obscura Clockwork Automaton Lady Silver
***Pants: Fishy Strawberry Swan Lake Leggings Black Fishnet Ripped
***Leotard: from the Fishy Strawberry Swan Lake Black

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New ways to diversify my outfits, yay


I joined the Designer Showcase Network (DSN) via the kiosk at Lazy Places, after getting poked to from Sakuradawn. I subscribed to a number of channels - accessories, poses, outfits... and every night at midnight SLT, I've gotten a lot of fun samples and gifts. It's been nice, because I've been introduced to a lot of places that are new to me. The little black dress I'm wearing is a DSN gift from SYSY, sexy and tidy and perfect for showing off tattoos and jewelry.

The necklace and hat are from the Albero Accessories Fair. The hat is from !!WILD and the necklace from Kunstkammer. If you pan in on the pendant, you'll see a well-designed day of the dead skull. I quite love it! Please also clicky on the full-body photo and look at my shoes, new Ladybug boots from Lazy Places. I'll take a better photo of them tomorrow...

My back tattoo is a fishing gift from ~silentsparrow~. Gryphon heraldry made my brain hop immediately to Harry Potter (because I'm a complete nerd like that), and I pondered that if I were a member of a house, it would definitely be Slytherin. Mmmmm, Draco. *cough* Anyway.



***Hat: !!WILD 0 Bouquet hat - Albero accessory fair
***Necklace: Kunstkammer Sugar Skull Necklace - Albero accessory fair
***Boots: Lazy Places Bugged Boots - Ladybug
***Tattoo: (leg) ~silentsparrow~ hart, thistle & thorn (back) ~silentsparrow gryphon fishing prize tattoo
***Dress: SYSY'S DSN - Amber in black dress set
***Hair: Hal*Hina Priscilla hair in black
***Skin: Curio Moonbeam [light] April-Crocus 2
***Sleeves: SiniStyle Lilith Sleeves