Saturday, April 11, 2009

Is it wet up there?


I am tall in cute rain gear. *katat0nik* and ANA_Mations got together to make a cute umbrella AO, with color-changing boots from katat0nik. I like the stands quite a bit, a few of them are singin' in the rain playful, and you don't necessarily have to be lolita to sport the ANA_Mations parasol.

(I realize I didn't quite hit 'elegant' with this look, but once again I've stuck to a few colors and gone as sleek as I could. The Aoharu jacket is TOUGH to fit with the prim bottom part, and it actually fit short-me better than tall-me. The boots have a lovely size script on them though.)

Okay, off to throw my husband's 40th birthday party, which is why I've shorted you on the SLURLs. ♥ ... Also, I really enjoyed Apatia's post about Allegory this morning.


***Shape: Acha teh model by Ellabella
***Jewelry: (Shiny Things) Florina earrings and bracelet
***Shirt: Zaara Isis
***Shorts: Armidi Dans La Ville black w/ white
***Hair: Historical Heroines Miss Doolittle in coal black
***Skin: SLink Anya Skin Light Smoky Eyes
***Parasol: ANA_Mations: orange parasol
***Poses/AO: ANA_Mations Parasol AO
***Boots: *katat0nik* scripted rain boots
***Jacket: Aoharu Safari Jacket in black

Kimono from Gauze


Yukio Ida of [Gauze] has been making some interesting new things, lately, including this strappy short sexxeh kimono. I had on a few skins under the undershirt-layer boob strap before settling upon this one; the key is donning very small nipples, or losing some shame, heh. I liked the straps enough to keep them, though! (In real life, how would one keep that in place, I wonder?)

I'm also back to my normal shape -- I put this kimono onto the tall av and thought, hmmmm, it looks sexy and all but it lacks...CUTE! So I shrank and put on items of cuteness, like the hair and horns. I'm not done poking at a taller avatar, but I think various people are right; I'm kind of hooked on the cute aesthetic.


***Mask: Skanks R Us Rebreather Gasmask
***Boots: SiniStyle Deception Boots
***Tattoo: Alices Garden tattoo Macy
***Hair: House of Munster OMFG Platinum + Tips
***Horns: Illusions Cerwn Horns
***Skin: Schadenfreude Alabaster Elsa Black Face
***Piercings: FlipSide Nose attach 7
***Kimono: [Gauze] Amaya Kimono

Friday, April 10, 2009

Not me: Kala Bijoux

Kala Bijoux

Flying at Night

Above us, stars. Beneath us, constellations.
Five billion miles away, a galaxy dies
like a snowflake falling on water. Below us,
some farmer, feeling the chill of that distant death,
snaps on his yard light, drawing his sheds and barn
back into the little system of his care.
All night, the cities, like shimmering novas,
tug with bright streets at lonely lights like his.

-- Ted Kooser

***Wings: Material Squirrel
***Skin: Nomine
***Hair: Pretty Vermin
***Dress: Inari
***Shoes: Shooz

Not me: Hethr Engle

Hethr Engle

I caught Hethr Engle as she was shopping earlier today, dragged her back to my skybox and snapped a few photos. "I'm just in a shopping outfit," she protested, "let me throw on some shoes." Then she put on the perfect pair of orange flats that made her entire outfit pop... I love color and she's got an amazing touch with it, even for her "just shopping" outfit.

Then the poor woman had to go lie down and let the twins fight in her belleh. I hope you feel better soon, Hethr!


Hethr is wearing:
***Eyes- Dualtone Eyes - (Avocado 2) from [Scarlia Inc] at Tora 5 76/178/24
***Hair- Jude - (Blonde 2) from Elle F at CHAI Skins by Launa Fauna at Port Obscura 127/131/487
***Skin- Pirate Annie V2 Skin (Light) from Celestial Studios at Celestial City 68/240/27 **Halloween Exclusive not available*
***Tank- Trixie Cami Undershirt and underpants (Melon) from Celestial Studios at Celestial City 68/240/27
***Sweater- Under the Boardwalk with You/bow tee (Seawater)from Thimbles at Lloyd/89/83/23
***Pants- 1st mate capris (white) from artilleri mainstore! :) retro and rockabilly fashions. at artilleri 91/123/26
***Shoes- Orange Basic flats from 50 Flats at Onchiar/94/43/87

Lots of leg


I've talked to a few people about the concept of beauty lately. The consensus seems to be that loveliness lies in personality. In Second Life this is especially evident because your personality can be immediately expressed by your avatar's look. ...I know that due to my genetic heritage I've got a strong streak of the trickster in me (darn that mischievous father), so my avatar tends to drift chaotically around. The one constant has been my shape, up until now.

I kinda fail at putting together looks for this tall shape! I'm still trying for Milla-esque (lots of leg, spare, only a few colors, and I went with Samara's suggestion to don some long hair), but she's got a magic with her own look that I can't quite achieve (nor would I want to, really). Instead, as Niv mentioned, I am firmly stuck in cute, so I might as well make the most of it. It's still fun to play with different avatars, and also fun to tower over people (I'm 5'3 IRL, not 6'6 like this girl).


***Earrings: The Closet Gypsy Earrings
***Dress: Zenith Cream Dress
***Shoes: Draconic Kiss Dbl Strap MaryJanes
***Hair: Zero Style Chocolat Black
***Skin: Slink Bijou Skin Pale Retro
***Bracelets: Sn@tch Royal Bangles
***Shape: Acha Teh Model by Ellabella, custom shape

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Long, tall Acha


It was difficult to get dressed today for various reasons. I've decided to study elegance, and because of that I've had my nose deep in Michami's old blog. Step one, VERY TALL SHAPE. I put away petite little Acha for a week or so, because I wanted to see if I could learn from Michami's lessons. Ellantha was kind enough to make a model-esque shape for me. It's very pretty, and I still feel completely awkward in it.

Step two, emphasis on legs. Okay. Pants, right? Step three, focus on a few colors. I'm drawn to darker colors than Miss Micha, so I thought I'd stick to the classics while I'm learning, i.e. red and black and white. I've tried to repeat red a few times in this dressup, keeping the rest of it simple. Step four, not overly adorned. I stuck to earrings and a tie, and left the wings and horns and tail off. Fitting prims is an entirely different issue with a tall skinny av, and I still screwed up the cuffs. I also think I should've worn white boots instead of red. AH WELL! :D

How the hell do I still look cute rather than elegant? I speculate it's because I have an innate shyness about letting my av look all sexxeh. *grumble* Ah well, it's all about having fun learning, right? :D


***Pierce: No Mercy Lip Piercing
***Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai Earrings Agroglyphe - gold-
***Bustier: MichaMi Carmela Bustier top in Nude
***Skin: Curio Pearl-Perse-Frex
***Outfit: Bare Rose Casablanca Lady SE
***Hair: Tiny Bird Esme - Espresso (Coming soon to a Second Life near you!)
***Shoes: Bottom part of the Slink Angelina Boots in Red
***Shape: Acha-the-model by Ellabella -- a custom job, thanks, Ellantha.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thaucy Thailors


I will cross the briny ocean,
I will whistle and sing,
And since you have refused the offer, love,
Some other boy shall wear the ring.
I am frolicksome, I am easy,
Good-tempered and free,
And I don't give a single pin, me girls,
What the world thinks of me.

-- Saucy Sailor (old folk tune)



On Sakuradawn:
***Hair: Gritty Kitty: BLACK Ghetto
***Skin: minajunk *AV-SUMIRE-
***Eyes: pc eyes by LL - bright - fairy dale
***Shoes: ~ First Flower ~ Hoya Strapped Ebony Black
***Dress: *katat0nik* (black) Thailor Dress
***Panda Parts: [ATOMIC] Panda Bamboo Tail_Black, [ATOMIC] Pierced Panda Ears_Black
***Poses: Analu (see my pose sidebar)
On Acha:
***Shoes: ~ First Flower ~ Hoya Strapped Ruby Red
***Skin: Ingenue RetroDoll from the Another Fundraiser
***Hair: Gritty Kitty Bilirubin - Rusty
***Dress: *katat0nik* (white)

Not me: Ersatz Charisma

Ersatz Charisma

Ersatz and I go way back. We write for Rezzables together nowadays, but long before (when I was but a n00b) we used to hang out in the backstreets of Caledon selling ourselves for prim bustles. Ersatz had the best pretend English accent I've ever heard; she was a dead ringer for Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady before her transformation. Eeeer, you posh bastard! Fancy a roll in an airship? We can made enough steam to fly from here to Caledon City! That was back when Caledon was new. We were rolling in prim bustles back then!

Nowadays we're old, seasoned avatars, and only sell ourselves for large, attenuated prim wings. It's harder to do nowadays; there's less money around and you have to get creative. I remember Ersatz promising unicorn attachments AND sparkle emitters for an additional 10L... Tough times, I swear.

*grin* And now that the poor girl is gonna kill me, I'd better say that I love her look today, in the new gift hair from The Stringer Mausoleum and a glowingly beautiful frock and skin from Draconic Kiss.


***Hair: TSM Stringer Mausoleum Xeranna in Red Shine - Group Gift
***Outfit: Draconic Kiss Tell Tale Heart
***Skin: Draconic Raven skin for Crimson Shadow Rezzable in Tone 00
***Shoes: Bluff Coffin Boots

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not me: Gabby Panacek

Gabby Panacek

I lay down by the river
The shadows moved across me, inch by inch
And all that I heard
Was the war between the water and the bridge

Turn to me, turn to me, turn to me
Turn and drink of me
Or look away, look away, look away
And never more think of me...

I heard the many voices
Speaking to me from the depths below
This ancient wound
This catacomb
Beneath the whited snow.

-- Nick Cave, Carry Me


***Dress: couverture*Strawberry dress V.3
***Jacket: MichaMi Noomi Jacket in Sky
***Shoes: Pretties by JB Boho Chic Mules in Mocha Leather
***Socks: Fleur Fair Isle Over The Knee Socks in Rose
***Bracelets: Pretties by JB Moxie Hues of Brown Bangles, Mustang Trading Post Wire Rope Large Oval Turquoise Bracelet
***Necklace: Genesis Sterling Silver Locket
***Ring: Canimal Novelty Ring - Seal with a Kiss
***Hair: Truth Morgan in Brownie
***Skin: Genesis Eden Nutmeg in Lazy Morning (freckled)
***Eyes: Glanz Eyes mid FreshBlue

Introducing Drowsy!


I am not a big t-shirt person, but when three of my favorite designers get together to make a t-shirt shop, I can totally be convinced. BettiePage (of BP*), sato Yifu (of Kurotsubaki), and Mai Runo (of Zero Number) have gotten together and created a t-shirt shop in Koenji named Drowsy. It has a selection of about fifteen completely adorable t-shirts, including a few that had me pondering the eternal zen of English translation. I hope they expand to create other sleepy-time products!



***T-shirts: by Drowsy -- lemon, stars, and No15
***Hair: Hal*Hina (almond) Hair - priscilla - Bunny Hop hunt gift
***Avatar: DP**yumyum story of a bunny / white
***Shorts: Vette's Boutique custom_shorts

Not me: Yukio Ida

Yukio Ida of Gauze

Shizukana youseitachi yo ...subete no ikari wo shizume
Shizukana youseitachi yo ...tsumibito wo yurushite okure

Kono utagoe wa soyokaze to tomo ni
Mori to daichi wo kakenukete inori wo kanaeru

Shizukana youseitachi yo ...watashi no okashita tsumi wo
Yurushite moraeru made watashi wa utai tsutsukeru ...
Kono koe ga nakunaru made

-- Malice Mizer, Bois de merveilles


Yukio Ida is wearing:
***Hair: Rock Candy - F***face in Midnight
***Skin: *Illuminati* - Unreleased (WIP)
***Ears: [Gauze] Elf Ears
***Eyes: Nomine Stained Contacts - Anime Blue
***Shirt: [Gauze] Torn Gauze Tops - In Black
***Pants: CE Cubic Effect Flare Trousers in Black
***Shoes: [Gauze] Myaku Stomps - Black
***Gloves: Taped Fingers - Sinistyle

Monday, April 6, 2009

Not me: Flippa Stella

Flippa Stella of FlipSide

Enduring Success

I stand amongst the courageous,
who've rallied despite the rain.

Who've succeeded and prevailed,
ignoring all the pain.

Marking each of life's lessons in totem and ink.
Making souls soar, making minds think.

For it has not proved enough to survive, to bow down or demure...
So we mark ourselves and boast, our achievements...we've endured.

-- By Kat Nelson



Flippa Stella is wearing:
***Hair - Red Queen: Envy
***Skin - Redgrave
***Top - FlipSide (coming soon)
***Jeans - Decadent Design
***Face and Body Piercings - ::FlipSide:: (surprise surprise)
***Tattoos- ::FlipSide:: Coloured Sleeves , & Etchd: Guns
***Necklace - ::FlipSide::

Not me: Persephone Paine

Persephone Paine

Slowly, gently, night unfurls its splendor,
Grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender,
Turn your face away from the garish light of day
Turn your thoughts away from cold unfeeling light
And listen to the music of the night...

-- Andrew Lloyd-Webber

Hair : Deviant Kitties- Sawa in Black Taffy
Pants: Sn@tch- Latex Pants - Black (Female)
Earring: Redgrave - Long Silver Earring
Top: Pixeldolls - Marzipan Corset (Black/Red)
Skin: Curio/Gala - Sundust [light] Pin up Jitterbug 1

I saw the Black Dahlia at the Angelica when I was fifteen


I love clothing. I love putting something on and seeing how cool it is; I think this is what's so damned addictive about Second Life for me, the hit -- the rush -- when a designer makes a teensy perfect pixellated set of doll clothes that makes my avatar look awesome. I especially love clothing on days when I feel stressed out in other ways; it's my moment of morning happy to dress up and take pictures.

I'm wearing a hunt item from amerie's Naughty today, the ocelot hat with attached hair. The Isle of Tranquility sim has reopened (and it's just gorgeous), and they've got a hunt to celebrate it. Go and look for the golden apples! I'm wearing it with the curio Gold Foil skin and an awesomely textured jacket from Kurotsubaki. I bought it while looking for furniture and garden items with Dove the other day, and stumbled across it this morning in my frightening 'inbox' folder. I like how worn out it looks; it comes with four options for different patches. The scarf is from The Closet, perfectly filmy. Now my avatar is ready to head to an art film at Angelica (followed by a browse at the Strand) while I go teach class... Darn that avatar and her fun life.

Edit: Ahaha, I re-read all this just now and thought do not write while tired.


***Bracelet: Kunstkammer Romantigoth bracelet stack - L
***Little knee ribbons: from J's thigh highs
***Pierce: FlipSide Kitteh Bell mouth piercing set
***Socks: from the ~silentsparrow~ (fawn) maida
***Belly cover: from the ~silentsparrow~ omg my belly shows bit of the wraith suit
***Skin: Curio Pearl-Gold Foil
***Jacket: DP**yumyum naughty jelly besns/black
***Scarf: The Closet HempScarf 2 brwn
***Shirt: Kurotsubaki Poofy Sleeve Shirt black
***Pants: Sn@tch Swagger Laced Leather Pants
***Hair: amerie's Naughty Ocelot Hat with Hair -- iTuTu hunt prize
***Nails: Schadenfreude Copper Glitter Manicure
***Shooz: First Flower Cynar with color changing rose

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Like it or not


Yes, more colors of the DP**yumyum bunny! I'm in the Cocoa color in this photo. Mina Jun has a few lovely photos in her Flickr stream! Find them here at iTuTu's new build. (The slurl sends you a little outside of the shop. Walk upstairs and pause at the landing.)

Not me: Strawberry Singh and Elusyve Jewell

Elysuve Jewell and Strawberry Singh

Eris took the apple of war into her hand. Whirling her arm she hurled into the banquet the primal seed of turmoil and disturbed the choir of goddesses. Hera, glorying to be the spouse and to share the bed of Zeus, rose up amazed, and would fain have seized it. And Aphrodite, as being more excellent than all, desired to have the apple, for that it is the treasure of the Erotes (Loves). But Hera would not give it up...
-- Apuleius, The Judgement of Paris



Berry is wearing:
***Skin: Lelutka - LondonTan - makeup7b
***Shoes: Armidi Barcelona Slingback Gold
***Hair: Truth Sehra Mocha
***Sari: {Zaara} Menaka red
***Jewels: {Zaara} Suvarna white (fat pack)
Elusyve is wearing:
***Sari: Menaka Bronze from Zaara
***Tat: "to all eternity" from Inflict
***Nose chain: "silver nose chain with bells" from Studio Sidhe
***skin: "Grace natural" from PXL Creations
***Hair: "Sehra" from Truth
***Necklace: "Harvest Bronze" from Shine
***Bracelet: "Beautiful Slave Bracelet" from EarthStones
***Bangles: "lines styles" from Mezzo