Saturday, March 14, 2009



Small, swift update on my way to SFX to fly home! New adorable dolly shoes from Lazy Places, new hair from Philotic Energy (mm, pigtails), new floppy-brimmed hat from Elegance Hats, new open handcuff necklace (so clever) from Sable Rose, and new cute frock from Blue Blood.

Yesterday I met a very preggers Hethr Engle at Japan Town in San Francisco. The lovely woman trekked all the way from home to see me, and I really enjoyed having lunch and chatting Second Life fashion. It's nice to talk about my SL passion with someone in RL who gets it -- everyone else very often eyes me warily and goes "that's nice." Hethr looks remarkably like her avatar -- right down to the pretty eyes!



***Skin: Nomine Sylvan China White - mourna red (sans)
***Hair: Philotic Energy Teagan in Charcoal
***Outfit: Blue Blood Goth Diva (Ocre)
***Shoes: Lazy Places Sakura Doll Platform (White)
***Hat: Erin Elegance Hat in black straw
***Necklace: Sable Rose - Open Handcuff Necklace

Friday, March 13, 2009

San Francisco "uniform"


I've spent the past few days in San Francisco. I presented at a conference yesterday, and talked about avatars and fashion in Second Life! I presented with two other people that I'd only met in avatar form. We had a lovely time at the panel (where the phrase 'talking genitals' was mentioned, and I almost lost it from giggling), and then went out for Indian. It was hilarious to talk about the ins and outs of Second Life while the tables around us were full of quiet, wide-eyed English teacher types.

While wandering San Francisco, I noticed something about people's outfits. There's an unofficial 'uniform' here, and it is this: Hoodie. Tight pegged jeans tucked into boots. Glasses. I've tried to emulate the San Francisco uniform here, with a ginormous camera to emulate my tourist status.

I get to meet the lovely Hethr Engle today ! IRL !! I'll write all about it tomorrow.


***Glasses: prim0ptic Agile glasses 1.15
***Camera: Saya shoulder camera brown
***Skin: minajunk skin wimpy 02
***Jeans: Hybrid denim boot cut
***Hoodie: Curious Kitties Hoodie
***Hair: BP* amikomi chignon hair / ash
***Boots: Maitreya SoHo Boots 'black suede'

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Not me: four Yip


four Yip makes amazing art-and-outfit installations, and then gives them away for free. As befits such a lovely and generous artist, her av is quite creative -- she reminds me of Yoko Ono in the early 70s! Also, she's wearing perfume and skin lotion. (That's new to me! I thought I smelled something nice...) You can visit her shop here.

Larry isn't for eating:

Achariya Maktoum: yay lobster. makes me hungry !!
Achariya Maktoum: *noms four*
four Yip: hahahaha. larry isn't for eating
Achariya Maktoum: :D *adds wasabi*
four Yip: ohhhh. no larry hates wasabi, his eyes will tear!

In case you were wondering:

Achariya Maktoum: where does your name come from ?
four Yip: four from 4, easy chat. yip is me
Achariya Maktoum: :D -- 4 me? *grin*
four Yip: haha yes



***Shirt: White lovely t-shirt dress from jojo runoo from runoruno
***Lobster: Lobster larry from sven marx
hair "marcelle coif" from paulie tamale
***Socks ---> popsocks from fade dana and rol sock from fade lei
***Basketball shoes ----> pornstar from Coke Dreadlow
***Butterflies---> siestabril Nitely *un jour*
***Pose----> from artoo Magneto shop AKEYO other poses from the lovely Flutter Memel from {flowey} poses @ PopFuzz and certainly not to forget Izzy Bereznyak at (pda) Penny Dreadful Arcade
***Rabbit ears----> from hotaru Little
***Skin made by me on the base off the fabulous Eloh Eliot it is the yips babytiger skin
***Shape also by me that is also the yips baytiger shape
***Eyes by me,..yips lune-acy eyes
***Underwear----> Nylon Pinkney
***Parfum------> summerrain by yip
***Skin care-----> Face Light Windlight by Cognitive Gears
***Nailpolish---->light blue heaven comes on the yips babytiger skin
***Braces------> lobar's braceface by lovely Lolalikes Barbarino

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Girls in black latex all tied up with strings


Last night I went dancing at a club in Winterfell. It was LATEX NIGHT, and I realized to my horror that I...owned no latex! I completely failed as a "fashunister"! Mourna, Azazeal and Severina rectified that. I went to Bugshit (and bought things)...Sn@tch (and bought things)...and Draconic's latex shop. I fell in love with this ridiculously awesome frock that comes complete with a hat and fishnets.

"You have a dominatrix thing going," Azazeal noted.

"Did you think I was a sub?"

This series of shots I'd like to call "Almost forgiving the hot lolita cobbler for not making shoes in three months." Apologies for no outfit credit SLURLS, I'm at the airport about to head to San Francisco for a conference. I'm meeting up with two eminent Caledonians, however! J.J. Drinkwater and Rudolfo Woodget; we're presenting a panel together about avatars.



***Suit: Silent Sparrow Valerian - Scarlet
***Boots: First Flower Valarian laced - Black Laces
***Hair: Calico Fossarius
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan China White - mourna red
***Necklace: {Violet Voltaire} Melancholy Necklace- Black (SPINE)
***Shoes: ~ FF ~ Hemlock Black
***Gloves: Fleur Gloves Short Black
***Hair: Calico Wraith - Burnt Blood
***Dress and Stockings: Draconic Kiss - Latex Odette Black/Red
***Pierce: No Mercy Lip Piercing
***Necklace: Violet Voltaire Black Hearts: Screwed
***Boots: J's Side Lace-up Thigh Boots
***Hair: -Hiccup Nerd Swept
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan China White - mourna black
***Outfit: Draconic Kiss Exotique, includes hat and stockings and little necktie
***Tattoo: Alices Garden Macy
***Cane: Ana_mations Cane AO silver cane.
***Pose: Sugar Mill
***Set: One of Azazeal's castles at October Rust

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You can comb my hair...


Happy birthday to you, Miss Barbie. With thanks to Akasha for the post about the free Barbie avatar, I was able to get my hands on this perfectly disproportionate plastic dolly. Then, I hopped onto the Goth-up-Barbie challenge with this look. It's amazing; I was completely unable to make her look goth. At most she looks like a wannabee -- perhaps I needed to take a sharpie to her eye makeup? She also looks horrible in facial piercings.

I do love the mourning gown, however. If anything is goth, it's this frock from the Laughing Academy. But even this was unable to withstand the glossy plastic sheen of Barbie's Malibu tan. Perhaps it's a sign that Barbie's essential spirit is indomitable. Rock on, ideal of American womanhood! May you eventually show your age.


***Gloves: Magika electrical tape gloves
***Cameo: Violet Voltaire OrAch cameo
***Hair: Find Ash curl (platinum blond)
***Outfit: Laughing Academy Cecily Mourning Gown and Veil
***Avatar (skin, eyes, shape): Dollicious Doll Skins Blogged by Akasha over here!

Not me: Helena Stringer

Helena Stringer

Helena Stringer (designer of The Stringer Mausoleum) is tall and cool looking. She apparated in front of me and I stared at her, completely taken by her avatar. She's tall in real life too, apparently, and mirrored it proportionally in Second Life. I photographed her, and then we stood around for a long time while she wrote her notecard. I figured that she was busy with IMs and quietly did my statistics homework, but then she handed me the credits complete with SLURLS and pricing, and I realized that she was simply an overachiever. :D

I noticed something else while looking through the credits. Helena looks that cool using a whole lot of freebies and group gifts! And as she points out in her credits, her icicle-like lashes are now half off. I'm going to go get those right now, in fact.


***Skin-Fleur-Allure China Coeur 3
***Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Summon Winter in Black-L$175 for whole blacks pack
***Eyes-Kunstkammer-Bast eyes 2
***Tattoo-K&L Designs-Grunge Stripes-L$40
***Eyelashes-The Stringer Mausoleum-Killer Lashes in Black/White Glow-L$150(half off right now!)
***Jacket-Jeckalicious-JL Coat in Nightwalk-Lucky Chair Item
***Swimsuit top-SN@TCH-Sex on the Beach in Foil
***Pants-Deviance-Dragon Jeans in Black-L$100
***Boots-WRONG-Black Buckle Boots-Xmas 2007 group gift

Monday, March 9, 2009

Not me: Mochi Milena


Please observe the awesome cuteness of Mochi Milena of [Pink Fuel]. While getting her photograph taken, Mochi said "I'm wearing a ton of stuff!" It's true, she's got things attached to places I had no idea had attachment points! (Well, I hyperbolize.) Just the same, she's got a neko-gone-adorable aesthetic that I wish I had. Instead, I think I'll go complete my collection of small cute objects from [Pink Fuel] ... And I want her tattoos.


Shirt- (CS) Trixie Cami- Nightfall
Gloves - Sinistyle Skull Gloves
Neko Ears- Katat0nik (black/white) Pierced Neko Ears
Neko Tail- *LEO-NT* Tail CandyEMO
Doll- House of Munster "Mangle" Doll
Tattoo- Mochi's skully tattoo
Hair - House of Munster "Cuteness"
Choker- *GF* Fickle Haert Choker- Black
Hoodie - Ce Cubic Effect Hooded Parker (Black)
Piercings - Puncture Confidence Facial Piercings Set
Goggles- Leafy Hypno Specs (Color Changing)
Pants - Dutch Touch SuNy Dress Black Pants
Shoes- Shiny Things Old Boots (Warm Black)
Skin- DSkin 60
Piggy- [Pink Fuel] Piggy

Not me: Munchflower and Recidivist

Munchflower Zaius

I meet the most interesting people when I randomly poke them for photography. Last night I met Munchflower Zaius (designer of Nomine) and Recidivist Sideways of Strangepixels (the homme). I lured them over to my skybox for photographs. Then they stayed, and I had a lovely few hours chatting. Munchflower is an artist, has two children, and works to support them - hellifiknow how she does it! Recidivist is a writer and has bounced for strip clubs, and had a host of colorful stories about his adventures.

Then there was an enormous bouquet of flexi-wing penises, spawned by a small discussion of the Watchmen movie. *cough* Good times.

If you'd like to stalk these two, Munchflower's Nomine blog is here, they share a blog here, and Recidivist posts over here at Strangepixels. (I apologize for no slurls today; I've got a conference to plan for!)

Recidivist Sideways

On Munchflower:
***Eyes: Nomine Stained Contacts - forest
***Glovies: AllyCat Bracers - catnip
***Belt: Dark Bella Morte Belt - kyoot army
***Hair: Holly Jet Black - philotic energy
***Boots: Laced Boot - Kaeli Candour
***Hoodie: *Sprawl* Cthulhoodie Unzipped (eldritch)
***Shirt: Naughty bloody top - paradisis
***Pants: Nomine Pantz - superlow waist black
***rest is custom
On Recidivist:
***Skin: Nomine: One-of-a-kind Custom
***Hair: Panache/ZF: Asher Night Black (Honey Tips)
***Necklace: Nomine: Bone Collector Male Necklace - Skull
***Armbands: Nomine: Custom
***Bracers: SiniStyle Azazel Bracers
***Gloves: Last Eden: Wanderer Gloves (Glove Only)
***Belt: Blitzed: Classic Belt v.2 Black (Girl Shape 2)
***Pants: LF Fashions: Isabeaux Leather Pants (Black)
***Boots: J's Long Engineer Boots (Christmas '08 Group Gift)
***Poses: FORM Male AO v1.0

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not me: Arianrhod Gehlbard

Arianrhod Gehlbard

Whenever I don't know what to wear, I photograph other people for a while (maybe I'll call this the "Not me" series). This gives amazing and infinite diversity to the stuff that I write about, and it gives more awesome avatars than mine a chance to bask in the bloglight. I'm doing this a little differently from "People at Work" (in which I took a bizillion photos of people and posted twelve different avatars at a time), I'll focus on just one person per post.

My first victim is Arianrhod Gehlbard. She's a jeweler responsible for (Silver Wheel), and makes very pretty things sold in a small boutique. I really love her shape, which is her own invention -- it's hippy and fleshy, she's not a scrawny woman. While hiking around to gather SLURLs for her outfit, I went to a number of new-to-me places, including Wewiya. I'm a sucker for little shops in Japanese sims, and this one contained quite a few funky little items. Thanks for coming by, Arianrhod!

Hair: [Refuge] Emma - Light Ash Blonde
Eyes: [Firefall] freebie eyes (got them a while ago)
Skin: [42] skin dark matter 02 pale (hair)
Shape: custom made by Arianrhod
Glasses: [Wewiya] Metal Round Glasses
Piercings: [Rave Nation] Widow 3
Earrings: [Silver Wheel] Crime and Punishment (twisted hunt gift)
Shirt: [Illuminati] Jolly Tank Top
Pants: [League] Booty Shorts in black
Shoes: [League] Sinaed Boots in black
Arms: [Sn@tch] Dirty Biker Cuffs in black
Tattoo: [Garden Of Ku] Al Uzza