Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brushfire appeal at Dusk


Boi Ach saw all the fluffy nekkid pink on Fashion Planet today and got jealous, so here he is.

***Necklace: Lazy Places fishbone collar - black
***Boots: Zero Number AM long bb boots black
***Socks: Shop Sey snow skull socks in pink
***Skin: Den-Dou Ichiro - pale - 06 eyeliner clean
***Hair: H2L Shun Black
***Outfit: Draconic Kiss Innocence set in Rose
***Tattoos: Tramp Stamp Tattoos - trinity 2


The above marquee reads: "October Rust & First Flower. The proceeds from all sales from midnight Friday 13th to Sunday 15th will be donated to the Australian Red Cross Victorian bushfire appeal."

First Flower is an amazing cobbler -- I'm wearing Severina's boots in the above shot, and her Hoya strappy heels are some of my favorites in SL. Her husband Azazeal is a builder, and his houses are not only morbid tattered and beautiful, but they're also low-prim. (He's got a version of ORTHANC that I'm about to go buy!) SLURL to October Rust here.

I am wearing the coat from Doc Eldritch's remake of an earlier outfit, the Worlds 09. The pants from this set are buckled and fierce (not shown). Under the jacket is the new bustier from ~silentsparrow~, the fond affections set. You can see pictures of the whole pretty corset over here on hya and Allegory. Also, I can't seem to take off Schadenfreude's new skin.

LOL: Yesterday, on Friday the 13th, I made my 666th blog post. ...Damn, I knew something diabolical would happen (being a triskedekaphobe and all).


***Lip ring: FlipSide F7 multi lip rings & spikes
***Boots: First Flower Witch-hazel II in black
***Pants: from the ~silentsparrow~ ryou suit in (dove)
***Hair: Curio Gertrude - White
***Under-corset: ~silentsparrow~ fond affections bustier set in (silver)
***Coat and gloves: Doc Eldritch Desigs DE Worlds 09 - Ladies
***Skin: Schadenfreude Langwidere Siouxsie in Cameo Black

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fuss and feathers


I felt like wearing an over-the-top outfit for Valentine's day, and the special Valentine's dress that Terry Lightfood makes for To-a-T every year suited perfectly. Everyone has different favorite holidays, and this one isn't mine by a long shot (Halloween is!), but the thought of chocolate day has some appeal. This outfit looks like a Victorian cake-topper with all of its frills and bustles and billows, and it comes with an enormous number of options for different hats, skirts and parasols. There are also Victorian slippers at the shop too.

Happy Choco Day! May you get all the sweetness you want.


***Shape: Ellabella Achariya shape for miasnow
***Pierce: Flipside FF10 Piercings pt1
***Hair: Exile Love song black cherry
***Skin: Miasnow LOLLI bloody pleasures 2
***Poses: ANA_mations caneAO
***Outfit: ~ To-a-T ~ Domino Ladybird 1880s bustle dress ensemble; many pieces, including two hats, two parasols, and a bevy of bustles
***Shoes: ~ To-a-T ~ Domino Ladybird black and red silk shoes

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A league of boots


I've been spending all my time gardening the past day or so. A friend made me a bloody gorgeous stone circle, something that I've wanted since my first days in Second Life. Stone circles have had resonances for me ever since I backpacked around England and saw Avebury and of course Stone Henge. Whenever I meditate, I go to a place in my mind where I've recreated a stone circle, and I've been striving for that sense of peace and meditation in Second Life ever since.

I'm wearing very posh gardening clothes today. The League outfit has been around for a while; the new items are one of the Egypt skins from PXL, a pair of Zero Number boots, the Gomi, which are perfect shit-kicking shoes (they also come in black), and a tidy little colorful tie from Bliensen + Maitai to make me feel all Edwardian. I'm a happy gardener today, and wish you the same peace!



***Pierce: FlipSide Kitteh bell mouth piercing set F11
***Shoes: Zero Number Wo Boots Gomi
***Hair: Zero Style Chocolat in black
***Outfit: *League* Asuka steam outfit, with stockings from the Ella outfit
***White shirt: *Sprawl* the Emily (ghost)
***Tie: Bliensen + MaiTai mini-tie Reifsnider for ladies
***Skin: PXL EFE skins purple makeup bald
***Stone circle: custom job by October Rust

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wingy thingie


I admit that I stole my wings from Mourna. I saw them on her the other day when she was hanging out at ~silentsparrow~, and they were so gorgeous that I had to hunt them down. They're the Abyss Demon Wings from Material Squirrel, beautifully tough and diabolical. I'm wearing them with a new skin from Schadenfreude, the Siouxie in alabaster, and then I totally hid my face behind the new Wicked hair from House of Munster. Blogger fail!

Oh, I um kind of made you guys a present. I'd always wanted a super-tiny dolly shape that suited lolita dresses, so I spent some time yesterday making two. The first is a tiny ballerina shape on sale for 1L at my main shop on ~silentsparrow~ (here), and the second is a sturdier little lolita shape under my tree near the fishing hole at Axis Mundi (here). They're both mod so that you can fix anything that bugs you. ♥ Thank you for reading my blog!

lolibox02 sparrowshape


***Lip pierce: FlipSide F7 Multi lip rings & spikes
***Necklace: Violet Voltaire SweetHeart Necklace (lost)
***Boots: Lazy Places Synth Boots
***Outfit bits: Haunted Zuzu Black Butterfly pants and top, Belisario socks
***Horns: Uncle Wiggily 20 / patchwork antlers, tinted black
***Hair: House of Munster Wicked 1 in black and white
***Wings: Material Squirrel Abyss Demon Wings - White
***Skin: Schadenfreude Alabaster Lang Siouxie Black, black nail (doll)

Monday, February 9, 2009

She laid her snow-white hand


I'm not sure why, but after staring at Fleur's new skin for ~silentsparrow~ (the China L'Oiseau) this poem came to mind:

Down by the sally gardens my love and I did meet;
She passed the sally gardens with little snow-white feet.
She bid me take love easy, as the leaves grow on the tree;
But I being young and foolish with her did not agree.

In a field by the river my love and I did stand,
And on my leaning shoulder she laid her snow-white hand.
She bid me take life easy, as the grass grows on the weirs;
But I was young and foolish, and now am full of tears.
-- Yeats

Perhaps the delicate tracery of tears around the eyes, or the china-white skin...


***Shoes: /Fuel / Nelly legwarmer boots, shoe part only
***Hair: House of Munster Wicked in black and whites
***Outfit, including legwarmers and armthingies: *League* Steampunk apocalypse v.2
***Shape: Cheeky Girl skin shape, shop freebie
***Skin: Fleur Allure China L'Oiseau 1, 2, and 3
***Necklace: Ultra Kitty PP. Feather&string -Zebra
***Piercings: Ultra Kitty UK.Sonyeo piercings

We're saving our own lives


Something that humbles me about Second Life is how it makes the globe shrink. Suddenly a cause that seems dismissible because it's so far away (who gives a shit about somewhere dusty on the other side of the world? :D ) takes on human faces, and it isn't simply "someone's" house burning down, it's Aemilia's town, Winter's country, Faery's nation. Winter says it more eloquently here. Winter and I are sporting items that benefit the victims of this fire. Best of luck to the burnt land and the people within it. The dress is from Moonshine Clothing, the hair for men and women is from Philotic Energy, and the necklace is from Studio Sidhe.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

A grief of clowns

MiaSnow's LOLLI CLOWN 9 skin.

I love it when I get a folder full of something that makes me melt all over my skybox floor. In this case, it's due to the new skins from MIASNOW, the LOLLI sets -- nineteen in all. I wimped out and only photographed nine of the skins, but you can see from the variety just how gorgeous they are. I wonder what it says about my state of mind that macabre clown makeup makes my heart glow? Perhaps it doesn't matter. I love this set as much as I love my MIASNOW Dahlia skins. (SLURL to MIASNOW here.)

lollibloody02 lolligreen10

lolliclown6 lollibloody6

lollibloody1 lolligreen11

lolligreen12 lolliclown3

***Shape: Achariya shape by Ellabella with skinny lips
***Earrings and hairbow: Skanks R Us Razor Skully Hair bow; Lovey Bears Earrings (in red)
***Shoes: Shiny Things party pumps in red
***Tattoo: Alexitimia Tattoo Voodoo Monster Heart 1
***Hair: Curio Sleek Bob - White
***Outfit: Rezzables Blood Bigtop tanktop, tutu
***Skins: LOLLI set by MIASNOW
***Stockings: Reasonable Desires tintable cancan stockings

Cheeky Moonshine


I blame Ellantha for two things -- first, for inspiring me to wear hippie colors, and second, for making me feel more at peace with flashing my avatar's belleh. In this case I'm doing both. I'm in love with J's three-way Engineer boots (the cuffable version of his winter freebie), and I'm wearing it in soft colors that match the shades of my skin and hair.

A new skin store debuted on Nouveau named Cheeky Girls. I'm wearing skin and hair from a "hello, we exist" note that they sent out -- Butterscotch - Cecily 3 skin and Lolita hair in Cordial Cherries color. The skin really is adorable, a soft wash of eyeshadow, blush and lip tone that lives up to the store's name.

I'm also wearing an outfit that Ana Lutetia wrote about over here in her usual inimitable way -- the Etched outfit in graphite by Moonshine Clothing. I quite like the poofy skirt and the little jacket, although my belly is feeling a little cold... It comes with a cute scarf too that I'm not wearing, but you can see it on Ana.

Cheers! I hope you have quiet Sundays.


***Outfit: Moonshine Clothing Etched in Graphite (includes scarf, not shown)
***Hair: Cheeky Girl Lolita in Cordial Cherries
***Skin: Cheeky Girl - Butterscotch - Cecily 3
***Lipthingie: ellabella Garnet lovin' lip rings store dollarbie
***Hand tattoo: Zaara Arabic Henna Eid gift store freebie
***Stockings and chest tattoo: from the ~silentsparrow~ fleur suite in umber
***Boots: J's 3Way Engineer Boots in RB