Friday, February 6, 2009

You only live twice


You Only Live Twice or so it seems,
One life for yourself and one for your dreams.
You drift through the years and life seems tame,
Till one dream appears and love is its name.

And love is a stranger who'll beckon you on,
Don't think of the danger or the stranger is gone.
This dream is for you, so pay the price.
Make one dream come true, you only live twice.
-- Nancy Sinatra

New skins by Schadenfreude, new cat-suits by Sn@tch, new boots by Tesla, new arm cuff by Kunstkammer, and I'm looking for a good name for my Bond girl. (Pussy Kat? Lotta Leopard?)



***Skin: Schadenfreude Bronze Lang Banshee Black, black nail (doll)
***Hair: Tukinowaguma rara 3 black
***Boots: Tesla Kensington Boots in teal
***Outfit: Sn@tch Sex Kitten Bodysuits
***Armcuff: Kunstkammer wear your heart on your sleeve w/ script

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sakura yori dango


Sakuradawn's challenge (boy for a day) was such a cute idea that I had to drag out boy Ach for it. Sakuradawn says she pervs on him, but after seeing HER boi av, I bet she'll just sit around playing with...wait. I'll stop there.

Anyway. Here he is, being his bad girly-boy self. Seriously, I suck at being a real man (unlike these two, whom I hear are actually RP'd by incredibly talented geriatric women!). I figured that the best way to look MANLY was to pretend I was in a Marlboro ad, ya know? So here I am on my horse, in my hat and cowboy boots, singing Patsy Cline. ...Okay, maybe not Patsy Cline. How 'bout Village People? Worse, you say?

I think I'd better send boi Ach to manliness training school. I quite like the idea of that, especially if there are wilderness obstacle courses and paddles and bonfires and afternoon tea! ...Wait...


***Boots: J's Westernboots in black
***Gloves: Magika electrical tape gloves
***Pants: Doc Eldritch "IV" pants, from the set
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Jack- Midnight, along with the hat
***Skin: Den-Dou Ichiro -pale- 06 Eyeliner clean
***Shirt: *Sprawl* the contract shirt in bone
***Horse: AKK 07 wr Pibald

Valentine's Day spirit

I told you. These are MY dresses.

Okay! I'll stop raiding your wardrobe!

***Poses: [LAP] - Theater Puppet Box at Festivale
***Pierce: ellabella TriCog Lip Lovin'
***Knives: Kyoot Army Throwing Knives from the Knife Thrower Suit
***Hair: tukinowaguma haruna black
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* DAHLIA skin - the struggle
***Outfit: *Katat0nik* limited edition Alice Dress in bloody pink
***Shoes: Tesla High Oxfords in Berry
***Blood: den-dou Blood heavy (jacket)
***Dress: (umber) *fleur* suite ~silentsparrow~ -- this does not usually have blood on it. :D
***Hair: ETD Flapper - Chestnut
***Skin: Curio Radiance-Sugarplum-Frex
***Sword: !AE- Sword Hilt Dagger
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) MaryGeos - cream
***Earrings: .:ellabella: Dark Ice Pents (earrings)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Strawberry Cream

Ellantha Larsson's bottom

The reason why you're getting Ellantha's bottom and not my own is because I'm currently swathed in the finest papyrus and turquoise bling for Rezzables. She dropped into my skybox unsuspectingly, and a second later I'd whisked her into the photobooth to snap her outfit. She's in *Katat0nik's* new release, the Strawberry Cream -- it's a set of corsets and frilly bloomers and stockings that really does look like it stepped out of a French pastry shop. "I'd like three parfaits and that girl in the fluffy panties." See it at *Katat0nik's* main shop. You'll see me at Rezzables slightly later today, whenever Lokum gets on to publish my post. *Tickles her.*


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sh*t is happening!


Miss Ana Boogiewoogie is looking for partners for her most esteemable shop, Shit Happens. She sells neat and tidy (yet funky) products like my little polo shirt and pants, above, and she is holding a contest to find said partners. In short:

I, Ana Boogiewoogie, am looking for partners to expand my business so I am able to keep up with the popular demand for releases. Whether you design skins, hairs, sculpties, shoes, accessories, poses, or clothing, i’m looking for it all! Don’t think you’re good enough yet? Don’t sweat it! I am not looking for just already done talent, if I see a potential in you, I will help you learn and teach you everything I know to help you get started!

For more information, please find it in Miss Ana's blog.

The music of the Nacht

Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks and Siri Woodget

I was tickled when two gentlemen contacted me to pose for this series on Victorian garb -- Theodore and Draco Nacht. They're a bishie couple, and own the NachtMusik shop in Caledon's South End. Draco (named for the infamous Malfoy? I hope so) is wearing one of his creations, below, as is his partner Theodore. Above, the lovely Pipsqueak and Siri are in the more Victorian creations from ~silentsparrow~, two dresses that take flights of fancy from periodwear and end up in the world of lyrics and song.

I'll be featuring more gentlemen in a day or two -- I've got to take a small break to blog for King's Rezzable (my first post about it is over here). With sheepishness I once again apologize for a lack of slurls in outfit credits. It's a case of Too Long, Must Do Something Else With Time (TL; MDSEWT?).

Theodore and Draco Nacht

Siri Woodget
***shoes: lady victoria boot / shiny things
***Hair: mocha-3 /MHFA
***dress: how we quit the forest / ~silentsparrow~
***dragonfly: am radio
***silver starfish: (7S) ultrararestuff
***necklace: no love lost necklace / violet voltaire
Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks:
***Hair: Hannah Calico Cat Calico Ingmann
***Frock: Serendipity Suite ~silentsparrow~
***Shoes: Elizabeth Button up ankle boots Cafe Latte L&E
***Skin: Emi artilleri
***Shape: Boomin Real Girl by Pip :)
Draco Nacht:
***Hair: ETD AVEDA Short Crop 2 Ad - AVEDA Chiffon
***Hat: Schadenfreude Aviary Riding Hat, purple-grey
***Shoes: Shanghai - Black/Steel HRF Jeepers Creepers
***Skin: Made especially for me by Theodore
***Steam Punk Monocle
***Outfit: Chasing the Golden Dragon Outfit -- NachtMusik
Theodore Nacht:
***hair: Criss by Discord Designs
***hat: freebie from Kheph777 Enoch
***shoes: Toltec from Jeepers Creepers Shoes
***skin: personal skin
***outfit: all from NachtMusik

Monday, February 2, 2009

The yellow wallpaper dress?


My cat is blinking into my Second Life screen sleepily, and so am I. I spent the day teaching and studying for my big evil statistics test on Thursday, only surfacing in SL to photograph pretty Victorians (this post is a small hiatus while I scare up more) and put on this new outfit from Uncle Wiggily. The prints are FIERCE. They look like 1970s wallpaper, in shade and composition, and I approve. The hair jewelry that goes with the truth hair is from Studio Sidhe, and it was so cute that it made me go get the hair. Lucky for me there's a sale on at Truth... Right. Off to bed.


***Shoes: Shiny Things Clara Slingbacks in brown
***Skin: Boneflower Designs Ebon Twilight Stalker
***Hair: Truth Olivia in Ivory
***Hair thingie: Studio Sidhe Hair ornament for Truth Hair Olivia -- Bazaar
***Shirt: Uncle Wiggily tbsp. 003-005 vineyard tube top in mellow cream
***Skirt, shrug, socks: Uncle Wiggily tbsp. vineyard collection bonus pack in coffee

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A bevy of bodices

Eileen Villiers and Kymsara Rayna

Ah, Caledonians! Apparently there's a burning need for a good review of Victorian clothing, because I was very, very busy today! Many ladies hopped into my photo globe to show off their finery, and I noticed that many of the period frocks were from Ivalde, which is a fine choice -- Neferia's ability to creatively twist any vintage period is amazing. Teaa Demina (the designer for M'Lady Fashions) also stopped by to show off her portrait-inspired dress, Princess Sissi. As she describes it, layers upon layers of ivory voile embellished with golden stars in a full bustle are perfect for dancing at the ball. Her words made me remember the rustle and glitter of Caledonian balls, couples waltzing under (or on) the roofs of fine houses, prim skirts swirling...

Part of the magic of Caledon, those balls, and the opportunity to dress to the nines. Also to this shoot came a few ladies in riding attire, something for the more casual day. Another memory, riding my horse around Tanglewood, and along the multi-sim stretch of railroad that has an actual running train. One of the great pleasures of Caledon is to hop aboard that train and take it from Caledon Victoria City all the way to it's terminus, many many sims away.

Many thanks to the women who joined me today, for their glowing dresses and good spirit. (Pardon me for not providing the SLURLs. I died at all the shops I'd have had to look up.)

Teaa Demina

Ilsa Munro and Ellantha Larsson

Vian Magic and Eleanor Anderton

Teaa Demina:
***Outfit: M'Lady Fashions Princess Sissi.
***Shoes: M'Lady Fashions
Eleanor Anderton:
***Outfit: Wretched Dollies BJD Pretty Paisley - Green
***Shoes: Ztique - Bowie in Black with Lace
***Hair: Marisela II - Carmel Blackened
***Skin: Laqroki ~ Rita 07 Portrait
Kymsara Rayna:
***Outfit - Elsine Gold by Ivalde
***Skin - Rose Beige Inari by Ivalde
***Hair - Miss Westenra by Historical Heroines
***Jewelry - Golden Essence by Laurelrose Anthony
***Shoes - Ankle Boots by Lassitude & Ennui
Vian Magic:
***Outfit: Celeste from the Ivalde Couture Line. The set includes both pant and dress option.
Eileen Villiers:
***Outfit: Dorothea Green Bustlegown from Ivalde
ellantha larsson
***Lip ring: .:ellabella:. TriCog Lip
***Frock: ~Ivalde~~Millie teal bustlegown
***Hair: ETD Natasha (Naturals I Pack)
***Skin: :GP: Luster-Blossom-Frex
***Necklace: (Shiny Things) Industrial chain - silver
Ilsa Munro (Her mechanical items shop!)
***Hair - Analog Doh Sasha in Steel with 11PM Bangs in Steel
***Eyes - Flawed Perfect Neko Siam
***Skin - LF Chai Mistress in Nutmeg
***Gown - Morgana Kingsford's Ruby Victorian Dress and Cloak
***Shoes - Tesla - Ziggy in Lucky

A stay of corsets

Miss Gabrielle Riel

My second post about Victorian lovelies include Gabrielle Riel, Katrina Pugilist and Lola79 Heinrichs. Katrina is the designer of Kat's Meow, a costume shop with a range of products, and is wearing one of her Victorian dresses. I do hope she makes more, the shape and construction are definitely lovely, with a flowing, low-necked shape straight from fantasy novels. Lola is in a Black Canary dress, bustled and high-necked. Her garb borders on the Edwardian, and she's managed to make it fey and gothic with her accoutrements.

Gabrielle Riel is a preeminent Caledonians, a DJ and radio station owner, and is wearing a dress made specially for her by M'Lady Fashions (an excellent Victorian frock shop). She looks very Gibson Girl, and is, in fact, wearing Miriel's Gibson Girl hair!

These three looks had me thinking about the movie "Take me to St. Louis," so I stuck these three ladies on the new sim Festivale. They look all ready for a nice constitutional around the fairgrounds! While photographing, I realized how bloody difficult it is to take a good photo of an enormous skirt. I'm working on it...

Miss Lola79 Heinrichs

Miss Katrina Pugilist


Katrina Pugilist
***Outfit: Victorian Gothic in Red by Kat's Meow
***Shoes: KM Buttoned Ankle Boots by Kat's Meow
***Jewelry: KM Teardrop Set - Gold with Ruby by Kat's Meow
***Hair: Cathy by Curl up and Dye
***Skin: Fleur Vivant Buff Sultry 3
Gabrielle Riel
***Dress - "Miss Gabrielle" by M'Lady Fashions (Teaa Demina)
***Jewelry - "DewDrop Diamonds & Leaves" in red by Alienbear Design (Alienbear Gupte)
***Gloves - "Elegant Basic Long Dress Gloves" tinted black by Nicky Ree
***Skin - "GP Opaline Vex" by Gala Phoenix
***Hair - "Gibson Girl Hair" in Coffee by Miriel (Miriel Enfield)
Lola79 Heinrichs
***Hair: Truth Katy Night Abyss Hair
***Skin: *Illuminati* Female China Amethyst Skin -- no longer available
***Hat: [TBC]The Black Canary Mini PFur Hat (Black/White) --group gift
***Shoulder panda: Pink Fuel Heart Panda -- gift from Mochi
***Necklace: Silver Wheel Holding Me Back necklace
***Ears: *Illuminati* Elf Ears
***Lip ring: .:ellabella:. Garnet lovin' lip rings
***Shoes: Nighshade -- Datura's Night--Colorless Love Heels
***Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes pc eyes by LL - last light
***Dress: [TBC] The Black Canary - Lady Marra