Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cold, go away


I'm at the cafe, and this guy is at a table in front of me talking to some girl. "Bankruptcy is where it's at!" he's saying enthusiastically. "You don't have to work hard, but you get a ton of money per session! The laws are a little convoluted, but everyone's going bankrupt nowadays!"

Grrr, vultures. Anyway, back into the fake world, which is much prettier. Bambi63 Rehula has a new build at Trey Dope, and it's adorable. TheCloset is back with a new release, this dot-laden little frock that floats around one's hips. I'm using poses from another shop on the Trey Dope sim, Lotta. Oh dear, I see a new pose addiction coming on...

There was a dance party this morning in honor of the event, late night for Japan and early for me! Speaking of dancing, everyone should go hear my homey Giuseppe Spicoli DJ today at the Vagabond opening -- check out Olivia's post about it here.



***Shoes: Lazy Places Synth boots in crimson
***Pierce: FlipSide FF10 Piercing pt1
***Nails: Shop Seu red nail
***Socks: -corduroy- red striped
***Leg tattoo: *TCinShelter* chainharttattoo
***Earses: Atomic Kitty Pink Panda set
***Hair: Zero Style CSR2008 Winter gift
***Eyes: Den Dou light grey eyes
***Skin: minajunk BAD RED02
***Outfit: **THECLOSET** Dot Dress Ivory
***Poses: Lotta

Friday, January 9, 2009

I maded you a collage, Violet!


I pause everything when Violet Voltaire puts out new jewelry. Forgive the above collage -- it's me trying to figure out (yet again) how to properly display jewelry in pictures. Yeeaah, work in progress, oh well. I've depicted two sets of jewelry from the Black Hearts line -- the Mechanical set and the Screwed set. The Wicked set, not shown, has spikes and is worth a look! The dolly keys are Violet's usual spinny delights, and they always make me slightly dizzy when I stare at 'em from behind (not that it isn't worth it).

Please to next notice the boots. I take my job as Miss December srsly, and have to mention that this next edition of Dark Eden boots are wonderfully grim looking. My dad used to call my boots like this "shit-kicking boots," and they really could kick some shit!

Now off to make some Ovaltine. Yay for the comforts of home.


***Tights: Petit Ange deep pink underpants
***Dress: ~momo~ Negative Death Berry Dress
***Undershirt: ~momo~ skulls thermal pink
***Hair: *SHOP SEU* CSR2008w Prize bonbon hair
***Skin: minajunk Harajyuku skin pinklip
***Boots: Dark Eden Nomad Boots Black
***Eyes: Den Dou Eyes LightGrey
***Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Black Hearts sets -- Mechanical set; Screwed set; (not shown: Wicked set)

Winged bunneh


Material Squirrel sent its group a box of free, lovely wings. I think these must be an update to the previous free wings, because they've got the same sort of tall and pointy shape. They've made me a happy bunneh today! Erm, I think my flight is boarding. I'll see you back home!

***Shoes: Schadenfreude Lucent Bow Heels
***Outfit: Honey Kitty H+K moon-spring girl friend in yellow
***Undershirt: ~momo~ bunny thermal banana
***Avatar: Winter CSR bunneh from DP**yumyum
***Hair: House of Munster Fluffeh in black & white
***Wings: Material Squirrel Maliure Wings -- group gift

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Is there something I can bring you from across the sea


I wouldn't be a very good Miss December if I let this moment in Bootsyness go by. Dark Eden released a set of boots called "Vagabond," and I can see why. They're buckled, dirty, tied, scuffed, molted, distressed and sexy, and I can see someone putting them on at the Hobo Telehub for some unwashed hiking action. That is to say, I quite love these boots, especially the contrast between the thickness of the calf and the high delicacy of the heel.

I'm wearing it with the TRADurian outfit from Bare Rose. I was drawn to the line of the jacket part -- it looks a bit like the Mist outfit, but in plaid. I'm happy I got it, the usual prim additions of collar, neck tie, skirt, etc. are well worth the fifty cents.

On Photoshop today, I discovered "Replace colors" and "feather." *facepalm* Boy, that sure speeded things up from usin' the magic wand...


***Booooooots: Dark Eden Vagabond Boots Mushroom
***Outfit: Bare Rose TRADurian (jacket with many prims, a choker, collar, gloves, skirt, socks, in a bevy of colors, the usual. )
***Hair: BettiePage BP* Arranged Braid hair/brown
***Skin: MiaSnow Steel Starlet Skin 2

All things bright and beautiful


This is a swift post to show people the prettiness of katat0nik's new Fruit Swirl dress, as well as the awesome work of Swallowtail's Branch necklace. The dress is a new shape for katat0nik (at least, I don't remember any previous babydolls), and it's neat to see how kat's artwork is adapting to a different type of skirt and top. The top is especially neat, with the doodled fabric forming the shape of the bodice. I can't really say enough about Swallowtail or how much I like this jewelry -- this piece of tree art is along the same lines, and I doubt I'll take it off soon. There's a darker variety of this necklace at the shop too.

Off to catch a plane!


***Shoes: Zero Number Used Boots Ami Brown
***Ears: Atomic Kitty Brown Feline Brown
***Dress: *katat0nik* (orange) Fruit Swirl Dress
***Hair: Find Ash "Lucky Bag" 09
***Skin: MiaSnow GOLDESS Skin
***Necklace: Swallowtail Branch Necklace (white)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm wearing Saiyge


Yesterday, I spotted a lovely dress. It was Evie's Closet's new release, the Saiyge gown. I'm a fan of anything Saiyge, so I absolutely had to write about it too. I put it on last night and walked around with it for a while. Something that arrested my eye was the way the fabric flowed -- both the sleeves and the skirt. Evie has worked well with the physics of the fabric so that every motion seems graceful. There are many options to the Saiyge outfit, including an additional pack of bits that you can also purchase. My favorite combination was to mix the two -- the sleeker, more medieval skirt with the long flowy sleeves. It also comes with a nicely crafted beaded belt for the big-skirted option.

While you are at Evie's Closet, check out the rest of the sim! I noticed that the Christmas snow has been take down, and it's back to its lush, mossy glory. (SLURL here). Saiyge's shop, Balderdash, is most definitely worth a look.

I've been kind of going photoshop crazy lately, I do apologize for making everyone go through my learning process (but I guess if I don't do it here, I wouldn't get any feedback). I put on this Zero Style hair, which suits the outfit beautifully, and then realized that it's a complete ***** to photoshop the background out from under the floaty locks. Hence, you get a background that matches the pixelization around the hair. =_= I fail. My image quality still also resets at random. Ah well, it's all a learning process.



***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Estampie in royal blue
***Hair: Zero Style chocolat in black
***Skin: Schadenfreude alabaster Elsa in blue face neck upper chop
***Outfit: Evie's Closet Saiyge - Ocean (12 pieces with different sleeve prims, a beaded belt, and a hair wreath, the add-on box has a sleeker skirt and sleeve option)

Monday, January 5, 2009

This is how I distract myself


Hello! I spent my evening with my husband and child having a kinda-traditional Baton Rouge wake. We drank white wine, ate risotto, and danced around to Louisiana jazz, and then my husband shared his memories of his granny. It was a good night, and I pulled my head sufficiently out of my rear to open a few review folders.

Tenshi Vielle of {CRAP} and {BOUTIQUE} gave me a folder of items to poke at. She mentioned that she's proudest of her jeans, and I put them on. Nice bottom shading and cuffs! She also made a checkered shirt with foldy prim sleeves and very subtle boob shadowing. Lumberjack looks sexxeh!

I am wearing these items with some stuff from Beatrice's shop, Lis_Noir. I love how quirky Lis_Noir is! That bag isn't quite released yet, but it has STUFF on it. It's as though the dark evil lurking within my own bag of doom is manifesting as the glittery sheen of dark purse armor. Purse Vader? Also from Lis_Noir are the shoes (frozen chain heels!), earrings (free colorful bows) and hair. The hair is neat, very molded, and puts me in mind of -Hiccup (in a good way). Thank you for these items to play with, ladies.

The button eyes from Kunstkammer are a group gift, a tribute to a favorite author.


***Poses: Skanks R Us poses from various pose packs.
***Skin: Redgrave 02 Lyla Pale Skin / goldbrown
***Bag: Lis_Noir Anna Bag (not yet released)
***Jeans, shirt: {BOUTIQUE} cuffed skinny pants and plaid shirt
***Earrings: Lis_Noir Kimi earrings (gift at the store)
***Shoes: Lis_Noir leopard-mono print
***Hair: Lis_Noir Mercedes hair in blanc
***Eyes: Kunstkammer Button Eyes January group gift

When I am an old woman...


Seven years ago, almost, I met Dave's grandma Eleanor for the first time. We were at a family reunion on the beach near Eugene, Oregon, and the sand dunes and Pacific Ocean stretched all around us. Grandma E welcomed me warmly to the family (even if I was just a girlfriend), telling all kinds of tales about Dave's childhood and family. She's got a colorful family history! Grandma Eleanor is a cajun from Baton Rouge, and her family includes an adventuresome ship captain great-grandfather and possibly some creole blood... I'm not sure whether it was because of this welcome or not, but Dave chose to propose to me that weekend.

Ahh, I guess I should say that this is a eulogy -- I'm going to miss Grandma E. She painted her town red and was a spitfire in her church, in her community, in her family. She was a Red Hat lady, and in her memory, I'm wearing this outfit today. I think it's only fitting that I remember her here because she helped to shape the person that I am, and because she was an extremely elegant woman. She never left the house without her jewelry and lipstick, and her soft white hair was always perfectly done.

With a red hat which doesn't go, and doesn't suit me.
And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves
And satin sandals, and say we've no money for butter.
-- More


***Hat: Greta Elegance Hat in red silk
***Shoes: First Flower Hoya Strapped in Ruby Red
***Shirt and corset: ~silentsparrow~ How we quit the forest in violet
***Skirt and glitchpants: ~silentsparrow~ caged bird lolita in plum
***Jewelry: Kunstkammer Porte des Reves set - necklace, earrings, bracelet
***Ring: Kunstkammer Simple Mokune Gane Wedding Band

Sunday, January 4, 2009

But which Ryou is it?


Frustration, thy name is randomly changing photo resolution. Tonight's photo challenge became taking all of my pictures, only to discover that they were at a shitty resolution. ARGH. *sigh* ... Moving onward ...

As most of you know, I squat on ~silentsparrow~ instead of having a real home. Lately, the sim has been changing around me. The store has been unearthed! The roof is gone, and in its place there's a land of snow... I feel like I've stepped into Narnia during the white witch's reign. (Ooh. Wonder if there are any stray Pevensies hanging about...)

Along with the new build comes a new suit, the Ryou. It is feathered and distressed and worn, perfect for all of the ice skating I'm about to do on the frozen store floors. The pants struck me especially as something new from hyasynth -- they've got worn bits on the front, giving the outfit a slightly rugged/roleplaying look, much like the Suzume dress (hmmm...feather motif...hmmm).

I'm wearing this outfit with lovely hair from Find Ash. It's one of the SEVEN different hairs in the Find Ash Lucky Bag (for only 350L), outside of the shop on the Island of Tranquility (slurl below). Ahhh, I'm loving this lucky bag thing... I hear there are a few more changes coming to Silent Sparrow, so I'm warning you now: bring gum boots.


***Suit: ~silentsparrow~ Ryou Suit in (dove) -- 14 pieces with prim bits for men and women, including a tattoo.
***Hair: Find Ash Lucky Bag 09 Bronze Pack for women - Airraiz curl
***Boots: Zero Number [ON] Used Boots Ami Brown
***Horns, skin, eyes: Hybrid Archetype Ethereal Phantom

The child is singing 'big bass thumper-thumper' over and over


I struggle with jewelry reviews. Well okay, first off, I never really review anything. I think Dakota does a fine job of reviewing -- s/he points out the benefits and drawbacks of the items s/he wears. I, on the other hand, try to only wear stuff I like. That's the case with these necklaces from Sable Rose. The chain links are carefully made, and the pendants are quite unique. From left to right they are: the triple-chain ankh, the promise necklace, and the om necklace with a moonstone pendant. I also struggle because I'm never sure I've set off the jewelry quite enough, so I sit there and try my best with my touchpad cam... Anyhow, whining aside, I like these. Cheers, and Alba's school starts tomorrow - !

***Necklaces: Sable Rose - Triple-Chain Ankh, Moonstone Om, Promise (silver
***Pierce: FlipSide F7 Multi lip rings & spikes
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ Dominion suit in kelly green
***Eyes: Den-dou eyes in emerald green
***Hair: Exile Love Song in emerald
***Skin: MiaSnow Sleet Starlet Skin 3