Friday, December 4, 2009

Ugly Duck skins


I have a designer friend who makes the most amazing skins for her shop Ugly Duck. She's never publicized them, even though her shop is jam-packed full of different kinds. She's spent the past three years carefully creating the bases ("Just for myself") until she was happy with them. She recently sent me a box of her newest stuff, very shyly and quietly, and I said: YOU MORON. I'LL BLOG THESE. Her skins come in several tones, and the makeups are all melting and perfectly blended and highlighted like a makeup artist has been at me. If you want to see the nekky skin, Go check out the demo at Ugly Duck.

By the way, I'm also wearing the brand new BeeBee boots by SLink. They're gorgeously made as always, and I can't wait to see how people wear them on their blogs! (SLURL to SLink)


shoesandskins03 shoesandboots04

shoesandskins06 shoesandskins07

***Skins: Ugly Duck - Chani skins
Chani skins in these makeups: plain, black red makeup, cateyes - blacklips & bindi, cateyes -eyeshadow & lipstripe, cateyes - redlips, cateyes, eyestripe - redlips, lipblush, pris, redlips.
***Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes Autumn - Oak
***Jewelry: Kunstkammer Black Forest suite in pearl/crystal/moonstone
***Socks: mocha loose socks in plain dirty beige
***Undies: ~momo~ dewdrop set in butter
***Hair: !lamb witch - butterfinger
***Boots: SLink BeeBee boots in white chocolate

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Everything about this post just screams beautiful!