Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Steampunk Cygnet


So I've been in boy-avatar a lot lately, and have discovered something. If I'm in a mall and a guy has a nice coat on, I really shouldn't say "Hi there, nice coat." Because what it sounds like is, "Hey bebe, wanna go do gay things in my skybox?" It's all be an interesting learning experience. Apparently men just never really compliment each other…

In other news, I'm wearing Curio's group gift skin (a friend of mine pointed out that everyone would probably be wearing it today, and I said, ME TOO, it's too pretty not to!), and two colors of the Cygnet dress by Evie's Closet. I wore the Gritty Kitty Able hair a few days ago on my boy avatar, but I think it looks nice on girl-me too.



***Hair: Gritty Kitty Abel in blond/ash
***Gloves: BeNoir Lena Gloves / ~silentsparrow~ coronis gloves in sepia
***Goggles: Hat Mechanic MotorHead Goggles
***Boots: Katat0nik Ghostfire boots in gray/black and brown/black
***Tattoo: Bleeding Ink Tattoos :/ sadly no longer on the grid
***Skin: Curio Moonbeam / Bean Elf Happy Holidays
***Outfit: Evie's Closet Cygnet in black / white

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Shelby Rasmuson said...

I usually tell everyone that "I'm really not a Guy.." which is worse.