Thursday, December 3, 2009

I guess he hangs right


I'm blogging at you from my conference in New Mexico. Chatting with Winter this morning, I realized that I own astronomically more girl items than boy items, simply because I blog more as a girl. That's why whenever I notice something boyish about girl clothing -- like the very definite "shading" on these DP**yumyum BF jeans -- I gasp and put them immediately onto my boy avatar. Yep, these pants emphasize his assets, which is probably why they're called BF (boyfriend?) jeans in the first place. Thank you, DP**yumyum, for unwittingly increasing my male avvie's wardrobe! The Nomine sweater is also meant for girls, but surely boy-Acha's best girlfriends won't mind him borrowing their soft, fluffy sweaters…

Also, please note the awesomeness of my boots. They're from Hat Mechanic, and are meant for wearing with prim pants. They come with a taller variety for tucking pants in too.


***Sweater: Nomine Division Sweater Brown
***Jeans: DP**yumyum BF jeans - used
***Tank: /artilleri/ 8ball flaming skull tank
***Boots: Fade Dana Greaser Boots for prim pants
***Skin: Trap Axel Male, old group gift
***Hair: EkoEko (TekuTeku) Siva in cream

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Heather said...

whoa I need that sweater!