Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Golden Hind


Late last night a very kindly pal of mine dropped a number of skins on me -- all from one of my favorite male skinmakers, Den-dou. They were colorful and creative, with masks, kitty-stripes, and a few with girl makeups, and all apparently for 200L a pop from a gatcha machine (and all trans!). I love this one, the Golden Boy, especially. Thanks for this cool idea, Denchu! (SLURL to Den-Dou), look for the gumball machine by the front door.

Also new is this scarf from Gritty Kitty, the Mr. Tumnus scarf. With a name like that I had to turn myself into a faun -- now I look like something out of The Ballad of the Golden Hind eh? Perhaps if you catch me, I'll transform into a man… (SLURL to Gritty Kitty.


***Tail: Hybrid faun tail small (tinted)
***Nails: Schadenfreude Green Spectacles (gold) - an old hunt item
***Horns: Schadenfreude Swept Back Horns (pumpkin item)
***Collar: Hat Mechanic Octopussy green collar (black)
***Pants: Schadenfreude spearmint striped pants, pegged
***Boots: Lazy Places Synth Boots Meadow
***Eyes: Den-dou vampire eyes /gold
***Hair: Maitreya Moon - Sandy Blond
***Vest: Schadenfreude Evergreen Deep V Vest
***Scarf: Gritty Kitty Mr. Tumnus Scarf - color scripted
***Skin: Den-Dou Skin Collection 03 Golden Boy - from the 200L Skin Gatcha.


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Serene Fairey said...

Love <3 Mr. Tumnus! And I guess this skin would have a Golden Hind. LOL