Sunday, December 6, 2009

For my RL Christmas list


When I was hanging about with my pal Fade Lei (of Ugly Duck) a few days ago, she pointed to her feet. "Look! New boots from Shop Sey!" I was struck by their soft-looking comfiness, and then spent a few days unsuccessfully fighting internet lag to get them. I finally got my hands on them last night, as well as this beautiful fluffy sweater from the same shop, and thought it was only fitting to have Fade model them on her wee girl avatar. Isn't the height differential on boy and girl avatars extreme? Sadly, this is totally the difference between IRL me and my husband too...



On miss Lei:
***Jacket: Ensvale
***Jeans - Garage (men's)
***Boots: Shop Sey Layer's Boots [A] Corduroy
***Shirt: pink outfitters
***Hat: cubic effect
***Skin: Ugly Duck by Fade Lei

On moi:
***Eyes: Poetic Colors eyes fairy - wolf gr dark
***Earrings: FlipSide earset 2
***Mouth rings: FlipSide F10 mouth piercing set
***Skin: Nomine sylvan male china white - plain sideburns
***Hair: Truth Damien - cocoa
***Pants: WMD Ronin Hara Jeans Low Rise Ripped
***Jacket: Shop Sey BoaJK[A] brown
***Boots: Shop Sey Layer's Boots [A] Corduroy
***Undershirt: Shop Sey TkTp/Hope/B

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