Saturday, December 5, 2009

All wrapped up for your tree


Dark Eden always makes me giggle with their Christmas stuff. As a former Dark Eden girl, I always love the shibari holiday sets, especially including Halloween (orange ropes!) and the Christmas green and red. The ropes mostly fit my boy avatar here -- the chest didn't fit at all cause he has no boobies, and the groin required some tweaking. Despite that, I think he looks like Santa's happiest gayest elf, eh? The boots are as over-the-top as always, and the scarf set with skulls loops neatly around one's neck … There's one more very naughty item that makes me laugh. In the interest of my daughter not seeing this one, I'll just link to it!


***Eyes: Poetic Colors eyes fairy eyes - wolf dark
***Hat: Chicanery dirty santa hat (I'm not sure if this is still in his shop)
***Shirt: Vitamen Intimo black sheer tank
***Undies: Vitamen Intimo Black Sheer Brief
***Skin: Den-dou vampire skin - light / no fang
***Hair: Miau Haus Vasean Hair Juicy Green
***Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ crowjane tattoo
***Scarf: Dark Eden Crossbones Scarf
***Boots: Dark Eden Lilith Holiday Boots
***Shibari set: Dark Eden Xmas Green Shibari ropes
***OMG candy cane penis!: Dark Eden Candy Cane Strapon

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