Friday, November 13, 2009

Sweater set


I love 50L Fridays -- it totally gives me something to look forward to Friday mornings! Before I went out I put together a look for my boy avatar, and liked it so much I thought I'd photograph it. He's in two new sweaters from Nomine -- the Otto sweater (which is inspired by a gay zombie movie, or so someone told me), and this lovely versatile henley. I think both of these would look dead sexy without a shirt on underneath, but my boy avvie was feeling a little shy and nerdy today… When I picked up these amazing scarves from /artilleri/ I put them right on. I love the colors and the masterful sculpting, and stripes totally go with stripes.


One outfit:
***Scarf: 50L Friday (today!) /artilleri/ Taylor scarf stripes (chest) *peach/yellow*
***Sweater: Nomine Otto Sweater - no undershirt
***Shirt: Shai Nehru Dress Shirt White
***Skin: Plastik Vaelian Ember Freck Feral
***Pants: Hasendow trousers white (without belt)
***Shape: Rock Candy Kiba Male Shape
***Glasses: Gritty Kitty DuckLips Glasses
***Earrings: FlipSide earset2
***Bracelet: (Silver Wheel) Undertaker
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Flare Oxfords in black
***Hair: Gritty Kitty Hoke Troika in black

Other outfit:
***Pants: /artilleri/ Burt jeans in gray
***Muffs: /artilleri/ 50L Friday (today!) Knit earmuffs *red*
***Scarf: /artilleri/ Taylor scarf STRIPES (chest) *red/aqua*
***Sweater: Nomine Male Henly - red
***Poses by Voga


Munchflower said...

hahah, noam made me! <3

Antonia Marat said...

Fank'chuuu! :) <3 :D

Auntykuro said...

ahaha. i bet he made you. what a squeaky wheel he is.