Friday, November 6, 2009

Support Designers

Note from Acha: Thank you to everyone. This is the last post that I'll be publishing for this series, and I appreciate all of the comments I've gotten (positive, negative, confusing, all of it). I'll let Rebel and RH have the last word.


RH Engel: It's very discouraging to find someone making a profit from an item that you, yourself, made. Content creators put a lot of themselves into their work. Creating some items may take days, making the textures, then putting it all together, using the clothing templates, making sure the seams match, building a house, making sure all the repeats are correct, making sure the prims don't overlay causing flicker, making sure you have the best poses for furniture, taking the pictures for the ads.

It's very easy to just want to give up and stop creating when you have been ripped off. Why take the time and why work so hard to create something that is special, when someone is going to come along and rip it off.

What will happen as time goes on and we lose all the talented content creators and the only people selling content are the people who stole everything they sell? You won't get that custom color you might want. You won't get those special flowers for your wedding. You won't get that perfect accessories custom made for your house.

Support Second Life Content Creators before they all leave SL.


Rebel Hope:


You are a content creator in Second Life and you've made it your business for almost five years. Imagine one day you receive a box full of items you have created over the last almost five years with full permissions on them. Imagine them being passed out across the grid for free with full permissions. Imagine trying to sleep knowing that your business is about to be flushed down the toilet. Imagine telling your kids that things are going to be really tight because mom's business is not doing well because people steal her stuff and give it away for free. Imagine your child coming to give you a hug because you get emotional about what is happening to the beautiful things you create. That child telling you, "Everything is going to be ok, mom, you'll see".

I challenge those who are stealing the beauty from second life....stop for a moment and think about who you might really be destroying. If you have one ounce of a human feelings inside of you please stop to think for one moment that this may not be ok to do.

For me, I'm not bowing down to the content theft in Second Life and I will not stop fighting for what I've worked so hard to accomplish. I will not lie down and let someone walk all over my dreams, talent, and love for creating. I'll be here creating in Second Life until its last breath or my last log in to chase that dream I created that crazy day in early February 2005. To think of that first shop in Durango so tiny yet so big filled with three items that people actually came and bought. You will not take that away from me, it's not yours to take. You can find me on Monarch Bay or one of our Woodshed sims creating and making things that I love to make. I'll be here helping support and educate people regarding content theft and I will lay my head down at night knowing that I did my very best today.

We can imagine a better future for Second Life and we can make it happen.

Rebel Hope
Rebel Hope Designs, Inc.
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