Thursday, November 5, 2009

Support Designers


Noam Sprocket:


Iris Ophelia: So we're in the middle of a pandemic of H1N1, and while there is a vaccine, there's no cure for plain old influenza. Every flu season, the emphasis in fighting it is put on the community. There are massive campaigns to inform everyone about what the signs are and how to take appropriate care to avoid catching and spreading it-- wash your hands and everything like that... We know the whole spiel. Content theft is really at epidemic levels right now, and the problem only seems to be spreading. Just like in preventing the spread of a virus, it's really in the hands of everyone who could be exposed-- that's all of us-- to be educated. Maybe we can't outright stop it, but we can learn to identify it, act against it, and take responsibility for supporting legitimate artists, we can manage it-- together, as an informed community.


Belochka Shostakovich: Have I experienced content theft myself as a creator? Not as far as I know in the short time I've been making. Might I have contributed to it in ignorance when I joined two years ago? It's entirely possible. Whilst there are those that do it for a variety of deliberate reasons; the biggest thing for me is to fight ignorance. No-one handed out a notecard on the first day saying "this is how it is and this is what you should look out for". Share your knowledge, tell people. Saying that no-one cares is such a generalization. I didn't know back then but I care now. Teach, share, learn. That's why I joined the Step Up! campaign. To try and reach those that don't know.

I've seen friends, and heard of much admired creators, go through the fallout of content theft. It steals more than items. It takes away passion to create, confidence in wanting to design and trust. Let the designers know you care about what they make, because it does matter that you do care and that you enjoy it, and it's a pleasure for us all to share that.

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