Friday, November 6, 2009

Support Designers

[Note: This is the third-to-last post; we are fast approaching the end of this series. My last post is going to be a heart-felt one from Rebel Hope and RH. I felt it was fitting that they end this series, considering their recent copybotting experiences.]


Lola79 Hienrichs: I personally haven't dealt with content theft and I wouldn't have the fainted idea what to do if put into the situation. I have seen some of my best friends who are also content creators undergo some stressful times. While standing outside a store my friend and I witnessed her store get copybotted completely by a cryolife user. At that time we didn't have a cryoban system installed on the sim but after that incident I helped her attain a copy. When people say that copybotting doesn't hurt they don't realize how much trouble and heartache it brings to somebody. She thought her store was so small that nobody would ever do that to her, but it doesn't matter who you are, people will do horrible things to you. So I hope that those of you over the past few days have listened to both sides and made your own decisions on content theft. Please remember to support designers, without you we can't make all the pretty things that make your, and our, SL so wonderful.


There are two issues that come to mind for me when the topic of content theft comes up. And in true Lizzie style, ha, I would like to share my thoughts with you as well.

The first issue is software piracy. I think it's important to bring up this issue because I feel as though at times software piracy is brushed by the wayside. At times when I bring up the subject I often get the response "well that doesn't effect SL or The Lab can't do anything about it." And this may be true but does it really not effect us in second life? I think it reflects a person's value system in regards to the works of others and it's often justified by such statements as "well Adobe is a corporate entity, who am I harming." But someone created this software and yes, its not a mom and pop shop anymore but it's still theft. So readers, content creators and whoever else might be looking at this blog at this moment, if you have a bit torrented copy of Photoshop or Maya on your computer right now please considered deleting it. Because theft is theft.

I also see a lot of talk about content theft for profit but what I think is the most harmful is what I call "vengeful theft". Party 1 makes Party 2 angry so to get back at Party 1, Party 2 decides to copybot their stuff. And yes maybe its never distributed or sold but it's still theft and I question the integrity of any person who does this. Its personal and its abusive.

In closing I would like to say this: I support any peaceful protest that gives the person a feeling of empowerment or control over an issue that is important to him or her. I am in Artist's Voice and I support both my members who are boycotting and those who aren't. Because the way I look at any voice is better than no voice at all.

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