Thursday, November 5, 2009

Support Designers


Strawberry Singh: SL is not a game. The people behind these avatars have blood coursing through their veins, and real emotional and financial investments here. These are not just some pixels that you can easily rip off from. Being very ill with h1n1 for the past week and having to write out an informal will/letter to my family about contacting loved ones in my virtual life in case anything were to happen to me was incredibly surreal. But I realized that it needed to be done because the consideration and thought we put forth for the people in our RL should also be applied to the people in our SL. In RL thievery is punishable by law; people risk losing the luxury of freedom for committing such a crime. It's a shame that the long arm of the law does not yet reach to virtual worlds to hold low-life criminals who hide in Second Life accountable for their misdeeds. Thieves need to be stopped. I hope you will stand with me in support of legitimate content creators. ♥


I'm happy to help out today to get people's voices heard, whether for or against the various movements. Please poke me if you have something to say, all views are welcome.

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