Thursday, November 5, 2009

Support Designers


Aikea Reiko: Over the past few years on Second Life, I have seen, heard, and discussed why content theft on Second Life is bad and immoral and could lead to the end of original content creation.

Considering all of the people connected to this issue, everyone has their own opinion and can make this situation very in-depth and overly-complicated. The first and main thing that content theft does is take the hard work and creativity that someone has poured hours, days, and even weeks into and strip it of its meaning to a great degree and even make those object worthless in others' eyes.

Designers in Second Life rely on this universe we've created to supplement the real life we live in. Designers take their work very seriously (as they should), as it is their personal job to create new and innovative content.

For people like me, it is a job I LOVE doing, something I look forward to every day. You do not always have to start off as a designer either, just with the idea to make the universe of Second Life more beautiful for others, to simply make your friends happy and even to create something for someone that they may value as art.

Content theft itself could be considered an act of terrorism and less of an act of stealing for profit with the harm it creates and spreads around. An excuse of not being aware of the issue should not be enough anymore.

Please support your original content creators. We work hard to make things that you will value, things that make your Second Life more beautiful.

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