Thursday, November 5, 2009

Support Designers


AliannaMarie GossipGirl: Designers should be supported against content theft by not only encouraging people to report stolen items, but also spread awareness about content theft in general. It breaks my heart to hear about designers getting ripped off by people who clearly cannot think about anyone but themselves. Content creators work hard to bring quality goods to everyone, so it's up to EVERYONE on the grid to stand together and fight, any way they can. A little bit from everyone can accomplish a lot.


Teagan Blackthorn: Designers work hard on their creations with many hours, sometimes days and weeks, going into the work of a single item. This is their art, their creations, and to have someone steal that is gut-wrenching and the biggest form of disrespect. My worry is that the cycle of theft will push designers to lose their drive to create. Through educating each other about the impact of theft and how to detect stolen items, we can spread awareness to help abolish this problem.

I was trying to put together an outfit of legit items I knew have been stolen in the past. All but my lashes and ring have been. It is sad that most of these items I'd bought or received as gifts from the designers after they were stolen from them…

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