Thursday, November 5, 2009

Support Designers


Solange Cerveau: I've been ripped, copybotted, copied at least a dozen or more times. Pieces of outfits, entire outfits, you name it. It hurts like hell in a way the thieves probably don't even understand. Each time it makes me a little more jaded, a little more cynical and, while I try to not let it affect me and my creativity, in the end it does and I'm less productive.

What I don't want to see is to have all the different ideas on how to make a statement or protest drive us apart, because we are really all working towards the same goal. Don't let the disagreements on how best to protest drive a wedge between us. Let's celebrate the idea that we ARE all of one mind on this, no matter how what manner of protest we choose. Support original content in SL.


Kala Bijoux: Second Life content creation is my job. No, it does not pay terribly well. No, there are no health benefits. But I get to work at this part time and spend more time with my kid than I might be able to otherwise. AND I get to create things and make things, which I LOVE. I always have about 400 million more ideas than I have time to do. (Which doesn't even count the projects I've started and never finished.)

Content theft hurts content creators. Not only the lost sales revenue, but the time it takes to deal with the theft and file the DCMA and open tickets with LL and then sometimes they still have to do that ALL over again to get the stuff finally wiped. The best way to support content creators is to buy their legit stuff. And report to the original creator when you see them being ripped off.


Fade Dana: I'll let Kala go first then I can copybot her answers.

Achariya Maktoum: Damn, you look so cool, Fade.

Achariya Maktoum copybots your look.

Fade Dana: Thanks, it's all stolen :D just kidding. Go Kala, i got my pen ready.


Sileny said...

My gosh woman this series is making me tear up. I have seen the effect content theft has on my friends, I deal with it every day in my chair group, and it's just horrible. Seeing these amazing artists in their creations and hearing what they have to say has me in my anti-theft battle gear, ready to do whatever needs to be done. Thank you for doing this <3

Auntykuro said...

aw, i'm happy that you like this, sileny <3

Unknown said...

Are those Mickey Mouse (tm) ears she wears?