Thursday, November 5, 2009

Support Designers


Nivaya Barbosa: There will always be someone, somewhere, who wants to get things in SL without paying for them, who wants to profit from the talent, creativity and hard work of others, often just because they 'can'. The best thing that we, as consumers, can do, is fight to spread awareness of this problem, and offer original content creators all the support and thanks that we can, every day


Phire Zuhra: I have watched the birth of content is SL by friends and it is never an easy process. I have also been there through the frustration and anger when that hard work has been stolen. No one should ever have to feel like that....EVER. Don't try to kid yourself content theft is theft plain and simple.

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Ghanima Uriza said...

I have personally loved this series of posts. Silence in the blogs doesn't really share a message... for once because you cannot force people to be silent while demanding that content creators' honest work is respected, but also because I believe there is SO much that we could all say about this issue. When in RL keeping our mouths shut about a problem has solved anything? that would be silly as putting content theft in a box and hide it deep deep in the back of your head so it doens't bother you.
Achariya, I believe your posts today have been most tasteful and you have shown a huge variety of opinions on this matter.
I personally agree with something I read on the posts: want to support original content? then don't feed the market of stolen content. If something is stolen don't buy it, buy instead of the original creator. A few linden might be not worth much IRL, but please bear in mind that creator spent hours over the computer painting and creating what you are getting for those cents.
I support no transactions for today 100%! because we suffer content theft in our hearts and pockets every time someone chooses to pay half for a stolen dress/hair/skin instead of the original. And also, since LL gets comission over every stolen item that gets sold through Xstreetsl, I also support no xstreet transactions for today!

thank you for offering me a place to voice my opinion