Friday, November 6, 2009

Support Designers


Launa Fauna: The worst part about content theft is the fear and panic I see a lot of people experience when their item is ripped. Their whole business flashes before their eyes. The one thing I always remember is that my brand is more than just the items it sells. It's the customer service, the promise of quality items, and the shopping experience. Lots of people buy knockoff designer bags in the real world, but the guy on the street isn't your friend. In fact, he's kind of creepy and smells like cheap cologne and pee... No street vendor can replace the security of shopping somewhere you trust. They can take your creations, but they can't take who you are as a creator.


Dakota Lubitsch: Don’t steal other people’s work, okay? A few dollars aren’t worth destroying a person’s income. That’s what a high quality skin or a fatpack of hair costs. A few dollars. The price of a burger or a movie ticket. There are people out there whose Real Life depends on the money they make in Second Life. There are people who spend hours in front of the computer to make a piece of clothing, and you take it all away in a few seconds. It’s not right, and it’s not fair. If you want skins, clothes or hair, buy some L$ or learn how to create yourself.

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Desiree Debruyere said...

I love that line Launa - knock off sellers are creepy and smell like pee. lol... i bet they do in SL just like they do in RL - i'm kinda glad we don't have odors in SL. The people who rip and then sell stolen content are bad enough, but what makes me even angrier are the ones who just give it away full perm out of spite or just a sense of anarchy. Those are the people for whom SL is "just a game," who laugh at those of us who take it "too seriously." They don't create - they only destroy. Those griefers need to be stopped.