Thursday, November 5, 2009

Support Designers


SySy Chapman: I have never been copybotted on a large scale myself, but friends of mine did and I know the devastation it can bring. I think focussing on education and make people aware of whats going on, can actually bring us a long way. I applaud the initiative being taken today, but decided to focus on awareness and show support for ORIGINAL content. Achariya is doing a great job with that like this! For the rest, it's business as usual for me today.

Read more of her ideas here.


Akasha Divisadero: I support all the designers, but I am here today for a dear friend who is not a fashion designer. I support the ban and respect your decision as well. It pains my heart to know that she is constantly filing DMCAs. Time has shown that content theft has gotten worse, and my hope is that through education and awareness things will change for the better.

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