Thursday, November 5, 2009

Support Designers

How do I get into this series? Um, it's as easy as IMing "Achariya Maktoum" in-world and having something to say about content theft written up in a notecard. Then, you have to wait until I am not feeding or playing with my toddler to get your photo taken. Pretentious and elite, no? *g*


Roslin Petion: My business partner and I have experienced content theft and I know first hand how disheartening that experience can be. I also know about the difficulties in communicating with Linden Labs and getting something done about a theft. Nobody agrees on every point about content theft and ip issues. I know that I personally have moments where I'm conflicted about just where the lines should be drawn. After all, Second Life is a part of a new frontier both legally and ethically. What I do think we all can agree on is that there needs to be much more constructive discussion taking place between all of us; content creators, residents, and Linden Labs. We must come together and find a common ground on which to lay a strong foundation now or we risk squandering the potential of Second Life.


Ellantha Larsson: Here's my two cents: just don't do it, mmkay? Just say no to drug.... er.. copybotting! And buy yer friend's shit. That is all. XD

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