Friday, November 6, 2009

Support Designers


Rev Eponym: It's very simple. If SL gets the rep as being a place where you can get your creations copied, then all the good creators will leave. And no more will show up. In a few months, the whole grid will be full of whatever full-perm stuff is already out there, all the existing crap, and nothing else. That'll reduce the copied material to the level of freebie trash. A grid-wide 'freebie paradise', with no alternatives for those willing to spend a few real dollars for quality. Is that what you want?


Mourna Biziou: I'm not a content creator, but I have dear friends who are, and it tears my heart out every I see them dealing with it when their content is stolen.

In a culture of lowered accountability like SL, some theft is going to be inevitable. Some things that we can do is to make it try and make theft socially unacceptable within our peer groups, and educate new players (who many times don't know where that random box of hair came from.) And of course suppport your favorite content creators, by buying from them! I don't have the answers, I wish I did. Every time we lose a content creator who tires of battling this, a little piece of our beauty as a whole is lost.


Sanura Snowpaw: While I have never been stolen from I did have my items up on that fake xstreet site it was like a kick in the gut. I think we should all try to educate ourselves and those around us, We need to realize we are all in this together. When a creator sits down to create something they are putting pieces of their hearts and souls into pixel for for all of us to enjoy, they are the heart and soul of Second Life without them where would we be? Without the content creators we will be left with the default everything. Remember when you razzed in world for the first time? Or what about that totally awesome total avatar you used to win all the Halloween parties this year? Those would cease to exist. There would be no Eiffel Tower to sky dive off with out the content creators our world would be bland and quite frankly empty.

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