Thursday, November 5, 2009

Support Designers

Kellie and Terry support the November 5th ban. This space is for everyone to have their say, because nobody should be afraid to voice their opinion.


Kellie Iwish: I think content theft takes the pieces that we've put much of our time, energy, and being into, and devalues them. This makes a designer feel like their very worth is being devalued. I think this protest that starts today is an excellent way to support designers since it will (hopefully) lead to changes within Linden Lab's rules for acceptable viewers, which is really the only way to put the brakes on content theft.


Terry Toland: Content theft is a major issue, be it clothes, accessories, storylines, or anything else the human mind can impart to this world and others. That is why it is imperative for people to do *something* that they feel will help get this issue into the front-and-center spotlight, whether they will choose not to participate in commerce for a period of time or enthusiastically buy from original creators. Furthermore, whatever people choose to do, they must *not* vilify one another. ONe of the most hurtful things I have found in the recent protests of today are stating those that choose to forgo linden exchange are "boycotting creators". This is absolutely not the case, and people need to honestly consider intent while evaluating - without bias - the effects. Yes, there are some content creators who cannot handle no sales for an extended period of time- but how many can and what is the long term benefit for us all? While an extreme example, calling the protestors 'boycotters of content creation' and ones 'aiming to harm' store keepers is in the realm of calling pro-choice pro-abortion: it's looking at the effort through the wrong lens.


scryana33 said...

I never said anyone should be afraid to voice their opinion. In fact I think these are quite nice and well executed.

I'm simply saying the *timing* and sheer volume of these posts seem intended to be counterproductive to people who are trying to make a positive difference, whether you think they are going to be effective or not. Maybe that's not what you're going for, and if so, I apologize. It's just how I read it.

I personally will saving my purchases until this weekend. That way designers are not missing out on my sales, but I am making at least a symbolic effort to support a cause (stopping content theft) that I do believe in.

This is a compromise I believe to be reasonable, and I was hoping the fashion community could come together and realize that it's not all or nothing.

Auntykuro said...

I think the timing is important for designers who don't want to be hurt by a spending cessation to voice their concern -- that's why I'm posting today. I think your reasons are valid for doing what you're doing, and I support you. ;)

Auntykuro said...

Oh and -- my preface to this post has nothing to do with you, scryana! =)

Antonia Marat said...

Step UP! was what made the wheels turn on creating awareness on Nov 5th. They called out for people to hold their own events, to blog, to Plurk, to Twitter. To get the word out. Artists Voice are doing their thing, Ach is doing hers.

Terry Toland said...

Thank you for letting me get my voice out somewhere without getting ugly, Ach. *huggles*

Anonymous said...

Lizzie gives Terry big hugs.