Thursday, November 5, 2009

Support Designers: Buy Their Products


Katat0nik Pidgeon: Keep your favorite designers in business by buying their original creations, your support means a lot!


Newdoll Nikolaidis: Personally no, I've not been a victim of content theft but I have had friends who have been victim to content theft. How should we support designers? Well we could all walk around naked but we're still wearing a product. We could do a 24 hour ban of buying but stores still have expenses to cover. Communication & Education are the keys. If you have a concern about content theft, address it, don't think 'oh i'm sure XX knows about this anyway, it must happen to them all the time'. You know what? It probably does, but saying nothing, doing nothing doesn't get anyone anywhere. We might slive on Linden Servers but the foundation of SL is that it is a world of its inhabitants creation. We can't just point the finger at them and say 'Fix it'.

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