Thursday, November 5, 2009

Support Designers: Buy Their Products


hyasynth Tiramisu: I've been on the grieving end of many a conversation about Content Theft. In this already difficult economy, punishing those who bring the spark of creativity and soul to this world is not the solution. So instead of boycotting those people, tell them how much you appreciate the small joys they bring you. If you can, shop! buy things that make you grin or for a moment forget the troubles of the fleshy world.


Anya Ohmai: I've been in second life for too short a time to have my creations stolen by anyone, but I do know of close friends who have had their items ripped off. It's incredible how one can spend days, weeks and even months on something only to have their hard work stolen in seconds. I believe content theft is inevitable even in real life, so it really isn't shocking to see it happen in second life -- however I do know that the best way to "fight" content theft is by showing every ounce of support you can to creators; buy their creations, show them you appreciate their effort and love how inspiring they are.

As both a fashion blogger and recently, creator -- I come to see that second life provides a venue for one to dream and do the things they might not have been able to do in real life. I know i'm happy when I see people wearing my creations and supporting me; so the last thing I'd like to see as a creator would be people to stop buying/wearing what I made simply because of the mistakes others did.

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Terry Toland said...

Ach, you know I love you and I support your decision. However, this needs be made clear: the efforts of the movements are NOT to boycott designers. It's to stop the flow of linden, which LL uses as a method to determine its success.

I know these are not your words exactly, but I am hurt with people's misunderstanding of the situation.