Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Support Designers: Buy Their Products


Antonia Marat: Yes, I have had content stolen. Most recent this Saturday when some guy from the TG started rezzing half my homestore, full perm. Hmm how many times.. I have no idea. And for each of the times I know about.. There are probably 10 more.

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Autumn Hykova: I've never been copybotted that I know of. Its very possible that it's happened without my knowledge though.

Autumn Hykova: I feel like people should just support the artists they love, by consistently going to their shops, joining their groups, wearing stuff around (and looking cute in it) lol. I want people to enjoy the stuff that I make as much as I enjoy making it. I'm here because people like my stuff, and I like making it for them

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