Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Support Designers: Buy Their Products


Ivey Deschanel: I haven't been copybotted that I know of, but copied yes. I have many many friends that have been though and I support them one hundred percent in the DMCA process

Ivey Deschanel: Support ALL your favorite designers who bring such amazing work and beauty to SL...some just for the pleasure of creating. Spread the word and educate about the threats of third party viewers and copiers and for god's sake dont witch hunt. Go through the proper legal processes and have the facts before you go public. Ohh and shop at Sn@tch!


Roblem Hogarth: Never been copybotted that I know of.

Roblem Hogarth: First I would like people to realize that 99.99% of everything they see in world are created by other players, we are not compensated buy the lindens in any way. So when someone copies content or receives ripped content they are hurting individual people that need that income to pay for their shops and in many cases part or all of their RL income. Report ripped content to the proper creator when you see it, and support your favorite content creators as much as you can. Finally a boycott of shopping only hurts content creators, please boycott the boycott and shop!

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