Thursday, November 5, 2009

Support Designers: Buy Their Products


Samara Barzane: The best way to fight content theft is through channels AND to buy as much as you can afford from the original creators. Boycotts are for lettuce, not pixels!

Read more of Samara's thoughts on it over here.


Nuala Shippe: Content creation is a real job, creators are real people, and content theft is real theft. You don't need to buy things to support creators - you can support their right to benefit from their hard work by not supporting thieves. ♥


Shelby Rasmuson said...

This is a great content creators a voice is one of the best things we as bloggers can do, as well as promoting them and buying their products.

scryana33 said...

Wouldn't these posts be more effective, say, over the weekend? Instead of infighting over how something should be done, can we not just try to respect people's choices to try and make a difference, whether we agree with the specifics of it or not?

I think it might have been a nicer gesture to encourage purchasing support after the 5th, so as not to directly try to sabotage other people's efforts. Whether you think they will be successful or not, they're trying to make a difference. I appreciate the thought behind these posts, but the timing seems petty.

In a nutshell, I'm just sort of saddened that everyone decided to finally take a stand today, and then made a conscious decision to undermine each other.

I guess the real lesson learned today is not to do anything, because we can't seem to stop the infighting long enough to get anything accomplished. Sad.

Achariya Rezak said...

Scryana: I am engaging in my right to be an independent critical thinker, and providing a space in which people can post their thoughts (positive and negative) about today's events. If you think I'm a saboteur and infighter, you should probably realize that I don't support how you're going about your cause, and I've expressed myself to the Artist's Way group in notecard, chat, and blog post. I haven't been shy about it, and if you have anything else to say, I invite you to my photo globe to photograph yourself and give me a chunk of text about what you think. The invitation is open to all.

scryana33 said...

I'm not actually involved with Artists Way, but I do respect their choice to try to take action. Do I ultimately think they'll be successful today? No, judging by the feed, clearly not.

However, I'm simply trying to say that your two campaigns could have easily worked together.

It's certainly your prerogative to disagree, I would never argue that. But my point is that had this (very good) series been run over the weekend), it would have presented a more unifying message to the fashion community as a whole.

scryana33 said...

Oh and about the invitation: I think I will, on Saturday. :) I'm not a content creator, but have several friends who are and are very concerned about the issue of content theft.

Achariya Rezak said...

Part of the point of this series is that opinions aren't unified, though -- nor should they be. I most definitely don't support blogging silence today of all days, when people who disagree with the entire thing should be heard.

And again, come on down to my photo box and I'll gladly add you to the series.

Nissa Nightfire said...

well... i have to shake my head over the irony of her own comment "can we not just try to respect people's choices"