Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Support Designers: Buy Their Products

I am still respectfully declining to protest November 5th. Because of this, I asked a few designers to join me in expressing their own opinions about content theft. I asked them two questions: Have you ever had content stolen, and how would you best like to be supported by Second Life residents? Their answers are below their photographs.

There will be a lot of these posts; if you would like to photograph and tell me how you feel about content theft, just let me know.


Candy Cerveau: I think that the best thing that residents can do to support creators is to stay aware and educated about what is legitimate and what is stolen. It's clearly up to us to police ourselves, at least for now.


Allegory Malaprop: Support me by supporting original designers all around Second Life.

Allegory has had her content stolen twice.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for those articles. As small Designer i cannot afford to not do anything for two days, nor do i think that this really does anything with all the maintenance downtimes SL has anyway. It's very important to educate, so many rumors are out there, so many horrorstories and on the other hand so many people don't take content theft seriously. Thanks for taking that Step :)

Juko said...
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Juko said...

Very important to distinguish between Step UP!, which is not calling for a commerce ban at all, and Artists' Voice who have hijacked this day. See here for details: