Monday, November 9, 2009

Rue for the wedding guests


I love it when a designer that I haven't worn before pokes me with a review pack. In this case, Uzuri is a well-known ethnic jewelry, skin and clothing store -- I simply hadn't worn them! I took a peek at the clothing and pondered to myself that it wasn't quite the dark brocaded etc. style that my avatar tends to sport, but it was absolutely fun trying to figure out how to give this outfit my own look. The quality is unmistakeable, the prims actually fit my avatar without much tweaking and the fabric was nicely designed and shaded. The sandals were well made as well, and I absolutely love the ethnic jewelry; these items will sneak into many an outfit.

I made the outfit my own with this lovely wild dark hair from SLink and the chunky, spiky bracelet from Kunstkammer. The hair is the Ophelia II, nice and wet from a flower-laden dip in a swiftly moving stream. The bracelet is Kunstkammer's Glamazon, extra-pokey for bashing people out of the way at lucky chairs.



***Chest tattoo: I (heart) Rien Imagine
***Skin: *blowpop* N2 Elizabeth - tone B - 10.2 Vapor 2
***Bracelet: Kunstkammer Glamazon Studded Cuff - Gunmetal (color changing script)
***Necklace, earrings: Uzuri Bahari Necklace, Kipepeo earrings
***Pants: Uzuri Harem Pants (black)
***Top: Uzuri Malkia Top (black)
***Sandals: Uzuri Uhuru Sandals (black)
***Eyes: Uzuri clever black eyes
***Hair: SLink Ophelia II


Anonymous said...

okay that is too amazing on you. I never see you on! we'll hang soon xoxo <3

Auntykuro said...

awwww ty puma ! we definitely will !