Sunday, November 22, 2009



Lazy Places is at Shoe Fair! I'm in three of Sakura & Sven's newest releases, the Ankou Boots in Fae and Beast shapes, and the Lola boots. My Tokushi Hell Hound avatar really loves the Ankou boots; they truly suit her personality. (She says she'd like a layer of blood over the top pls, sprayed from the body of her fallen foes.) The Lola boots are just perfect. I love how they look like elegant paws, what Puss in Boots would wear to a formal furry gathering. The bottom two poses are also by Lazy Places, adorable and melancholy at the same time.

You can find Lazy Places at SL Footwear Expo East.



***Shirt: Chaospire Nyxweave bodysuit
***Silk: *tal* Tantalizing silks mimosa
***Avatar: Tokushi Hell Hound
***Shape: Ellabella Achariya pinhead shape
***Boots: Lazy Places Ankou Boots - Fae - Black
***Poses by LAP.
***Boots: Lazy Places Ankou Boots - Beast
***Pose: Lazy Places Just Illusion
***Silk bits: From Falln
***Boots: Lazy Places Lola Boots - Black
***Pose: Lazy Places Letting Go

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Linda Laiva said...

hello, there I have no idea what i am looking at,- your creations or pictures from some game. this is a mystery, I feel like I have accidentally fallen into a land that is excluded from the outside world. Like you know whats going on here but I dont. I am on your blog for a quite a while now and this doesn't happen easily, but I am blown away by the pictures, I really like them. What is it, what are they? I love the girl on the deer, with those pretty shiny shoes and the mystical Egyptian looking creatures with paw boots. How adorable. I love the style, it is very appealing. Is it a game? Did you create these pictures. Please reply back if you can, if you dont find me too weird. I never do this, but your blog is just too cool to skip by. Please reply to my email if you want. Linda
p.s. I got here by accident when looking for this Japanese shoe brand I once found 2 years ago. The key words in the google search were: lola goth shoes platform