Monday, November 23, 2009

Pr0n Heels and All


I'm really enjoying Ghanima's evolution right now. Her current dress is the Dollheart -- and it comes with a plain shirt (that I am wearing) and a shirt with the doll heart on it. I love the shape and fluff of the skirt, and the fabric really shows thought. She's also working with new palates lately, and this white and silver one really tickles me. Good work, woman! Also notable about my outfit are these shoes, Pr0n Heels from Lazy Places (new at Shoe Fair). They're a thick and high mary jane shape with … well, pr0n heels. Fine, I stayed up too late last night for actual coherence, but I have only myself to blame. :p


***Eyes: Den-Dou eyes black
***Skin: Nomine Dogwitch - violet grimm
***Piercings: Deviant Kitties grunt set
***Scarf: The Closet hemp scarf in black
***Outfit: Blue Blood Dollheart in white goth
***Shoes: Lazy Places Pr0n Heels
***Hair: SLink Ophelia II

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