Saturday, November 7, 2009

Plasticine huz?


There's been some discussion lately about how much or little people should photoshop their blog pictures. Honestly -- if you don't like how someone else does it, write your own blog where you do it your way. In the interest of sharing, here's what I do:

(1) I never touch up my avatar's image or photoshop anything onto it that shouldn't be there. I photograph the image of myself against a bluescreen, and I use Caliah Lyon's light settings. Aside from that, the image is What You See Is What You Get.

(2) I then put the un-retouched image of myself against a random texture background that I make. The image of ME is still totally unchanged. Sometimes I add a slight glow or shadow to bring out the image more.

Onto the important part, the outfit. It's pretty simple today. Skin is by Plastik, another of her awesome Vaelian skins for boys; the tattoo is by HUZ, beautiful tentacle scales! Boy-me totally went shopping for boxers in the buff earlier today due to a lack of underpants. I'm such a n00b! :D

***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Romeo in Steel
***Tattoos: HUZ custom scales - tintable
***Skin: Plastik Vaelian Elven Cream Plain
***Pantsu: Wicked Tattoo and Clothing Spin Me Boxers

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Oh that is an awesome tattoo!

Next time boi Acha goes out shopping like that call me >_>