Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Of Spanish Leather?


I was reminiscing with Siddean about her first boot, the Angelina. I still have the fatpack of this in my inventory somewhere, and I smiled to remember how it took the bloggy world by storm. Siddean's new boot, the Sydney, is such a gorgeous evolution from her old style. It's just as sleek, and shows the new tech of sculpting the entire boot to dangle from the calf attachment point instead of calf and foot. This creates a seamless look, and works so well with this kind of boot.

My coat and shirt are new, adorable releases from BettiePage Voyager. The shirt actually has sculpted parts, but works well under the jacket without them. I love the artistry of these pieces, both the shadowy depths and realism of the fabric, and the perfect integration of the prim bits. I feel lucky to be wearing these today!



***Hair: Sari's HIppie-Dee-Doo dreads brown (decorated)
***Skin: Plastik Miliana CinnamonRoll Abuse
***Socks: Shiny Things Stripe Knit thigh highs - black
***Shirt: BettiePage** botta shirts/black
***Jacket: BettiePage** denim jacket/indigo
***Skirt: Plastik SephiraDenim PinnBlack
***Boots: SLink Sydney Overknee boot black

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