Thursday, November 26, 2009

For they shall inherrit the earth


Yes, it's time for my annual Pilgrim Cosplay. I put it together last year as an exercise in cheese, and it actually took me a long time to get all the parts! I seem to recall begging miss Siyu for an old hat. My inventory being the special creation that it is, I wasn't able to put it together exactly like last year, but the spirit is there. Happy USA Thanksgiving, everyone! I am so completely grateful to have this venue of self-expression. It's taken me through many a dark dark graduate school time, and given me a reason to get up every morning. Thanks for reading me, and thanks for letting me read you, people who blog!

And of course, for those of you in England, a friend of mine expressed his feelings about the day: I’ll be celebrating our successful export of far-right witch-burning conservative Pilgrims on Thursday!

***Location: AM Radio's The Quiet
***Cross: Spica Old Wooden Cross Necklace
***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Estampie in dark velvet
***Cape: ~silentsparrow~ Lottie in soot
***Hat: *~* Illusions Pilgrim Hat group gift from last year
***Outfit: *Edelweiss* Roberta
***Hair: BettiePage BP* Braid Headband

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