Saturday, November 14, 2009

A fine set of beads


When Roslin Petion was in my skybox to photograph for the Support the Designers series, she was wearing long, sculpted strands of hair. "I love !lamb so much," she said. She looked great in !lamb hair, so I wandered my way over to peek at it. I ended up buying all of the short hairstyles, partly because I'm a p**** at photographing !lamb's long hair; it takes a while to find just the right pose that doesn't clash with other prims. I'm totally in love with the soft textures of the short hair, and I love the shape of the updo, very funky and interesting.

I'm also wearing an old limited edition necklace from Balderdash. Please to notice the delicacy of the prim-work -- how the heck does Saiyge do it? She must be going blind like an 18th century tailor. The skin is from Exodi. I love that Ryker has made a more gothic makeup for a darker skin tone. It's so glamorous that I had to glam up the rest of the outfit (the Acha touch is in the cute snowflake stockings).


***Eyes: CS Mirror Gray (I stole these from Terry!)
***Bracelet: Balderdash Patience - Tigereye; Rosary on the hand
***Stockings: Rebel X Snowflake Sheer Socks
***Jewelry set: Balderdash Oz Annivesary Limited Edition jewelry, strange as angels
***Hair: !lamb Babys on Fire - Ink
***Skin: Exodi Sienna Soleil - Paparazzi (Dk/C)
***Dress: Plastik Shredder Mini-Black
***Boots: J's Thigh high boots - black


Saiyge Lotus said...

Gorgeous as always <3 That skin looks phenomenal on you!

hehe And yes, Sometimes those prims torture -me- rather than the other way around! :D

Auntykuro said...

thanks, saiyge, and i bet they do :p