Sunday, November 15, 2009

By my boots and breaches


Ah, I shouldn't be letting my boy avatar out of the box as much as I am; he invariably gets into trouble. I blame Allegory for more blog posts as boy-me, however; she said that the feed needs more boy type eyecandy, and so here he is as a steampunk lad. The look is inspired by the wonderful new boots by DP**yumyum, shiny and size-scripted and in a variety of wonderful neutral colors to suit any kind of steampunk ensemble (they also come in a knee boot variety!). These pants by Arcavim were the perfect shade for the shoes, and I cheated and put on a matching DP**yumyum shirt to go under the beautifully drawn, drapey Pig vest. Pls to ignore the moobs, ok? Pretend he's just very muscular.

The hair is a new boy style from Calico Ingmann Creations. I put on a more manly skin than I'd been wearing so that the soft drapes didn't make me look too girly; but I really like the contrast between the soft hair and the skin. (The widow's peak actually comes from the Nomine skin.) Okay, back into the box with him!


***Shape: Rock Candy Kiba Male Shape
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan Male China White - plain sideburns
***Tattoos: No longer available :( Bleeding Ink Tattoos
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Grant Burnt Chocolate
***Shoes: **DP**yumyum classic belt short boots in dark gray
***Shirt: DP**yumyum linen pullover (brown) just the shirt part; and um, it has boob shading, I'm totally cheating.
***Vest: 50L Friday item from Pig, draped vest J Arizona Mud
***Pants: Arcavim Striped Noble Trousers Gold
***Bracelet: Curious Kitties Kawan Bracer


Dawn said...

nooooo no hiding him in the box! I need him to perv on!

Alyx Sands said...

*sneakily shoves the lid off the box*

There, boi Ach- you're free!