Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bits and pieces (and birds)


I've been following the development of Aikea's awesome ear birds for a few days now on plurk and loved the cute widdle guys a LOT. She then posted a picture of a few OTHER places that the birdies could go, and … hah, I totally think she should go into a line of Piece accessories. Hear that, Aikea? Please to make happy animals that sit cutely on top of male bits, ok? I'm not sure why I randomly decided to add words to my top photo. I guess to point out that I've got tiny birds sitting on my ears -- the ears and birds all are color scripted, including an option to tint them yerself. I love the variety of bird colors, including "Poe," which has a gorgeous raven sheen.

Speaking of bits, please notice how amazing my bottom looks in these pants. I have back in this Ingenue sweater and pants set!



***Eyes: Poetic Colors dark wood large
***Skin: nomine female vampire - veined
***Piercing: Acid & Mala Shut up! Piercing - Key
***Hair: Junwave Chiharu Type A Black
***Ears: Plastik ElfEars Burdies Animalistic
***Gloves: Plastik AnnaReloaded Special Edition Lace gloves
***Jeans: Ingenue Jane Jean Black
***Sweater: Ingenue Marguerite sweater in coal
***Shoes: Kookie Athena in Black

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