Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oops, I did it again


There's a new suit from ~silentsparrow~, as lush and coppery as it is buckled (it comes in other colors, of course, but...but RUST!). This suit shattered my internet silence rather completely. I put it on, along with the Luna hair from Calico Ingmann Creations, and headed straight to Babbage and photographed my li'l fingers off. (SLURL to ~silentsparrow~)



(More SLURLs here)
***Skin: Pink Fuel Raine (cream) Citrus
***Eyes: Shine Lustrous Achariya Orange
***Nails: Schadenfreude Copper Glitter Manicure
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ (rust) Lysander
***Ears: Curious Kitties update group gift, Nyanotech 09-A fuzzy kitty ears
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Luna - Chocolate
***Boots: Sakka's Studio Engineer Boots Brown


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... i was getting myself in trouble without this outlet :D ...