Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Series: Persephone Paine

Acha Halloween -Persephone_008
Persephone Paine of Dressing in Pixels. (Photo c. 2009 by Persephone Paine)

BLAZING in gold and quenching in purple,
Leaping like leopards to the sky,
Then at the feet of the old horizon
Laying her spotted face, to die;   

Stooping as low as the kitchen window,        
Touching the roof and tinting the barn,
Kissing her bonnet to the meadow,
— And the juggler of day is gone!

-- Emily Dickenson (Poem XLIII)

***Outfit: Shaman by Reasonable Desires. Comes with option to hold Shrunken Head (pictured) or Staff. Both have hold animations
***Skin: Lina in Coffee by Dernier Cri
***Hair: Theresa in Midnight by Calico Creations
***Eyes: BlackCurrent by Fusemelon
***Location: Picture taken in Mexico - Ruta Maya - Visit Mexico
Visit Mexico 2,205,117,34

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